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  1. Simple, fast, and friendly transaction. Thanks for the ammo
  2. It's simple. He hired himself as his own security guard, then he can always protect himself.
  3. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-state-senator-charged-with-trying-to-board-plane-with-weapon-20121205,0,6048413.story I took a peek at some local news coverage. Somehow I think he'll be elected no problem.http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-state-senator-charged-with-trying-to-board-plane-with-weapon-20121205,0,6048413.story
  4. That's crazy, had me clutching my chair! Awesome.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving
  6. Happy Birthday, I hope you enjoyed it.
  7. Looked like he lucked out with an airport right there and he had plenty of airspeed and altitude. Cool to watch. I wondered about the hydraulics...neat.
  8. 10/22 is a Ruger rifle in .22
  9. Something to pry open wood crates?
  10. I'm missing something here..... I think I need a clue.
  11. Awesome video I'm sure my dad would have loved to see, as he did his take offs and landings more conventionally on the Wasp. Now I know why I couldn't do vertical take offs in Xbox360 over-G...stupid F35b can't do that
  12. I held one about 6 months ago. Feels nice, hope it shoots well.
  13. Funny, if our police went to NYC they'd get arrested for carrying.
  14. I laughed immediately. Just the other day I made it through the commerical once, and managed not to steer into a bridge abutment. The very next commercial break it comes on again! Instant station change. I do the exact same thing when Deminski & Doyle play a stupid 70's trucker song every time a trucker calls in to the show. They've cut back on that, thankfully, because it really makes me go to a music station just to get it out of my mind. It wouldn't bother me if those guys got up to 80mph and set their GPS to tree.
  15. This guy uses bullet holes to accent his art.