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  1. I think the next project is a plate rack. There is going to be a plate rack dueling match at CJ this year
  2. It's a fun gun for steel but overkill IMHO. Go with a 9mm or .40 cal to cut costs almost in half. However I shoot 3-4 matches a month so it adds up quickly. If I could afford to shoot 45 every time I would. Let your ammo budget decide. Guns are cheap, ammo is expensive.
  3. Already did. Check thru my youtube vids. The vid posted is before we tweaked it to spin faster.
  4. I feel it's a sin to put an optic on a revolver but to each his own. I do understand that your eyes need some help though.
  5. Here is the newest creation made up in the shop. My cousin did way more work on this one then I did due to me being unbelievably busy this past week. It's really fun to shoot by the way and this is me in the video shooting it from 12 yards, Alpha Charlie in the second vid. Enjoy
  6. If he was shooting IDPA then yeah go for it. USPSA is more of a competition. I shoot USPSA currently but want to get into IDPA a bit. Shooting from cover and all that seems more useful for real world situations. You shoot IDPA yet ray? If not lets go to a match and shoot/check it out
  7. I suggest a CR Speed or Double Alpha belt in conjunction with a stiff kydex holster and mag pouches. The double belt system coupled with a belt loop or tek lock holster and mag pouches is the way to go if you really want to buy once cry once.
  8. I have an unopened 1 pound bottle of WST powder. I was going to use it but got together with a group buy and stocked up on my normal powders. I bought it about 45 days ago at Cheyenne Mountain for 24.95. This is local pick up in Monmouth County since it's obviously not worth shipping it. Hazmat fees aren't cheap. 20 Dollars.
  9. I was yelling because my pc kept screwing up and not posting.
  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh If you slam it in it will go forward on it's own. If you ease it in and then pull back the slide and let it go it will go all the way forward into battery. You DO NOT have to hit the slide release!!!
  11. That's what she said!
  12. It might say that, but you don't have to do that
  13. I have the same gun, it will slingshot forward if you pull it back and let it go. I am doing it right now.
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