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  1. Rey....something like this maybe? http://www.speedshoo...l.cfm?ID=LMWLPS
  2. Wildcat_40

    Comp guns

    I can imagine how confused you are now..... But don't rush with your decision.....Although you can't go wrong with any of those firearms you mentioned. Just make sure you bought it co'z it's what you really want. No....! Never consult with the wife first when it comes to that matter. Ronny, is right..... it's easier to ask for forgiveness afterwards.
  3. Ronny, please don't forget to bring extra mag pouch for the STI mags.
  4. Maks see you sunday...I hope it won't turn out as bad as the last time for me when we shot there together.
  5. Not really.....but I was just wondering. After last night, you still thought it's gonna make a difference. If it was on so called.... " proving grounds"
  6. :unsure: .............. :facepalm: .................... :icon_lol: :icon_lol:
  7. LMAO @ your link Ron... Don't be surprise if you see me pulling these moves @ OB or Shongum. If your one man short in your team...you know I'm always ready. But either way...I'll be there for this.
  8. I knew the moment my gun dropped I was done for the day. It was just a nice gesture from Voodoodaddy and Ronhonda to inform the match director for formality.
  9. :icon_lol: I guess it wasn't just an equipment failure after all.
  10. This is the match that I was more excited and been looking forward for a long time. And guess what.....I got my first DQ'ed under my belt. And hopefully it'll be the last. It happened @ Rifle and Handgun stage. While moving from one target to another, my Glock came off flying from the holster..... :thsmiley_deadhorse: DQ'ed by equipment failure/malfunction you can call it. :icon_lol: But DQ is a DQ and it's a shitty feeling. I'm just glad gun was unloaded and didn't go off. Overall it was a fun day. Heads off to Voodoodaddy and Ronhonda.
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