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  1. Welcome! Where in Jersey are you from?
  2. https://www.cdarmssupply.com/Black-Aces-Tactical-5-Round-Magazine-For-BAT-BullpupBullpump_p_10447.html Never purchased from this site before but they're legit as far as I can tell.
  3. The issue is that it's a semi-automatic 12ga shotgun - with a pistol grip. Unfortunately, Semi auto shotguns are not allowed to have pistol grips in NJ. If you had purchased the Pump action version, you would be fine.
  4. No, was for a GI issue. I'm sure Tufts is a great hospital for heart surgeries.
  5. I had a great experience at Morristown Medical. RWJ Somerset took great care of me too.
  6. I saw Stag at SHOT Show - they're using better components now - every rifle now comes with a Hiperfire trigger. I think they're just fine...
  7. No - not unless you have a valid PA CCW. Out of state non-resident CCW are not recognized in PA.
  8. that's exactly what you're doing here. OP asked for something in 5.56 (and yes you could get AK's in 5.56) and gave examples of DI ARs. Your opinion on DI ARs is completely unfounded and unnecessary.
  9. When the price of actual AKs is higher than ARs now though... Unless you're getting a PSA AK, AK prices have skyrocketed - decent ones are over $1k now. Even the ZPAP M70's up around the $1k mark now.
  10. Don't forget Dark Storm Industries https://www.dark-storm.com/dsi/ds-15/ds-15-moe-rifles/dark-storm-ds-15-moe-post-ban-5.56-rifle-black/ Stag Arms Sig M400 Wyndham Weaponry Rock River Arms Black Rain Ordinance Fission Diamondback DB15 Springfield SAINT Adam Arms Bushmaster XM15 DMPS LCAR A3 Even Del Ton or ATI...
  11. Krdshrk

    m1a mAGS

    Friends don't let friends buy Promags
  12. Krdshrk

    m1a mAGS

    Dang their stock system sucks.
  13. Krdshrk

    m1a mAGS

  14. Thread's derailing folks - let's keep it civil. OP's entitled to their opinion. We got bigger things to fight for than squabbling about this.
  15. Honestly - with a LWRC you're paying for the name. I've shot many an other firearm - Dark Storm is top notch. ModMat is just fine and supporting a local NJ shop. You're not going to be putting 30k rounds through it - there's no reason to have to pony up for a LWRC, unless you just wanna flash around that you got the brand name.
  16. Krdshrk

    AOWs in NJ?

    Good luck - hope to see some updates here about success.
  17. Or it could be real - IP matches California.
  18. You can convert a pistol to a carbine yes - however you need to abide by the NJ Rifle regulations. Unfortunately the longest barrel they have on this is apparently 11.6" - so you'd need to pin on a REALLY long muzzle device or find some sort of barrel extension... and of course pin the stock. Not worth it IMO. Much cheaper and easier to get a CAA MCK / Micro Roni.
  19. Nah. 7.62x54R went through like butter.
  20. Krdshrk

    AOWs in NJ?

    No, I don't have an AOW. It really depends on the range you go to if you get questioned or not. I tend to go to mostly private ranges and get no questions about my Non-NFA Other firearms.
  21. Krdshrk

    AOWs in NJ?

    e-Form1 is now a few weeks yes. Much faster. That's not my AOW there - check the link and see if you can get the specs - there's others on r/NJGuns who have done it and posted specs.
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