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  1. Mine should be done in less than a month too
  2. CNJFO has a BBQ in August.
  3. Tag him in the post! @Purple Patrick
  4. LOTR in 2017
  5. C'mon get them to make a 12ga lever!
  6. Isabella's restaurant in Fords makes a killer Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya.
  7. Motion sensor flood light and security camera
  8. https://youtu.be/-SbnqIIkXQc Church Standoff with Doves?! C'mon!
  9. Awesome. They did a great job with the crushed concrete stone underneath then the paving is done right. I have a huge driveway with enough room to back up and turn around in. Nick is definitely a great guy - He did the excavating, etc on the new house
  10. Reservoir Dogs Boondock Saints Kickass State of Grace Road to Perdition Face Off Hard Boiled The Killer Military movies: Saving Private Ryan Lone Survivor The Hurt Locker
  11. Black Hawk Down Act of Valor Bravo Two Zero (British Film) Zero Dark Thirty
  12. There's a lot of Porchetta's in the area! The guys that did my driveway are Nick Porchetta Contracting. https://cisleads.com/company/details/9907
  13. I don't see the letters "H A M" together anywhere on there...