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  1. If you are worried about this buy a spare mag or two and rotate them every couple of months.
  2. I'm sure its just a coincidence that Smith & Wessons qualify under the Mass. law but their main competitor Glock does not.
  3. Remember if you join the mustang club of America ( $50 a year) you can get x plan pricing. That is one step above employee price.
  4. If you are going to buy one give it a very close look over before signing the papers. The factory is having a lot of quality problems. Make sure the rear window is set in straight, the body panels are on correctly and the car has the dashboard and options you paid for. I think I am going to wait for the 16's to come out.
  5. BobZ

    FN SLP shotgun

    I've had this exact model for a couple years now. Great shotgun. Mild recoil, fast firing, reliable. If you want a tactical semi auto you can't do better.
  6. Bought one a month and 200rds ago. Great gun.
  7. A full size .45, Either a Sig P227 or a Glock 21 Gen 4
  8. BobZ

    IRS scam

    1. Don't trust your caller ID. People can set it up to say Police, Fed. Agent, IRS ect. 2. No law enforcement agency will ask for money over the phone. 3. And they will not demand you get a pre-paid credit card from walmart and give them the number. 4. Phone numbers should match. No NJ PD is going to give you a callback number in NY or India.
  9. Yes, The filled out PP's are kept by the agency that issued it.
  10. Go for it. The glock 30 is a great gun. If you can get a good grip on it (its not made for small hands) you're good to go
  11. Both guns are kind of like saying I want to buy a mazda miata to haul 2x4's and plywood from home depot. Both are minimum size 9's for concealed carry. Not for anything else. Look in the reviews the for phrases like "Accuracy is good enough for a weapon of this type", "The trigger is no worse than similar pistols" "Carry a lot, shoot a little", "I can get through one box on the range without quitting" In my opinion buy the right tool for the job.
  12. Again the most important thing is to get on the job, find out what the regulations are, talk to the dept. rangemaster, and talk to the folks you work with. Don't waste your money on guns you are not allowed to qualify with. Don't buy a gun only slightly smaller and lighter than your duty gun. It will be left at home 95% of the time.
  13. I just got a .40 p30 a couple of weeks ago from JT custom guns.
  14. BobZ

    Sig P227

    I'm interested in the Sig P227 double stack .45 Does anyone have one? Has anyone seen one in stock?
  15. I know someone who owns one and hates the trigger. He just sent it in for a trigger job.
  16. It's like buying a car. If you walk in and the new model (gen 4) is the same price as the old left over one (SF) get the new one. However if you can get a deal on the SF buy it.
  17. Does anyone know if this is real. I just read a teletype warning about door to door "pollsters" who are being paid extra to find out where LEO's live.
  18. I just picked up a P30 yesterday from JT Custom Guns. Great service, lowest price.
  19. Doh.. I read too fast and thought Benelli super 90
  20. Personnally by the time I get a precious pistol permit i've saved enough money to buy the original gun not the Taurus knock-off.
  21. I know HK USP's have a recomended service life of 20-25K
  22. Don't buy cheap. Theres no reason a good shotgun can't last for many years. Buy a good one.
  23. I shot both before I bought my G26. Recoil is different for everyone but I felt the 27 was too "snappy" with too much muzzle flip. It was worse than the .45 G30 and my Kahr P40K .40
  24. With any of the double stack .45's you have to try them on for size. They are hard to shoot if you have small hands. That being said the HK USP .45 is a fantastic gun.
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