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  1. As said before the nice thing about being able to take off the bottom plate is to clean the mag if it gets dirt or gravel in it.
  2. Nice looking deer you have out there. I would not shoot the small guy but my boys know if they want to harvest a deer they should go off by themselves. I do, however, have a few does that just ate my tomato plants that better watch out.LOL
  3. I am a fan but I have watch it on the web since we do not have satellite tv anymore. It is hard to not watch a fight live.
  4. Welcome and along with the rest thanks for your service.
  5. OMG I am staying in Montana. I am sorry you guys have to become lawyers just to have a little trigger time.
  6. Welcome and have fun with the forum.
  7. Congrats on getting your toy all fixed up and ready to rumble. It's great to hear how excited you are about it and the pictures make me want to go out shooting soon.
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