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  1. This stuff is cheap for brass. South Korean? I'd shoot it - PMC is South Korean. https://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=A308PS460
  2. It broke my thrower
  3. Go for a Yout model...
  4. Yep! You can only get better with practice! I'm actually fairly out of practice...
  5. Yeah my Remington 11-87 is the softest shooting 12ga I have...
  6. FID doesn't expire for 30 days until after moving.... Are you within the grace period?
  7. http://www.tactical-life.com/news/silencerco-maxim-50-legality/#scmxm50-lead
  8. Should be renamed the Maxim 47
  9. For American you're pretty much gonna have Federal, which is available but usually not cheap. I know I got some XM80 7.62x51 from Palmetto for $10/box before. That being said, I don't think you'll have any issues with some brands like Prvi Partzan, PMC, etc. Even some surplus from Germany should be ok... Not sure about the Malaysian stuff.
  10. I picked Bridgewater with 2A as a factor (as my range is also in Bridgewater) - however it wasn't the only one. Good schools, Decent commute, semi-sane property taxes, close to lots of stuff...
  11. I think I need to start subscribing to Netflix again
  12. Actually - Maxim 47. NJ/MA/CA already have legislators firing back saying "nope"
  13. Construction permits, contractors, materials, etc. ROFL that's so wrong.
  14. Yep - I have a friend that used to sell those. Would never buy...