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  1. Sounds like a good time. I wish I could have made it. I'd like to plan another one in a few weeks, let the temp drop a little more. PP, do you think they got a call about your Shockwave? It sounded like they went straight to you when entering. Also, were they in all tac-gear? I had an encounter at another shootout with Officer Bryce or Bryson I believe. He was a decent guy, but was very stern that only hunting shotguns are allowed on the WMA ranges. They still let you shoot it? Also, this is a good reason why [if we can] we don't usually have shootouts on FUDD day..I mean hunter training day. It never fails issues come up and it's always pertaining to those old cranks farts.
  2. Sarco, to this day, will gladly put your long gun in a contractor garbage bag and fasten it with a tie-wrap. They call it the "NJ specialty".
  3. FTF was always the easiest option in terms of selling but now that we must got through an FFL, GunBroker/online may be an easier option IMO. Take good pics of gun, make an ad, receive payment, box it up and ship. It couldn't be any easier. I'd still try selling them here on the marketplace first. But I do think Murphy and the dem's will get what they wanted with this new law - a high percentage of gun owners no longer selling and buying between each other.
  4. I'm not a fan of mauser's in terms of milsurp but if you do decide to go the mosin route, you should definitely be able to find one well under $380 and also have matching numbers. Or spend around $400 and get a Finnish mosin like a reworked 91/30 or m91. Or spend $500-600 for a Finnish m39 or m27 and you'll get one of the most accurate milsurp guns in that -$600 range IMO.
  5. I actually enjoyed this so much that I thought I've already called a local range in my area to see if they'd be willing to allow us to do something similar there. The more the merrier right? I have yet to hear back so I plan on calling tomorrow to speak with the event coordinator.
  6. Don't be such a pansy. No seriously though, don't be such a pansy. The finish of your pistol along with what material your holster is made of will always wear down finish though some combinations may take longer than others. If it's really that big of a deal, I'd suggest buying a separate "holster gun" dedicated to holster work at the range and/or carry. That way you have your safe Queen that gets babied and you also have your holster gun that wears.
  7. No it's not Shongum, Bob. Afaik, it's a private range exclusively used for LEO training normally. It should rain pretty good up until tomorrow morning but his type if class isn't one that cancels for weather. Plus it'll feel good getting some training done during wet conditions and some simulated stress!
  8. It's last minute but Micky from CarryTrainer is hosting a handgun class this weekend at a range near Hackettstown. He's a great instructor and it'll be a great 2day class. I think he said there's 2 more spots open.
  9. Congrats. You sound happy so that's great! An advantage to the American Ranch rifles is being able to use common AR mags. I plan on buying one maybe over the winter. Post some pics up, we love to see new purchases.
  10. There's not much out there. Once in a while an AK builder will build a handful of them from Vityaz kits but for the most part, you're left with paying an arm and a leg for one from the only builder that makes them once a year which is Definitive Arms. They're top notch and will perform 100% but they're expensive and difficult to attain. Usually you're left buying one used from a private seller. Also, Chiappa makes the Pak9 but it's a pistol. Yeah their domestics are rough and they don't care about customer input or safety. They just want to sell the most they can to customers who are not very knowledgeable about AK's. The Fox looks like it can make it but we'll see. At the $1,000 mark though, I and most people would rather cough up a little more for a sam7 or 107F. Or an SLR95 or o-pap even at the $800 mark.
  11. I meant the water balloon launcher lol.
  12. There's plenty of other reasons. A lot of us, and I say us because I'm an AK enthusiast, just enjoy them plain and simple. Love the way they look, the way they shoot, reliability, love that there are so many different models, love the history, and there are plenty of modern upgrades now to enhance them if one wants to.
  13. Probably because a lot of people are bored with AR's. You build two or three and you have most bases covered. They're newly manufactured with little history while AK's are a bit different. A variety of models from numerous countries with a bit more history behind them. Plus people want "different" and when you're at the range and 7 out of 10 guys are shooting AR's, you may want something different. With the current prices though, the AK market is hurting IMO. Imports dry up here and there and with anything of that sort, it's all about supply and demand.
  14. Unfortunately I'm out. Tonight told my wife I'd be busy this day and I had forgotten I okayed plans with her to visit family that weekend. I'm bummed but we can't switch that weekend so it is what it is. I'd be more than happy to let you guys borrow the launcher if we can work it out.
  15. And now the tides have changed. You can buy an AR for 400 bucks and most decent AK's are close to a grand or more.