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  1. Thanks for the info. I didn't know that they had mags with a newer follower. All I have are older mags and I've trimmed all of them.
  2. The M&P 10 rounders come in 2 varieties, one as a substitute for the 12 round mag for the 9C and one as a substitute for the 17 round mag for the full size. They're the same upper portion which is sized for a 10 round and they have different base plates The 17 round substitute would work for CO but it wouldn't fit with a flared mag base on the gun which you'd use for Open. There's also an issue with the 10 round mags that they only hold 9 rounds. If you force a 10th round in the mag won't seat properly unless the slide is locked back. The solution is to modify the base of the follower which prevents full depression I probably won't be able to shoot any USPSA but I'l bring my CO gun and my 9C as a backup. I have minor loads that run 130 - 132, Also AutoComp with MG 147's. My majors run 172 - 174. Here's what the factory 10 large mag looks like. The base is not interchangeable with the regular mags.
  3. Back OT. I'm going to really try to work out an informal arrangement with the town. While I wan't to keep in practice, I'm not looking to shoot thousands of rounds twice a week. I want to work on my Carry Optic draw and time to 1st shot and my wife wants to work on her self defense acquisition and time to 1st shot. I'd rather not get into a public thing where people who aren't necessarily responsible discover that they can buy Airsofts and ammunition on Amazon without a Firearms ID. Way too many potential problems, especially for LE. The Airsofts available today are licensed copies and are great for the types of practice we want to use them for.
  4. Thanks for the info but all of my Open and Carry Optic guns are M&P 9L's and 9"s. I've been shooting 9mm Major with them since 2009. I was one of the very early pioneers of slide mounted optics on plastic guns. My mags are factory with Taylor Freelance extensions to 170 for Open and 140 for CO. The followers have been filed to allow for the 23rd and 28th rounds. All of them have APEX internals and other permitted mods. They've been fired by many Professionals whose names I can't mention and who've been impressed by the gun's handling and peformance. They handle major loads with no problem or discomfort. I did it because I wanted to try Open since my vision was starting to suffer from age.and didn't want to spend the $ for an STI. They work for me and they're fun to shoot. I also have an M&P 9C which is my EDC that I've shot Open Major with as well. I'd probably get screwed up by shooting Open with 10 round mags. I'd go bonkers figuring out mag changes and how to shoot the course. It's be different if I shot Production or Limited 10, but I don't. My only 1911 is a SIG Tac-OPS .45 that's set up for Single Stack. Your profile says you're a reloader. If you ever want to try 9 Major, I'll be happy to give you load info and 10 rounds to try. My loads are Montana Gold 125's and AutoComp. Nice to shoot but very loud.
  5. I appreciate all of your advice and guidance. I know how bad NJ is and how good we have it in LA. That's why I posed my questions here on the forum. Fortunately, my backyard is completely private visually so no one can see what we're doing. Our newest neighbors moved in over 20 years ago and we all get along. I will speak with each of them but the Airsofts are very quiet. I have a good relationship with our PD having been an EMT in town for many years. Re: Dischage Laws. The Borough has them but they are at odds with State Law. The Borough's definition of a Firearm is more restrictive than the State's and the State explicitly excludes Airsoft as toys since they don't fire solid projectiles. From https://www.njsp.org/firearms/firearms-faqs.shtml Are airsofts firearms? No. They are considered to be toys in New Jersey. The plastic pellet ammunition utilized for an airsoft contain a hollow cavity which do not conform to a solid projectile. Also, a Firearms Purchaser ID Card is not required to purchase an Airsoft gun or ammunition in the state. My attorney's going to have fun with this. I'll start nicely with the Borough Attorney and then escalate quickly if necessary.
  6. Thanks for the quick answers. I feel for all of you who have to put us with the useless restrictions of NJ gun law. When I read that Gun Shops were considered essential and were being allowed to open in accordance with federal guidelines I mistakenly assumed that all of the guidelines wee being followed. Obviously not the case. I do see that there's a new lawsuit and request for an injunction to allow outdoor ranges to open. We'll take the easy way out and leave the guns in in LA. We'll just shoot Airsofts in the backyard. I'll probably have to educate our PD before shooting the first time about Airsofts being classed as toys, not firearms by the State. We'll save a lot of $ as well, airsoft BB's are inexpensive and less than $50 to build a suitable target frame to include capturing fired BB's.
  7. I haven't shot USPSA for a couple of years due to medical issues which restricted my activity. I'm now about to get back into the sport. I'll be spending the summer in NJ and was wondering if there is any thought of match activity taking place now that ranges are classed as essential? Also, am I correct that I can only have 10 rd mags, even for Open and Carry Optic? Since my Open mags are 28+1 and the guns won't take a factory 10 rd mag, I could shoot Carry Optic with factory 10's instead of my 23+1's. I could also shoot Single Stack with an 8+1 1911. Also my open guns (9mm Major) have threaded barrels and comps. Am I correct that I can use JHP ammunition, 9mm Minor for Carry Optic. A side question - can my wife bring her .22 pistol with 12 round mags? I have a feeling that we'll be shooting Airsoft in the backyard this summer.
  8. Another note - ammunition. AFAIK, there's no factory ammo that uses a gassy powder designed to run comps. You can help your gun shoot flatter by using a 147 gr bullet which will give you less muzzle flip and more 'push' - which is what a comp does for you. I use Atlanta Arms & Ammunition's I147 subsonic in the 9c for that reason. It also runs Production guns really well for those who don't reload and has a 130 FP.
  9. I have 2 M&P 9mm Open guns, one for USPSA where I shoot Malor and 1 for Steel where I shoot Minor. Both have Comps and lots of other mods. All drop in stuff on the Minor gun (M&P9FS) and a lot of gunsmithing on the Major gun (M&P9L). Both require a gassy powder to work the comp. For Minor I use MG 147's with AutoComp for a 130 PF and for Major I use MG 124's with Autocomp for a 173 PF. If you don't reload there's no point to having a comp since factory ammo won't make it work as designed. If you just want a RDS, go with that. Since I use slide mounted DeltaPoints on my Open Guns, I also use a slide mounted Delta Point on an M&P 9c, which is my EDC. A couple of folks shot it at Tenafly this past Sunday and were pleasantly surprised that a compact could shoot so fast and accurately. Cost wise, the Delta Point base price is more expensive but it fits the rear sight mount without mods to the slide so you can always restore the gun to 'factory'. It comes with a P226 mount as one of the mount kit options with either the triangle or 3.5 dot. I like the triangle for fast acquisition. By time you find a top rail or a frame mount, you'll spend a lot more $$$. I tried a Storm Lake ported barrel in one of my 9L's and it was better for Minor than Major but still nowhere near what a comp does. I also agree with the earlier comment about shooting Open in NJ and the northeast in general - why bother? I shoot with 27 round mags (illegal here) and all of your planning and technique is based on single reload stage shooting. With 15 rd mags you need 2 or 3 reloads and a completely different strategy. I don't even bother bringing my open guns up north anymore since I din't want to develop worse habits than I already have. Anyway, YMMV and you'll end up going where ever your emotions take you - enjoy.
  10. I don't believe that there are any factory loads that are Minor load but, if you load your own its very easy to load minor. For specific examples, check out and manufacturer's load data page such as http://data.hodgdon.com/cartridge_load.asp They show a 230gr FMJ at 670 fps which is a 154 PF, well below Major.
  11. Will there be a match? I've never shot there before, what do I need to bring in the way of documentation? What time should I get there t help with setup?
  12. 5.2.3 Unless otherwise specified in the written stage briefing, the belt carrying the holster and all allied equipment must be worn at waist level. The belt or the inner belt or both must be either securely fixed at the waist, or secured with a minimum of three belt loops.
  13. I definitely understood that from all of the posts and that why I purchased a sufficient number of 15 rd mags to bring to NJ. Thanks for emphasizing it.
  14. Hi Ron, Funny how folks in different places do different things. Down here you just keep reloading the brass until it fails during reloading. My Major load is MG124 JHP with 6.7 AutoComp, Win SPP and an OAL of 1.165 in an M&P 9L. It chrono's about 172 in my gun with a 5.71' Storm Lake threaded barrel and a modified Jager Comp. The load's too long for a G34. I just ordered bullets, primers and powder for 7.5K rounds and a friend is going to let me use his 1050 for a couple of days. I think the biggest job is cleaning the brass. I pre-sort my brass after cleaning and prior to reloading. That was I do a quick inspection before loading it. I only load FC for matches and Win and Speer for practice. Everything else goes back to my friend who has a once fired brass business. At this point I've got enough to last me for my lifetime. Funny, but when many people know you're shooting 9 Major, they don't want your brass and the make sure to give it back to you so no one mistakes it for once fired. The only thing that'll be a PITA is the weight of the ammunition on the drive up to NJ. I figure 30 lbs /1000 so it's like having an extra person in the car. I'm sure I'll see you at matches starting in June and probably at The Bullet Hole as well.
  15. Louisiana's very hot and humid in the summer. Also shooting USPSA when I can.
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