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  1. Check their questionable expenditures. They’ve been pissing our dues away for far too long. Why does Dave Childers on NASCAR fame get $123 grand to buy a truck? Just saying. LaPierre needs to go.
  2. http://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jan/20/president-trump-halts-new-federal-regulations/ At any rate it looks to be halted
  3. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20170120/obama-says-goodbye-to-america-s-gun-owners-with-a-likely-short-lived-lead-ammo-ban
  4. I'd love to find something like that.......
  5. That Ithaca is beautiful, is that new?
  6. For $180 it's not bad at all, if you buy a Mossy 500 slide action and forend is almost a 500. I have one and changed the forend quite some time ago. Safety is on the rear of the trigger guard not on the receiver. It's got a polymer trigger group that I'm not nuts about and it's not interchangeable with the 500 trigger group but I've never had a problem with it. Hey, it's not an Ithaca or 590a1 but I've put more rounds through it than I can count and never had a failure. If you go for the 500 slide action, you can put on Magpul furniture.... Not a bad HD shotgun for the price.
  7. Condolences, sorry for your loss.
  8. In my experience, when we used them they were paid a flat OT rate by the town then reimbursed by us. In some towns, Marlboro in particular, if we were set up on a pole line no matter how well we had signs, cones, and flag men, the cops would shut us down and require police traffic control. They new how to make OT..........
  9. Granted, some drivers were going way too fast for conditions, comcast's problem here is there are DOT guidelines on work zone and traffic pattern protection that in no way, shape or form were remotely followed. Frankly, both employees were stupid. Once one vehicle goes off the road, you get off the road and call the cops for traffic control. Comcast most likely didn't want to pay cops.......
  10. Never, that's why I posted what I did. They post the info where normal people never look....... Scumbags.....
  11. I'm neither a lawyer or a Parlamentarian but IMHO notice should have been made to the residents that a motion was to be made to amend the language in the sewer/water usage billing process. Then there should have been two public readings where public comment would be accepted, then the vote taken by the town authority. They may have posted the info in an obscure place like the public notices in newspapers and the residents didn't catch it.........
  12. Exactly, then if you get multiple permits, you buy one and wait 30 days between subsequent purchases....... Total bullshit.
  13. Yeah, some of the drivers were going too fast, but to say it was mostly the drivers fault? The crew working didn't even have a warning sign out, 4 cones, there's some fault there......
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