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  1. Start asking for solicitation permits.. If they say no then pull out your phone and say - ok hang on let me call the township about you then.
  2. This is when you ask if they have a permit for solicitation..... and if not - get the f out and call the township on 'em.
  3. Solar power yes. And political stuff... I keep an eye on my cameras...
  4. This is more of gathering interest - but when it comes to sale time - we'll figure it out.
  5. Krdshrk

    New here...

    Welcome. Honestly - if you've got the equipment for it - dive right into competition. If you tell the people there that you're new to it, they will help teach you safely, and give you tips as well. You'll learn by doing and you'll learn a lot.
  6. It will still stop rounds - it's better than nothing. I use my expired IIIA soft armor as a backer for my hard armor plates.
  7. How 'bout he just opens the damn pipelines instead.
  8. Soft places are definitely more concealable. Premier body armor provides their stuff to youtubers for testing. Maks and I haven't done any yet but we do have some from them to test. Their shirt is "concealable" which means you can hide it under another shirt, but you see it's just a rectangle of IIIA armor that sticks out rather unnaturally. He also talks about being a "Grey man" but walks around Target with a Multicam tactical backpack... https://premierbodyarmor.com/collections/everyday-armor-t-shirt/products/everyday-armor-t-shirt-level-iiia-armor-inserts That being said - it's better than nothing and the price isn't too bad. If you do want more discreet armor - I say look at MC armor. Look at this tank top - it's Slim and discreet and IIIA - and 3x as expensive. https://mc-armor.com/collections/bulletproof-t-shirts/products/the-perfect-tank-top-level-iiia?variant=32442228605010 Their stealth armor jacket is super comfy - I tried it on at SHOT Show. This one's a lot more worth the price, IMO. https://mc-armor.com/collections/gold-collection/products/the-stellar-armor-jacket-level-iiia?variant=32443376042066
  9. I believe NJ has a law on filling gas containers - nothing larger than 5 gal? I noticed the sign at Costco gas the other day. Not sure - some places may not care.
  10. No - the #1 organization in NJ would be the ANJRPC. However the largest and busiest grassroots org is CNJFO by far (and I'm not just saying that as a member/executive committee member). CNJFO has been working hand in hand with the ANJRPC, SAF, GOA, Mark Cheeseman, and more on the various lawsuits (Mag ban, Justifiable Need, etc.). CNJFO even funded an Amicus Curiae (Amicus Brief) regarding the Cheeseman/Jillard/Factor lawsuit that went up to the Supreme Court and was "mooted". NJ2AS has been active in their own way, however I don't hear them working with the other groups nearly as much.
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