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  1. Haven't had a single issue so far - I also don't put anything else in that specific pocket.
  2. https://theneomag.com/shop-neomag/ Carrying mag with this in one of my small front pockets.
  3. THIS right here 100% - I've had some belts that are nicely padded but can't take the weight of pouches with mags and they flop all over and are completely useless.
  4. Gen 5 mags have a new follower and are much much more reliable.
  5. Could be a good number of factors causing this. Were the guns clean? Mags clean? Are the mags feeding fine with other ammo? With the G26 - does the X-Rite adapter cause any issues or changes to the angle or feed geometry? Also - how were they failing to feed? Were the rounds nosing up and not chambering fully? Nosing down? Double feeding? Any difference in felt recoil when you experienced issues?
  6. Tordsen Customs Buffer Tube Cover w/ CAA Cheek Weld Saddle. Not a brace, not a stock. Shoulderable. Makes for a nice cheek weld. https://www.thordsencustoms.com/ar-ak-enhanced-pistol-cheek-rest-kit-w-caa-saddle-black.html
  7. Try different mags? Had issues with my Kimber 1911 9mm and I changed to Mec Gar mags and they feed much better.
  8. Dummy rounds could be too light. 10 round mag springs can be too strong as well, compared to a full sized full capacity mag. I noticed this on my Jericho 941. I switched out the slide stop to a dogleg slide stop, which was .1oz lighter than the stock one. The slide was locking back with 2 or 3 rounds left in the mag vs none.
  9. Ah - you're correct. They can't amend your existing permit - however you can get a NEW permit
  10. Contrary to what I heard in Old Bridge. The lady that runs the FIDs and Permits told my FFL she can re-issue his permit...
  11. Holy crap that's in 308? That's beautiful...
  12. Not a FH... especially if it's Cali compliant.
  13. The cavity is filled... It's a pretty grey area round... Is that enough to be considered a HP though?
  14. Hornady Critical Defense. I do still have some Federal EFMJ but not a lot left and Critical defense performs better.
  15. Converts it from an Other into a NJ-Legal Rifle.
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