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  1. Motion sensor flood light and security camera
  2. https://youtu.be/-SbnqIIkXQc Church Standoff with Doves?! C'mon!
  3. Awesome. They did a great job with the crushed concrete stone underneath then the paving is done right. I have a huge driveway with enough room to back up and turn around in. Nick is definitely a great guy - He did the excavating, etc on the new house
  4. Reservoir Dogs Boondock Saints Kickass State of Grace Road to Perdition Face Off Hard Boiled The Killer Military movies: Saving Private Ryan Lone Survivor The Hurt Locker
  5. Black Hawk Down Act of Valor Bravo Two Zero (British Film) Zero Dark Thirty
  6. There's a lot of Porchetta's in the area! The guys that did my driveway are Nick Porchetta Contracting. https://cisleads.com/company/details/9907
  7. I don't see the letters "H A M" together anywhere on there...
  8. Paid $9k for 1200 sq ft of driveway - it's a big driveway...
  9. Specs says 346 lbs. Price says "Shipping included" but I don't know how the deal will work. I'm contemplating picking it up in store and putting it in the minivan.....
  10. Well..... dang..... I hope they expand more though.... Hmm...
  11. I know I've shot rifle in the pits at EFGA... Someone else may be able to put in more input...
  12. I've fit 11 guns into an 8-gun Cabinet.... so... yeah I'm not worried about sorting/capacity. This will be an upgrade from my current one so I will keep an eye out.
  13. Oh you'll be way out there... Buying a house with the GF? You're close to Easton which does have pits...
  14. Entitled, rude, crowded. I'm in Linden so right next to Rahway and Union. I can't stand it here - Will be moving to another section of NJ in a month or so. Like Maks said, Clark is better. Westfield as well. If you want a really good area that's commutable to NYC easily, look at Summit. Expensive but great schools and a direct train line to NYC. Further out you go the better though.... I'll be in Bridgewater shortly. There's transit to NYC though not as easily accessible.... but the option is there.