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  1. Yes - do you know what guns you want, or are you trying out stuff? RTSP should have a good amount of rentals.
  2. Yes, my circumstances are a bit different than most NJ Other owners. I had an A2 Birdcage FH on it at first, due to availability of parts and it's what I had in my parts bin. 12.5" was a bit blasty, recoil was a bit harsh with a standard carbine buffer. I shoot in PA a lot and got to swap it out for a can... so yes, I can shoot suppressed occasionally. Swapped in a H1 buffer and switched to a MI Flash can to direct the blast forward. Still playing with it but it seems much smoother now. Most 12.5" barrels you'll find are carbine length. I definitely would have preferred a midlength, but with 2020/COVID/etc going on I could not source one.
  3. Welcome! If you're in Cranford, the closest range to you is probably RTSP Union. They have a shop and rentals as well. Pricewise - eh, everything is up and expensive right now.
  4. Personally, I went with a 12.5" barrel for my other, so I can change muzzle devices freely.
  5. Got my mail-in ballot yesterday too. Any thoughts on public question 2 and 3?
  6. It can happen, yes, but it's pretty darn rare. And yes, usually with a closed bolt. With a SKS... lol those are known for it. If it didn't go into battery fully, did you hit the forward assist? Also - run your AR wet... like, really wet. Lube the heck out of it.
  7. No, they switched to clamshell cases late into Gen 3
  8. This means that the hammer is not cocked back. You should be able to use the takedown pins to open it up. Despite what the NFAC head guy says, AR15s are not known for slam firing :P It should still always be pointed in a safe direction, however.
  9. I say you should just throw it over the wall. (Not really - obscure NJGF reference/inside joke)
  10. @Wheeler2.0 - where are you hosting your pics? if it's on your google drive, sharing and hotlinking may not be enabled so we can't see 'em. I would create an account on something like Imgur or another site and hotlink from there.
  11. Having shot the Ruger PC Carbine and PC Charger - it's a great gun. The KVP Comp is fine - just make sure you get the 9mm version. The 1/2x28 threading is correct on the Ruger PCC. Honestly it's not really needed though - the PCC does not recoil that much.
  12. So as not to give them any more web traffic..
  13. Ah that's right. Even the Gen2's still had the tupperware I guess. I just saw the re-release of the "P80" Glock 17 in the tupperware style container.
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