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  1. Some outages could last until the weekend. https://www.nj.com/weather/2019/07/nj-power-outages-could-last-into-the-weekend-after-severe-storms-officials-say.html
  2. We got hit pretty hard in Bridgewater - 2 days in a row (Sunday/Monday). There's also the PSE&G map https://s3.amazonaws.com/outagecenter.pseg.com/external/default.html
  3. ____________________________________________________________ Where: Clinton WMA clay range in Clinton, NJ Address: 26 New Jersey 173 Hampton, NJ 08827 When: Saturday, July 26th Time: 9am at the Clay range ____________________________________________________________ Please try and bring everything you can in terms of a gun, ammo, and clays. A rough check list of what to bring: - Gun(s) - Ammo (birdshot #7.5, 8) - Clays (Walmart's in Clinton, Flemington, and Phillipsburg generally stock them) - Thrower if you have one - Eyes and ears - Shell pouch - Beverages/snacks (Water is very important especially in the summer!) - Layer up and bring a warm jacket/gloves/hat depending on weather - Sunblock and Bug Repellent - Chair If you can't bring some things, we will have plenty of stuff there. If you've never shot a shotgun before, I and others will try working with you to be able to dust a clay by the end of the day! _______________________________________________ Gun rules to remember: Always treat a gun as if it was loaded Keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot Never point the muzzle at anything you're not willing to destroy Always be aware of your target/line of fire For this range, keep all guns unloaded until you're on the firing line  Be smart, be safe, and we will have a fun-filled day! _____________________________________________________ Please feel free to post up with any questions or suggestions. Attending: 1. Krdshrk - License, Thrower, Clays and guns 2. Zeke (and Mrs?) - License, thrower, etc 3. Mrs. Peel (Tentative) 4.  5. 6. 7. 8.
  4. Sea Bands - been using these for years. Goes over the wrist and hits a pressure point. Definitely helps me. I've also used the Transderm Scop patch with good results - we went on a cruise right after Hurricane Joachin in 2015 and the seas were ROUGH.
  5. Paint 'em camo colored... you'll never find them again.
  6. This. The parts are available for cheaper... we're paying the "non-NFA" tax.
  7. How's the action on these? Smoother than the one I checked out?
  8. NYPD cop... The son shoved a socket wrench (with a hex attachment it looks like) into the attacker's neck... that's why..
  9. "Why do you need mags with more than 10 rounds?" Well, this is why.
  10. It definitely does. ask me how I know
  11. That miata has me intrigued... but dangit I won't be here - will be out of town for a wedding.
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