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  1. Back down under 5 days according to Bob at Cheyenne Firearms. Note - NICS is closed MLK day (Monday).
  2. I had a 2007 Chrysler Town & Country with the 3.8L V6 - the engine was solid. Transmission not as much but they fixed/replaced that. It had almost 200K Miles on it... Unfortunately the body wasn't holding up to the northeastern winters with salt/etc. Sold it to another forum member for cheap and he's doing just fine with it. Lead times for electronics are insane. The chip shortage is outrageous. Can't get a good Graphics GPU... Lead times for laptops/chromebooks is near 6 months now. Network switches? Some are over 1 year...
  3. Satire page... also - don't blind post links - nobody likes that.
  4. 6 round limit for semi auto shotguns. VR80's are pretty nice but i need more experience with em before passing judgement
  5. eHobbyasia was fine before COVID - it's a shop in Hong Kong I believe... You have to deal with overseas shipping and customs... Will take a long time to get here. That's why I prefer Evike.
  6. Most of the stuff those combo Army/Navy/Airsoft stores sell can be junk. Look at the brands and the actual designs. If you're looking at pistols, see which ones are CO2 vs Green Gas (Some are both). See if they're Blowback or Non-blowback. Avoid the Electric blowback guns. See if extra mags can be purchased - they usually only come with 1. You may think a $150 pistol is more than you need - however at a B&M type store - that's about what you would be paying for a semi decent one. Ones that are in the $50-100 range are most likely non-blowback CO2 models that may fire faster/harder than you want/need them to. Most of the green gas blowback pistols shoot about 300-320FPS - which is enough to dent drywall... CO2 non-blowback will fire upwards of 400 FPS which can really cause damage without proper backstop.
  7. I've played Airsoft for over 20 years... It's always been legal as it's in the grey area. NJ Legislature tried to pass a law to define them as firearms, which did not pass. So they're 100% legal.
  8. Evike is the best place to shop from - I've been a customer of theirs for years.
  9. What are the most popular events?
  10. 5.5" on my car - seems like more on my deck...
  11. Merged the 2 topics. Here are gun sales by state in 2021: Alabama (946,271) Alaska (91,207) Arizona (563,763) Arkansas (288,706) California (1,476,073) Colorado (628,811) Connecticut (277,250) Delaware (69,068) District of Columbia (12,910) Florida (1,711,685) Georgia (806,912) Guam (4,518) Hawaii (17,707) Idaho (273,762) Illinois (8,474,505) Indiana (1,815,531) Iowa (266,678) Kansas (230,168) Kentucky (3,848,061) Louisiana (401,345) Maine (129,193) Mariana Islands (364) Maryland (267,753) Massachusetts (259,248) Michigan (970,990) Minnesota (945,299) Mississippi (323,319) Missouri (634,191) Montana (160,640) Nebraska (90,676) Nevada (186,578) New Hampshire (151,853) New Jersey (223,437) New Mexico (194,989) New York (464,575) North Carolina (781,733) North Dakota (80,546) Ohio (851,887) Oklahoma (416,514) Oregon (454,133) Pennsylvania (1,408,165) Puerto Rico (74,381) Rhode Island (37,936) South Carolina (485,487) South Dakota (106,881) Tennessee (964,512) Texas (1,980,753) Utah (1,181,564) Vermont (51,549) Virgin Islands (2,145) Virginia (655,339) Washington (736,846) West Virginia (224,240) Wisconsin (785,856) Wyoming (84,624) These numbers look weird though -8 million in ILLINOIS? 3.8 Million in Kentucky?!
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