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  1. Closest is Sunset Hill in the Poconos. They have a M249 https://sunsetrange.com/rental-gallery-price-list/ Shooters Gauntlet MG shoots are coming up. Saturday & Sunday June 1-2, 2024 Saturday & Sunday Sept. 21-22, 2024 https://www.shootersgauntlet.com/mg-shoots A little farther out - in Western PA: https://www.washingtoncountyguns.com/inventory There are a few places in Texas too - One right near Dallas. https://www.riflegearrange.com/machine-gun-rentals Or find cool people that have their own (No it's not mine)
  2. Hmm. I work near there - will have to check 'em out.
  3. pretty sure OP is in South Jersey so it may not be worth the ride... Though we are having a Diversity Shoot at GFH on the 22nd...
  4. Currently have a G48 in my carry rotation. Grip is definitely slimmer - I don't have large hands and I found I had to put on Talon grips to make it comfortable enough to shoot a lot. I have the OG Non-MOS 2-tone version... It's all Mike Lowrey Bad Boys 2 two-tone'd out.... Back when the G43x and G48 launched, I shot both and chose the G48 over the 43x for the reasons HE stated. It's much nicer shooting. Yes, the G43x cycles slightly faster, but man - you do feel that recoil more.
  5. 1791 Gun Leather just came out with some good Light options - I'm going to get a couple to try out.
  6. There are still some caveats to be aware of even with permitless carry. https://www.jaxsheriff.org/Resources/PermitlessCarry.aspx
  7. Oh nice. I was wondering about that. Good info.
  8. There are several but they're all pricey. SVT40, VEPR 7.62x54R, or a PSL-54C... even a Yugo M91..... most will set you out over $2500 Or get a Lee Enfield in .303 British for under $1k
  9. Was hanging with the DSI guys at SHOT Show - great guys. Look for more cool stuff coming from them soon.
  10. Shot nice. I think I'm going to get a Gen 3 eventually. Right now they're only G19 size - the grip is short. Otherwise, the improvements are nice.
  11. Krdshrk

    New Pythons

    Got to finger bang it here at SHOT Show. Video will be coming.
  12. If it's not in your name, and you don't have a NJ CCW, no.
  13. Koons v Platkin - Plaintiffs ask the 3rd circuit to consider the 9th circuit ruling in CA on sensitive places, including the denial of CA's stay pending appeal.
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