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  1. https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/store/category/1-premier-membership/
  2. It does - according to this you can even do it online https://delcopa.gov/sheriff/firearmslicenses.html
  3. This is a bit outdated - the info here was about some cities/towns allowing for FIDs to take the place of a NJ PTC. Once you get your NJ PTC then you should be able to get a PA Non-res fairly easily. From Facebook these counties are recommended: Wayne County Delaware County York County Schuylkill County
  4. They had 2/3 of a pallet full about a month ago but call them and see...
  5. While cool in concept - it's still a PCC - if the perp has body armor the rounds could be stopped....
  6. Just picked this up - Looking forward to trying it. Kel-Tec RDB Hunter (RDB-C). I put a Midwest Industries Fluted Flash Can on it as I figure it will be blasty as it's so short overall (It still has a 20.5" barrel). Optic is a Vortex Crossfire Red dot. Trigger is a bit spongy - it's hard to feel the wall where the break point is, but otherwise not too bad. I'll report back once I take it to the range.
  7. Depends on the state. CT yes. NY/MA/MD/CA no.
  8. Didn't even think twice about going to a national bank - they're all served by local people... The lady that handled my notary was like "oh I did one of these the other day..." - she's from PA and was surprised at how many hoops we have to jump through. The only note they had to put in their system was that it was an application - doesn't list what type or anything else like that.
  9. You're not going to be able to transport/carry around the 48 states with a handgun. NY/NJ/CT/MA, IL, MD, Cali, etc - you could find yourself in a world of hurt. The NYSRPA v Bruen Supreme court decision has done absolutely nothing with reciprocity - it just cleared up the extra requirements that states would throw on to make it impossible to get a carry permit. You're pretty much stuck with a pump action or break action shotgun. One nice thing about break actions is that they do takedown very easily and quickly... Even with a rifle - you'd run into restricted states like NY or CA and run into issues.
  10. Welcome! Where do you shoot normally? What do you shoot normally?
  11. If you can't find a place to do the notary - try your bank. I got mine done at my local Bank of America. They usually do it for you for free if you have an account.
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