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  1. It says firearms, not "rifles and shotguns" - Shotgun ranges say fine shot only - so bring your TAC-14, 590 Shockwave, whatever and shoot birdshot. We've been there with game wardens and they don't mind at all.
  2. Black Aces look nice - but handle pretty rough. At least the ones I've tried.
  3. I could probably hook you up if all you need is 1k.
  4. You gotta wonder - would something like this have happened if say, Keanu Reeves was the actor...
  5. So's the Mexican cartels that hijacked the shipment of .22LR.
  6. Brandon Lee was killed by a bullet fragment during a scene in which blanks were supposed to be fired from a .44 Magnum In an earlier special-effects scene, a .44-caliber bullet was fired from the same gun. That bullet broke apart, leaving a piece lodged in the barrel. No one properly checked or cleaned the gun before placing it in storage, and it was pulled out for Lee’s scene because it contained dummy rounds. During Lee’s scene, the fragment fired out of the barrel.
  7. I just noticed - it's listed at that price but not in stock. Doesn't matter.
  8. AK pistols? None I know of. AR Pistols? Only a few meet the weight requirement - Bushmaster Carbon-15 Pistol (with no handguard), Olympic Arms OA-93 (again with no handguard), and the Extar EXP-556 (again "remanufactured" with no handguard).
  9. Cleaned up this post - @SJG - this is not the place for chat - do not comment on a FS post. If this was not legal, the posting would be removed.
  10. Not sure if it has a threaded barrel - if the thing on the front is a thread protector then maybe? If that's the case - the thread protector would have to be welded so it can't be removed and you're fine.
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