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  1. Pinky test is not an actual test. Who's pinky is really the actual size? Don't get hung up on the legality of it. You've got the BATFE letter - that's more than enough for me. There are other comps out there that are a lot more in the grey area.
  2. I unsubbed from DVOR and Opticsplanet emails.
  3. No, you need to move - just like Magpul did, Beretta did, Remington Arms, Kahr Arms, American Tactical Imports, Mossberg, Ruger, Colt, Stag Arms, and PTR Industries.
  4. True - BH does allow for that. Their range isn't that long and they make you shoot from the center lanes if you're using shotgun or rifle, so that may be why.
  5. Ah - Clay range yeah. Of course only target loads. Same thing at the WMA Shotgun ranges.
  6. Haven't been there in a while - is that at the clay range portion? Or on the regular pistol range or 300 yard rifle?
  7. There's a reason for that. Light target loads will have those little shot scatter all over the place, and potentially ricochet. Range 14 allows for light target loads - because it's outdoor.
  8. Hah yeah - well, if you're shooting fast, you want it as flat as possible to stay on target.
  9. Well yes - it will control muzzle rise. VG6 is for muzzle rise and recoil. Sorry - gotta clarify a bit more.
  10. Everything about the Carlson Comp Mini says it's a brake, not a FH. VG6 is an excellent brake from what I've seen in the reviews, etc. If you really want to fight muzzle rise, etc, that's a good product. If you just want to have a muzzle device pinned on, go for the Carlson.
  11. One option - Get a VG6 brake... then get the Brake Cage. If you're shooting outdoors you have a somewhat blasty comp then you add the cage on top for when you're indoors or near people (it bolts on to the brake) and it helps mitigate the blast. Both are on sale right now for $40 http://schuylerarmsco.com/category/vg6-muzzle-devices-993
  12. Levang Linear Comp - directs it forward. If you don't like the look, I've had good results with the Spikes Dynacomp - it's not as concussive or blasty as some others.
  13. I just ordered some 9mm from them in January. Didn't get asked for FID. Weird. Wonder if this was panic put in place because of FL?
  14. I think the last time I went to R14 was our last NJGF Range day there... several years ago.
  15. Don't be so naive about that. I remember at Range 14 there was a RO going around with a stick to check mag limits on AR mags. I've gotten questioned about my mags before.