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  1. Looks like it's built pretty much the same as the Wheelybird but with a different base/mounting options.
  2. Looks decent - very compact and lightweight, but that means it will jump around a bit. It's also not quite as adjustable as the Wheelybird.
  3. Don't remember that but I do have a Second Chance carrier without plates from several years ago. It is pretty darn comfy.... and works with my IIIA soft plates...
  4. Birdshot woulda just bounced off....
  5. US Palm Defender - boogaflu/flugaloo ready. AR Mags are on a belt.
  6. Shit like that is why my SIL temp closed her bodega in Linden.
  7. Nice pickup! Always good to see more of us with electric throwers! I did the math on power consumption before... The Wheelybird uses 9.5 amps at peak draw for 1/4 second, then 2 amps for the rest of the cycle, which is about 2 seconds. Doing the math it comes out to.... a lot of throws. Rounding up for 9.5 amps for 1/8 of the time... 2.5 amps for 2 seconds.. figuring 75 Amp Hours.... *60 for minutes *60 for seconds, divided by 2 since each cycle is 2 seconds... divided by 2.5 amps for each cycle... = 54000 throws with the 75AH battery I have.
  8. Yeah - I'd go with the Nordic +2. I have this on my 930JM. The Nordic is top notch.
  9. Could be due to forum backups but I'll have Maks check. They're scheduled for 3AM but shouldn't last that long. I saw an issue at about 9:30AM today too.
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