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  1. Definitely keep it. They're selling for upwards of $700 on Gunbroker right now.
  2. Not at all - There are other Non-NFA firearms out there - look at the Mossberg Shockwave for example. It doesn't have to be a replicate of other ARs - you just need a 26" OAL, VFG and pistol brace.
  3. Apparently in NJ even a Trolling motor = motor and you need it to be registered. Also... leak?
  4. Our main refinery is Bayway. In Linden. Seems like our supply here is fine - in places like SC, they don't have squat. My friend is in Charleston and can't find gas.
  5. Most likely tagged in their system as ammo-related - blanket ban on that stuff from wally world? No idea.
  6. There was an issue a little bit ago - DNS resolution wasn't working - webhost had restarted the server and DNS lookups weren't working. Thought I was the only one that noticed but I guess not.
  7. Not sure - iPhone photos tend to save in HEIC format and are like 5-6MB each - I think your limit is like 5MB for uploads.
  8. Non-premier members have a very small upload threshold. I would recommend uploading your pictures to an image host and hotlinking them.
  9. That light is upside down LOL!
  10. As per Ruger - Marlin's lines will be up and running by the end of the year.
  11. Ruger PC Carbine is pretty rock solid and takes Glock mags. Lots of upgrades for it too (Tandemkross, etc). If I didn't already have a Beretta Cx4, I'd get myself a Ruger PCC. Cx4 is hard to get right now.
  12. According to Walmart's website, Clinton and Flemington have 'em. Not sure how accurate it is. I know Clinton had them earlier this year but were sold out for a while - not sure if they've restocked but there's a good chance they did.
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