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  1. Oh and if anyone needs a Comcast/Xfinity cable modem, I have one here (Docsis 3.0 so you can get the good speeds). Will let go for cheap.
  2. Yes - you can buy/use your own cable modem if you don't have the triple play which includes voice. I had a HD set top box and used my own cable modem. Helped cut down on monthly costs. I actually pay more now for Verizon FIOS but get better channels (more for the kids) and much faster internet.
  3. Most likely curbside
  4. I had Xfinity when I was in Linden - it was decent. I bought my own cable modem instead of leasing and saved a lot of money that way.
  5. I think they're as good as mil - definitely higher quality than the ones at Academy. Made in China of course, but still - they look and feel solid and the seals are good.
  6. What's everyone shopping for? Might hit up Tractor Supply on Friday for a safe... not sure.
  7. SCFGPA is open right now (via referral)
  8. Thought there was a big waitlist for Shongum?
  9. I've never seen the 50 cal ones at HF but I'm sure they'd be comparable.
  10. I think the Harbor Freight cans are 30 cal, no?
  11. Yes - just keep it separate from the regular computer network and you're fine. Through the patch panel is fine as well as long as it's not patched to the Router.
  12. Yup I have one here. Doesn't stack well but it does the job. I got a better deal from Costco when they were on sale for the 2 pack .50/.30 cal for like $15.
  13. What's so good about it for that price?
  14. You have a network - but if you're running a HDMI to CAT5e adapter, just disconnect the other end from your actual computer network, that's all.
  15. ROF on that Uzi was slower than I expected... Thompson ROF was higher... with .45. Mac-11 was just a burp! That SCAR-17 MMmmmm. FAL was a Fireball maker.