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  1. Mossberg 500 as well - if you can get the Field/Deer combo you're even better off - comes with a field barrel for buckshot/birdshot, and a rifled barrel for slugs. However, pump shotguns are near impossible to find right now - heck even semi autos...
  2. On the ATF 4473 a stripped lower is marked as "other firearm" checkbox in section B 16. In section D question 27, however it's put in as a receiver. An actual other firearm would be put in as "other" I believe.
  3. I shop from sites like Primary Arms, PSA, Brownells, MidwayUSA, etc.
  4. A pinned brake destroys the threads. You're most likely better off getting another barrel
  5. You don't already buy Goya stuff? Gotta have my Adobo seasoning.
  6. Just spoke to the local PD - he's completely backlogged - he said he's got about a year's worth of applications within the last 3 months. With 2 assistance helping, he's still got a ton of backlog. It's been 40 days and he estimates another 2 weeks.
  7. Depending on the shop you can ask... but the lower itself is $500 MSRP on Franklin Armory's site. The upper looks like any 16" upper - You could probably get at least $800 for the whole thing if not more.
  8. That's actually standard - to be able to use the boat ramp you need to have a fishing license... Otherwise people will park there to avoid having to pay to enter Round Valley and then walk across and swim wherever.
  9. All of my ARs have been built up from stripped lowers. Usually you can get pre-assembled uppers - some will require compliance work to remove the bayo lug and pin on a brake, others can come already compliant. If you assemble a lower from a stripped one with a parts kit, you can pin the stock yourself, or use a fixed carbine stock or A2 type stock. Some shops will already have NJ Compliant ARs for sale, though right now they're a bit scarce.
  10. No, it's the fact that it's a pistol lower as well - you can change the trigger, as well as the receiver extension (buffer tube) and the brace out for an actual stock. However, that looks like a Franklin Armory Pistol built lower - designed to use the BFS III Binary trigger. For the price - you can sell this and get a VERY nice AR that will be NJ Legal. https://franklinarmory.com/bfsiii-equipped-franklin-armory-pistol-built-lower-receiver/
  11. OK - that's got a Franklin Armory Binary trigger in it, and it's technically a machine gun by NJ's definitions - there's no way that can be transferred here. Your best bet is for your dad to sell it.
  12. They added the forward baffle which with a fixed firing line will prevent rounds from going over into public land/roads/houses/etc. It's rated to a certain caliber, I believe.
  13. This is ridiculous. "Due to furlough" - well, these places barely ever have staff onsite.
  14. UGH - Closed yep. https://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/wmaland.htm Due to state-mandated employee furloughs, access to the following Wildlife Management Areas is restricted through July 27: WMA Specific Area Round Valley Boat Ramp Clinton Shotgun Range Clinton Archery Range Clinton Rifle Range
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