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  1. Krdshrk

    Psa Dagr9

    Not at all - Built on a Gen 3 chassis - just like Zev OZ9 and others. It's a good, proven platform and I look forward to picking one up for funsies.
  2. Apparently there's issues with the G44 now - https://www.glocktalk.com/threads/g44-kaboom.1807408/
  3. Krdshrk

    Psa Dagr9

    Fingerbanged it - felt good. Look for more coming up. We got the info direct from 'em.
  4. I had this with my Hyundai Sonata... Figured that out right quick.
  5. Mk3 is being phased out or less available so they don't have the kit, but they still have parts available
  6. Not in .22 mag yet - only .22LR. ETA on Magnum is later this year. Tried it at range day - they did not have any working versions in any guns but they had the testers. Feels very nice - almost too light a trigger. 2lbs is nothing for trigger pull - I feel like it would be very easy to double... They did say they extended the trigger return slightly to help combat that. PERFECT weather - not cold, not hot, not windy. Saw some great new stuff. A lot not NJ Legal...
  7. GSSC is owned by several forum members/supporters. We have a monthly shoot there as well.
  8. Still get to use archery and big bore ranges....
  9. They had to extend the range back so there's a proper buffer area between the meeting area and the range. I'm really looking forward to this when it's done.
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