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  1. Tables form a line and etiquette and safety regulations are posted at the entrance. Typically in private ranges like this you all agree at a certain distance to shoot at. If you all want to shoot 15, you can move up the tables to form a new firing line.
  2. The grip is def nice. Overall the gun is lighter than my Taurus PT99, and its got a much lighter trigger pull. The trigger other than the pull weight feels very much the same... reset distance, DA/SA feel. The balance of the gun is thrown off by the composite parts on top. Not necessarily a bad thing but you notice it when you switch to a metal slide pistol.
  3. That's alright... Adam. FYI, the FTF on the Taurus PT99 was a snapcap. I love throwin a couple in mags randomly...
  4. good times... dual M44's next time! Gotta get both tubes thumpin
  5. Lol... what the heck are you talking about? Motorcycles? Race car drivers? Airplanes? Here we go again with shot placement. Damn why do we ALWAYS go back to this??? If you want to talk about shot placement lets start a shot placement thread. Yes we all know if you shoot someone in the little toe they aren't going to die. Yes training whatever, the title of this thread is "12 GAUGE VERSUS 20 GAUGE"... not "12 Gauge to the little toe VS .22LR to the spinal column". Ok, put a freakin .22LR pistol in your house for home defense and lets see how good you are at shooting someone in the spinal cord at 3am moments after you wake up from hearing a window break. Get in your gun fight and see what happens. ORRRRRRRrrrRrRrrrrrr you can grab your shotgun, rack it, and the perp will probably turn tail and take the hell off because they are freakin terrified of shotguns. If not, they got 15 lead balls from a 3" magnum 00 buck round in their face. The concussion alone will probably drop them if you had to shoot. Also if you had to shoot ONE ROUND you have 15 WELL PLACEDDDAFADFADSDDDDDD balls flying versus 1.
  6. she takes a ball to the face well... she can finish me off any time!! nom nom nom nom nom nommmmm
  7. If I had the choice between a 20 gauge and a 9mm pistol, I would still choose the 20 gauge. 12 gauge just gives you move chances to hit somebody
  8. Hope they do... he could have just closed and locked the door. I guess enough was enough tho? If its gets that bad, its time to MOVE before you have to shoot somebody.
  9. First mistake was going outside to confront a gang. Second mistake is going outside with an AK47. Third mistake was shooting into the grass. The guy is lucky he's not dead. While I believe it SHOULD be legal, what he did is completely illegal. Until the law is changed we gotta play by their rules. He should have went in the house, grabbed the gun, locked the doors, windows, close the curtains, went into the bedroom with the family, called the police, and hose down anybody that comes through the door. Sucks but hes goin to prison.
  10. IDK man... I paid nothing and went to ft dix with the Army and blew up shit with C4 for the day. $600 to sit in a locomotive sounds like a giant waste of money. I bet the army guys would have brought out a MOAB or something if I gave them 600 bucks
  11. You honestly believe without religion people would stop killing each other ?? In the specific example of the west bank? Absolutely! What other reason would there be for two groups to want that small insignificant piece of land so much if it were not for its religious significance? Even if one groups holds a just a TINY PIECE of it, that is not good enough to quench their thirst. As far as the rest of it goes. Without religion all religion based attacks, wars, etc, may not have never happened. Sure there are wars that were not religion based that took place. Vietnam for example was a war between democracy and communism. That was a just a blip compared to some wars. You could say that WW1 was triggered by a religious assassination, and WWII was a result of continued hostilities after the end of WW1. WWII boasts 6million+ Jews slaughtered. Some say upwards of 17 million civilians were killed by the Nazis if you consider all of the groups they were targeting. That's not even considering the ~100 million army personnel killed or wounded between WWI and WWII. I cannot deny the fact that religion can be part of an upstanding community any more than you can deny that religion has been the sole cause of massive chaos and death.
  12. You could theoretically go as far north as Binghampton on 81N or Harrisburg down 78W... if you consider 3hrs the limit. There's some real back woods area north of scranton around rt81... same just west of Scranton/Wilkes Barre
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