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  1. Sorry not sorry.
  2. I can't tell what state that license plate is from. Clearly a blocked plate violation.. I don't know how you know the tint is legal if you can't tell what state it's from. I've gotten pulled over for expired registration before too - they can run your plate and find that out in seconds. It had just expired and I had completely forgotten to renew... still could have been impounded. I've also been stopped for tinted taillights... then windows... that was a pure moneymaking one and I don't think it was a legit stop as it's not a primary offense... but whatever. Expired registration warrants a stop.
  3. http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2018/04/port_authority_commissioner_abruptly_resigns_in_wa.html According to her company bio, she served on finance committees for Hillary Clinton and Gov. Jon Corzine. She had been chair of the Port Authority's Governance and Ethics Committee.
  4. They've gone downhill in recent years anyway. They used to have mags for cheap - I bought almost all of my Px4 Mags from them - great price and perfect capacity... then they stopped getting anything good in...
  5. New ones go for about $500 on sale. It's a good clays gun - very soft shooting. Mine requires 3 dram ammo to cycle properly.
  6. My Order from 4/22 for the Vortex scope shipped... as well as my Sneakers order placed 4/22 as well.
  7. Still a good price!
  8. Code CC201820PCT is working again! Saw it on Reddit /r/gundeals - it's back working.
  9. You know that Vegan who still eats meat? I found their car.
  10. 2 of my 4 orders shipped. Takes a couple days to ship out so hopefully my last 2 orders will go through no issue. Now, I did see that if they cancel your order due to overselling/etc, they will give you a 25% off coupon code.. Not 100% on that.
  11. VERY VERY Good.
  12. 4/18 order shipped, 4/19 and 2x 4/22 orders pending... we'll see. Nothing I can't live without really. Some Life Vests, Sneakers, and a scope. I have at least 2K of 9mm, 3K of .223/5.56, 2K 7.62x39, 5K .22LR, and at least 500 rounds of 12ga (target loads) at any time. A bit less for some of my less used calibers... but generally at least 500 rounds of each.
  13. Could potentially do Saturday or Sunday @ SCFGPA.