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  1. Looking to check the chamber on an upper - Does anyone have a 9mm headspace gauge? Either go or go/no-go?
  2. I tend to stay away from multiple reticle sights like that. All you need is the single dot. If you're shouldering your rifle correctly, you should be able to just aim down the gun and see the red dot without having to search for it at all. For that price, I'd actually go with a Vortex optic - like a Strikefire, SPARC or Crossfire.
  3. My eyesight is worse. -9/-9.5 w/ astigmatism. Most of my optics are 1x Red dots. With astigmatism they tend to smear - however, with a smaller dot (2 MOA size dot) it's generally not as bad. I do have a 1-4x LVPO on one of my rifles as well - it's nice to have but adds a LOT of weight.
  4. Yes - you can change the LOP by changing the pads, but that does not constitute a telescoping stock. The law says "A folding or telescoping stock;" - not adjustable. OP is talking about modifying the buffer so that the Magpul Fixed Carbine stock can be telescoped out and adjusted for a longer LOP. I have a Fixed carbine stock - it just uses a screw to stay in place - this works as there's no groove cuts on the buffer tube. Is it probably ok? Maybe - but do you want to potentially butcher your gun and possibly rack up thousands of dollars of legal fees, or spend $15 on a part?
  5. Good to see you on here again..... but for the wrong reasons I guess. Looks like everything is sold or spoken for so locking it up - if anything changes let us know - thx.
  6. Krdshrk

    Glock 19 question

    They should work, yes.
  7. Click the Magnifying glass button - go to advanced search. You can search by author. Oh look it's the 3rd result.
  8. Should not be a 30 round limit - there should be NO limit!
  9. The problem with modifying it this way is that you can take that screw out from the stock fairly easily and adjust it. Will you get jammed up about it? Most likely not... but do you want to take the chance by saving a few bucks? Here's the spacer - it extends the LOP out slightly. How long of a LOP do you need? https://magpul.com/prs-extended-rubber-buttpad.html?mp_global_color=118
  10. Why? Magpul fixed carbine stock should be fixed. If you need to adjust the LOP you can add a spacer at the back too to make it longer. Otherwise, get a different stock and get it pinned in place (you drill into the receiver extension a similar way to do this).
  11. Shotgun slugs and buckshot. .22 Rimfire and .223 can be used for some other game (Coyote, Fox, Woodchuck) - the rules are very strict and precise. .223's not a great caliber for Deer anyway.
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