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  1. GFH has training but not USPSA/IDPA type. Tenafly is indoor and has USPSA matches IIRC.
  2. Oh of course. But if you're facing a BS'er, it can definitely help... Also makes sure your kid knows you're watching
  3. Dash Camera with both front and passenger compartment views. This way if someone tries to blame her for being inattentive or whatever because she's young - you have video proof.
  4. OP was asking about OUTDOOR ranges, of which there are none within 30-40 minutes. Cherry Ridge or OBRPC would probably be the closest. Everything else is Indoor only.
  5. There are none that fit your qualifications.
  6. Next step https://www.ballisticmag.com/2019/04/15/global-precision-group-hits-3-4-mile-shot/?fbclid=IwAR0ypZbZFo66SA8au8INm6E1zWRkQgUPzlfGN6EPazFkRSnXnML5ZNOylQ8
  7. LOL happened before.... with an even better pic. From Reddit:
  8. I'm doing the Scotts 4 step. They say to put down step 2 around Memorial Day so I'll do it next Saturday.
  9. Your lawn's burned from the pee... may need more pee-resistant strains of grass...
  10. I'm not going to be able to make it anyway - if you head out and people show up - then fine! Lol
  11. For shits and giggles yeah - for personal protection, I definitely went with the Tasers.
  12. That's a contact stun gun vs a taser. Personally, I prefer having the option of engaging from further than arm's reach. Tasers can be used as contact stun guns as well once fired, or if the cartridge is removed.
  13. Taser Pulse if you want something that's smaller and concealable. I got a M26C as well, which is as big as a full size pistol. M26C on Left, Pulse on Right For size comparison
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