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  1. Was that price shipped? Even still - $55 difference then... Honestly - I'm not impressed. I'd rather not have to tighten screws out of the box... I'm ok with paying a bit more out of the box for the new hotness. The price will drop on the Wrangler later on too...
  2. Correct. I got mine for $220 OTD including NICS and Tax. Ok so $119.99 https://www.classicfirearms.com/heritage-mfg-rr22b6-gold-usa-usflag-rough-rider/ + $40 transfer and $15 NICS (not including tax) you're at $175. I'd rather have a new cool gun that looks pretty modern and a lifetime warranty for $45 more. Heritage only has a 1 year warranty.... That one there also looks a helluva lot worse than my wrangler. I also love how Heritage says "Fanning the hammer" voids their warranty... hahaha....
  3. I've never seen the rough rider for under $100. $150 sure... I'm happy with the Wrangler though.
  4. Krdshrk

    Recommend handgun

    Same stuff. Through a 20" Barrel outdoors is hella quiet. Through a 4.62" Barrel indoors, surrounded by concrete and cinder blocks.... not so much
  5. We met some of the NFA guys at one of the parties at SHOT show - they did not strike me as a large company at all.... I'm actually a bit worried this will close them down.
  6. Krdshrk

    Recommend handgun

    Newwwwwwwwwwwp. Shot CCI Quiet through the Wrangler.... it is NOT that quiet indoors. It's advertised as 68db "at the shooter's ears" but that's most likely through a rifle. Was pretty painful indoors. It was noticeable... yes, not as loud as a standard .22LR but through a shorter barreled pistol and indoors with the echo, it's right at the cusp of hearing damage.
  7. Krdshrk

    Recommend handgun

    Tasers and stun guns are now legal in NJ https://www.nj2as.org/taser
  8. FRAK. It's New Frontier Armory. Now I'll have issues with them sending me parts
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