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  1. Where's your pistol bayonet?
  2. My Mosin has a spike bayonet - it's still a bayonet.....
  3. Can we say @bry@n's wife? Or daughter? *runs*
  4. Straight up P7 then? Not a P7M8 or M13?
  5. Hans Gruber's was a P7M13 (chromed) - which one's yours?
  6. Welcome! Make sure you make use of that rebate!
  7. Maybe check on Brian Enos forums?
  8. Dang. Been busy moving or else I'd have picked one up.
  9. I am really liking it - I wore it with the soft plates in during an 8 hour airsoft game - did not impede me in any way and was light enough even with items in the vest that I stopped noticing it. I see US Palm has level IV ceramic plates now too and they're also affordable.. I may get some.
  10. Puhhhhhhhhhlllllease.... Plenty of meetups back in the day - just been too busy lately. Shotgun shoots aren't meetups?
  11. SHTF situation. I have a US Palm Defender vest for a Just in Case type situation. Only has IIIA soft plates so I'm only protected from pistol calibers, but honestly - isn't that what you're most likely to go up against anyway (unless you're a Republican Baseball Player.... too soon?)...
  12. Only 1 left in stock. lol
  13. Imgur - http://www.imgur.com
  14. Tried using AMEX anyway - no go... I'm gonna watch for a couple more days - when the wifey's out of town I may jump