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  1. Feel free to add feedback via the forum function. Locking this up
  2. Saw these guys at SHOT Show a couple years ago - was not impressed with the product.
  3. Let us know when we can come down to help clear out the feral hogs from your land... yanno - because we just wanna kill stuff
  4. So they sold the permits.... and now the hunters lose out because of the "environmental groups" - who actually really don't care about the environment they just don't want people hunting...
  5. Devil's advocate here... I gotta admit - something like this piqued my interest at first... (Stopbox Strike). You can deploy it just by shifting your thigh! ..... but wait... ok - it goes in between your seat and your center console... And that looks like a freakin gigantic car... Looking at the gap between seat and console in my Subaru... this thing ain't fitting... and shit - my fat ass thighs would hit that motherf all the time. GIMMICK.
  6. I suggest you join the Mercer County CCW group on Facebook and see - I'm not a member so I can't tell.
  7. Ok - as a new member that's great - hopefully you could get someone to go in with you however you may want to remove your phone number and ask for DM's etc. Edit - found the post.
  8. Where did you see this from? There's nothing mentioned at all on their website or Facebook or Instagram or any of their social media.
  9. Scan it, reduce size and print it on a size of paper that fits or can be folded to fit?
  10. We do not have to inform Law Enforcement that we're carrying. Keep it concealed, keep your lips zipped. If it's loaded but locked, you're still fine if you have a NJ PTC (for now). If you're crossing the border into PA - that needs to be unloaded unless you have a PA CCW (Follow FOPA).
  11. New build Taurus are much better.
  12. Welcome. SCFGPA Membership is currently closed but feel free to sign up on the notification list. When the membership reopens (Should be late December) they will send out notifications. https://scfgpa.org/membership
  13. Welcome. You had my interest at Beretta..... then added 1911's and Sigs and you're pretty much piquing my trifecta...
  14. Odin Works describes theirs as having a muzzle brake pinned on top. Taccom looks to be straight shroud so nothing on it... Technically it would be legal but why would you want these? If it's weight, you're saving 7oz vs a 16" barrel.. And if you're going with a full rifle you'd still have to do the fixed or pinned stock. Why not just go for a 16" barrel? Or alternately go and build a non-NFA other?
  15. Was finishing up the pack of pork roll.
  16. 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, 3 slices of American cheese, and yes, 4 slices of pork roll. I didn't have any rolls so white toast was what I went with.
  17. Forgot to add sausage... oh well.
  18. Applied July 8th, Received October 24th. Yes, long wait time.
  19. One of the CNJFO Committee chairs (Eric Saperstein) got his permit - he's in Mercer. Just got it a couple weeks ago. They're moving slow but they're moving.
  20. Great site - they use Ballistic Advantage barrels and have great prices.
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