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  1. Are you showing this off or trying to sell it?
  2. That was mine. Glad you liked it! It's a Tristar Viper G2 Youth. The two-stock model: https://www.tristararms.com/products/semi-automatic-shotguns/viper-g2-series/viper-g2-youth/ and it's not that expensive... https://tsswarehouse.com/shop/tristar-viper-g2-youth-20ga-3-24-vr-ct-3-w-2-syn-stocks-tristar-24130/
  3. That magnet I got was one of the best investments ever, along with the thrower... It got a workout today and kept on ticking... even in the cold. Glad I got that big battery too.
  4. You sure I didn't have it?
  5. Shotgun shoot was also a Cigar meet.... Me, Purple Patrick, Will, Glen, Checko, Cesar, Peter, and at least 4 others were all smoking cigars at the shoot
  6. Pick a date, spread the word via here and Facebook, organized with the early attendees to get us the space we had (and yes thanks for that, @Ray Ray @Lakota and @Purple Patrick), coordinated throwers (2 electronics and both were heavily used), got the new/inexperienced shooters some much needed attention and safety training with Rosey, welcoming the new people, getting everyone to at least hit 1 clay.... A lot more came after this... Including a guest appearance by the one and only MAKSIM! I think I only shot like 2 boxes of shells.
  7. Wow... I do all the work and Ray gets some credit.. lol..
  8. Rosey will be there to take it He is, and a ez up. Idk if I have any tarps but others may.
  9. Left side is usually better but if it's taken, the right side will be fine.
  10. It's going to be cold and if there's a lot of people there, let's just keep an extra eye out for safety.
  11. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/220139-great-locking-holster-for-the-cz-75-sp01-3-gunners-rejoice/
  12. Nah - equipment malfunction.
  13. It's a spice packet - not a sauce... I put that shit on everything... and I tend to ask for extra cuz it's awesome on popcorn too.