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  1. That's awesome. Looks like a good time. Not to rain on the freedom parade but it may only last so long. Dem's are pushing gun control bills so quickly nowadays that PA may be right behind NJ. And it'll spread from there..err it's been spreading actually. Tx, AZ, PA guys always said "it wont happen here" but it's only a matter of time unfortunately.
  2. Judging by a quick search, most retailers it looks like. Most pmag30's are $7-10. Most pmag10's are $10+.
  3. Unfortunately couldn't make it. Got a wicked stomach bug or something of the sort and my ass was a garden hose for the later end of the week. I'd like to set one up for January sometime.
  4. Stocked up? We know that's not true! You can always use more, remember... I'm tired of rebates, especially when they don't get honored. Ammo has been at a record low now for a while that i refuse to deal with rebates just for a few bucks saved.
  5. Sounds fun guys but I'll be busy that weekend. Will be out of state visiting family for the holidays. If anyone wants to shoot the following weekend..29 or 30th let me know. I should have two other guys down for it.
  6. Actually I don't think it's a Pro. Sorry. Nice nonetheless.
  7. I believe it was Grabagun that just had a ridiculous sale on s&w 1911 pro series ...I wanna say they were $699. The Pro series are IMO one of the nicest 1911s you can buy under a grand. Springfield Range Officer is a great bang for the buck.
  8. I feel like this is one of those things that you just buy a fluted barrel instead of having some machining company possibly eff it up.
  9. Ordered a bunch on 11/24. Haven't gotten any update but hopefully they arrive soon.
  10. MRE's, under desperation, will get the job done but I never found them tasty..like, at all. I'd suggest buying any of the freezedried backpacking food from brands like Mtnhouse and Backpackers Pantry. If you served some of their food like the beef stroganoff to someone without telling them what it was, they would think you actually cooked it at home. Most of their meals are yummy except the eggs are weird. May cost more but I'd much rather eat something that tastes good versus cheap and gross.
  11. Plenty of much better, higher quality options out there. But yet people who do not research the guns they buy will continue buying these as they did the previous garbage. That's Century's biggest customer base, unknowledgeable and uninformed clientele. Typically the, "I just bought this gun, what's everyone's experiences with it." Maybe you should ask that question BEFORE you purchase it.
  12. Primary arms has ballistic advantage barrels down to $70 from 150. Joebob outfitters also has heavily discounted barrels from multiple companies like ballistic, faxon, etc.
  13. Yeah exactly my point. So far this week we saw $300 complete AR's, 9mm at $145 a case, high quality AR barrels half off....those are some ridiculous prices that I just can't see shooting down (pun hehe) any further. I'd say 95% of gun- stuff consumers are buying things related to ammo, AR parts, and budget optics on BF. A very small percentage are looking at $4k optics or $3k AR's. If one can shell out the coin for a $4k scope, chances are that a few hundred bucks in discount isn't as big of a deal as say a $300 AR barrel for 150 bucks to another person.
  14. Nice. What caliber? You need a real bakelite in the one on top, the tapco copy is lame!
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