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  1. On the way home from the Outer Banks NC last week my wife and i stopped at a gas station in Virginia , as i looked over at the retail store they had signs all over saying Fireworks so i decided to go in and look around , well in the land of freedom they let people have a thing called personal responsability and allow them to purchase fireworks .... So i decided to grab a variety box , as i go up to the register my wife says , what are you nuts .... where are you gonna shoot them off ??? i said i dont know but i want them .... well the woman behind the counter says , heck you can lightem off in your living room if ya like , hahahaha !!!!!!!!! I said see .......... the living room ..... WE LAUGHED ALL THE WAY HOME !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Wow, looks like a good road trip on the Harley !!
  3. Just Donated !!!!!!!!! This guy is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Kinda like the old days when you used to get the Big Sears Catalog , JC Penny Catalog or the Harley Davidson Parts Catalog , glad Cabelas still does it !!!!!!!!
  5. Was a good episode , wish they would have showed a little more of his collection of parts and stuff , im tellin ya hes got stuff everywhere but all in all it was a good episode ..
  6. Be carefull you never know if the scumbags will come back and retaliate for what you did !!
  7. For the Motorcycle enthusiasts on here tomorrow night Monday 9pm on the History channel the TV show American Pickers goes to Nicks Cycles in Williamstown (Gloucester County) . If any of you guys have been there you know what the place is if not its pretty much a treasure chest of Harley parts dating back to the early days of Harley Davidson , hes got a great museum upstairs with some pretty valueable rare bikes . Ive been there myself and am amazed at all the stuff he has and theres tons that the public doesnt see so if you like Harleys you may wanna check out the show or visit , http://www.nickscustomcycles.com/default.asp
  8. Ha , what a coincidence , Detroit has been under Democratic control since the 60s !!!!!!
  9. Went and saw the 3D version last night , it was pretty good , kinda the same theme as the movie I AM LEGEND
  10. hopper


    Wonder if Parise would have stayed if the Devils offered him that much money instead of Kovy
  11. I went looking for his place last year since im close by , well he has another place a little further down the road close to rt73 , so i thought it was the place i pull in and go up to the door and walk in , well first i see all model cars in glass cases then a new Porshe and Ferrari , after wandering around wondering where the hell the ammo is some young guy comes out and say can i help you , i say yea im here for ammo , he says ohhhh its his other building in the business complex , i say wow nice cars , he says yeah their my bosses ............. so yea this guy is making a living
  12. I saw Eddie Van Halen do that solo last year at the Wachovia Center and let me tell ya that was dam close to as good !!
  13. I have many friends that are LE and on several ocassions ive had a free meal at the local diner with them and i always tipped what my meal was worth ...........
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