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  1. I second that. Woodford has a nice flavor.
  2. I think Christie shoujld be getting all our emails and protests. He's the one who can veto everything.
  3. Sorry I missed you Ray. Would liked to have said hello.
  4. The next time there's another meeting, you should walk into it with 3 full duffel bags (of anything but guns) place them on the conference table and say "here are the small ones, can someone give me a hand with the ma deuce".
  5. From a close friends experience, 1 year mandatory prison, loss of guns and 7 years probation. It was plead down from 2 years.
  6. Shouldn't this be NJ legal. After all, there's no magazine over 15 rounds. Just kidding, but it's food for thought. The law states no magazines over 15 rounds, and there isn't.
  7. That's obvious. While I was on line at the precinct, there was a Seaside LEO who didn't get all of his permits. The clerk apologized and told him he would have to reapply, but that the clerk would "expedite" his paperwork and have it within a month. Really, what's up with that!
  8. Just for the record, I got the permits yesterday, 102 days after the application.
  9. Welcome. My first permits and FID took 59 days over 2 years ago. Permits ever since have taken less time, till now. I applied March 15 and have been to the station twice so far. They're telling me 30 people a day are applying for permits and they're backed up, but it's in the last stages of the background check. I know the chief was on vacation last week, so I'm thinking this week or next. It may be wishful thinking but hope springs eternal.
  10. Tony at TJ Sporting Arms. Bought every, recent, gun my wife and I own from him and we've never been disappointed with price or service. Just a great guy!
  11. I started on stage 1 sharing a compact Ruger with my friend. He didn't have any extra mags.
  12. I went today as well, with a good buddy of mine. We had a great time, and I didn't even DQ. That's 2 in a row now making it to the end.
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