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  1. Sandwich Time Deli & Tex-Mex (makes delicious food) in Avenel The PORK ROLL tower
  2. Edited the topic to make it more relevant... https://www.nj.com/news/2019/11/shots-fired-at-nj-high-school-football-game-witness-says.html 6 shots... assault revolver?
  3. on the chat page put a www. in front of the ak47club and it will get you in.
  4. Great price! I have one and love it. Switch between Px4 mags and 92FS mags with an insert. I put on an extra charging handle on mine, along with extra rails and a barrel shroud.
  5. I have an extar. It may not look like much but it's a shooter. I would probably go with a non-nfa right now though
  6. There's a "free" range in Union county - but it requires a $20 ($25 if not a Union county resident) a year badge and a training class. There's also a Free range in Sayreville/Old Bridge.
  7. I do agree that yes, more people need to get out and be active... but I'm still glad things like this get visibility where we can - things will hit the tipping point and the silent majority will say "oh hey these guys are fighting - let me side with them and vote". It happens. You can't always force people to get to events. I've taken time off work to go to rallies... but it is always a huge disappointment when it falls on deaf ears. You can only push people so far to participate. I've stood up front in my range meetings and asked for people to attend rallies... do I ever see one of them? Nope. I will still do it though. We should be pushing people to participate, not eating our own.
  8. Still dealing with a loss in the family, but thanks, Ray.
  9. Look at the M9A3 - I love the vertec grip feel... Trigger is very nice on the M9A3 over the regular 92FS/etc.
  10. Was she really a gun control advocate, or did she just throw up some frames/pictures in social media?
  11. Love that shrimp cocktail! I also hit up Harry & Izzy's for it.... and at the Indy Airport when I was leaving...
  12. Federal Champion 115gr - $169.90 free shipping https://www.targetsportsusa.com/federal-champion-9mm-luger-ammo-115-grain-fmj-value-pack-wm51991-p-59064.aspx
  13. Academy - Winchester 12ga - case price is $49.90, free shipping.... and NO TAX.... cheaper overall https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/winchester-super-x-lead-shot-game-load-12-gauge-8-shot-shotshells#repChildCatid=28419
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