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  1. First off - get the name right, it's Kamala Harris. 2nd - this is pretty much a personal attack - stop it. </mod high horse>
  2. G19 Gen 5 in the roni stabilizer chassis
  3. I may have to consider the TLR-7 now. I've got a couple TLR-1's but the -7 looks nice. Especially the compactness.
  4. We need to get another shotgun shoot together... lol. I've got a "Youth" convertible Tristar 20ga semi auto. Very light shooter. Does recoil less than my Remington 11-87 12ga. My 11-87's the softest shooting 12ga I've shot - gas system with a recoil pad - it's super soft. My Beretta S686 Essential O/U and Mossberg Silver Reserve II O/U definitely recoil a lot more - there's no semi auto action to take up some of that recoil. They're also fairly light guns. I wear a shoulder pad when shooting those.
  5. Only the Non-NFA version would be good as it's a brace. Doesn't matter if it's folding or not Similar - CAA Micro Roni Stabilizer Stock version is NFA and would be a SBR which is not legal in NJ. The Brace version is ok. The 50 oz weight is only for the firearm itself, not any accessories. My Extar EXP-556 is 48 oz. If I add an optic to that, it's over 50 oz but that doesn't make it illegal. The only feature on it that could be considered an Evil feature by NJ law is the Barrel Shroud - but that's the same thing as my CAA Roni Stabilizer.
  6. Kinda hard to take a pic of the active screen - it's a little too bright and washes out the black of the watch/band.
  7. Dangit. I'll be at the Somerset Patriots game tonight. Another time.
  8. Soooooo......... that happened in 2015? Before the stun gun ruling went into effect...
  9. You do realize that they spoof the caller ID on some of these numbers... May be calling someone who's not even remotely responsible... I've gotten call backs on my cell # saying "WHY DID YOU CALL ME?!"
  10. Sweeney wants to give 'em driver's licenses too... next step - voting...
  11. I will take pictures tonight for you.
  12. Upper itself seems decently made. Have not shot it yet - need to get my brake pinned on. BCG is not staked properly.
  13. Actually.... was thinking of this Saturday AM... Kids don't have Karate so I'm actually free Sat.