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  1. Krdshrk

    CCW Recommendations

    The grip will make it harder to conceal. You've got a G19 size slide on a G17 frame. There's a reason the G19 is more concealable - shorter grip. It's also a Gen 5 gun so it's fatter than the previous gens...... That's why Glock came out with the 43x/48 - single stack - slimmer gun is a bit easier to conceal. But if you can make it work - you do you.
  2. Why? Still will be concussive to the sides and rear. Flash can throws it forward
  3. Not sure about the legality - however I have one on my 12.5" Other as it's very blasty as it's a shorter barrel. This definitely diverts the blast forward and the noise and concussion away from me.
  4. FYI merged your 2 topics into this thread - It's better to keep all the info under one thread so the info's not spread a million different ways.
  5. This would be a wonderful thing - Basically - disband the ATF and all the other alphabet boys!
  6. How stiff are those belts? I haven't had an issue with my Hank's Gunner belt with lining up.
  7. I have a Crossbreed Reckoning and Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 for IWB, as well as various other ones. My Safarilands are all OWB with ALS system... they do make some IWB options https://safariland.com/collections/iwb-holsters
  8. I noticed on GFH's guidance page last night - the update says Non-NJ residents need a FID...
  9. Moved to general discussion. ANJRPC just sent out an email blast this AM...
  10. I use gmail - the comma list works just fine. IDK about Bluemail - I use NINE on android. I blame your mail client - the good majority of email clients use either semicolon or comma as the delimiter between emails.
  11. REQUIRED STEP 1 : Proper NJ FID Card: NJ Resident or Out of state Resident! Wait what? An out of state resident needs a FID to get a NJ CCW?
  12. I wouldn't go with a .22LR for CCW unless it's absolutely last ditch effort... but still better than nothing. That being said - there is a Walther PPK .22LR - small and concealable.
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