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  1. yeah i love shooting without eye protection but i have paid for it in the past with a HOT shell smacking me in the eye! i should have put my shades on
  2. I bought one about 2 years ago! Have 1000's of rounds through it and nothing but AMAZING performance!! When i bought mine it cam with cleaning supplies and 2 mags and thats it! Here are some of MY videos!
  3. thanks for the info. I know NY is SUPER TOUGH with gun laws. Ill be taking my rifle instead lol
  4. I am going to Upstate NY to my buddy's property to help him out cutting up some trees. We want to take some of our pistols to go shoot up there (he just got one the other day and he wants to shoot it for the first time) and i want to bring one of mine to toy around with. I know NY has some TOUGH gun laws as well as NJ. Can i bring my pistol to UPSTATE NY when i go?
  5. Thought about it...but if i am going to get a 357 i am getting a full size so i can enjoy shooting it...not shoot a 357 with a 2 inch barrel
  6. While I am a bit of a Glock fan boy, I'd have to agree w/ the above. I have 2 G19's and a G17. I had an occassion to shoot someones G26 at the range. Having never shot the gun before, I was quite astonished at how easy it was to control during recoil. I would go so far as to say, the recoil was like the G19......dare I say maybe ever smoother. I think this is due to the dual recoil spring setup the G26 uses. I think I gave the owner of that pistol somewhat of an eye opener. He was not shooting the pistol too well and I think was doubting the capability of the pistol in terms of accuracy. I put 5 shots into 1.5" at 10 yards or so. I think he realized he needs to practice. I was on an M&P kick for a bit. I have an M&P40 and was thinking of getting an M&P9C. I've come to the conclusion that the Glocks work better for me. The G26 is my next pistol...............then a G21SF............then a Gen4 G19. i have shot a glock 26 and loved it...just not sure i want another 9mm since i have a 9mm already thats the only thing keeping me from it
  7. i did know they are bigger but i didnt know they were that much bigger...i am going to have to go and rent one and see how it feels. i want a sub to carry around my property that wont weigh me down and i carry in PA FL and OHIO often so i am looking for a small gun instead of me carrying my full size or compact guns like i do now
  8. I am looking for a subcompact pistol. I love the glocks and ruger LCP problem is they are totally different types of guns. if i were to get a glock sub i dont even know what cal to get. I have a 9mm sig and 40 xd already...not sure if i want the same cal as those or to get something totally new like a 10mm or 45. how does the 10mm glock 29 feel compared to a 45 acp? never shot a 10mm but it might be what i am looking for since i kinda wanna go bigger then a 9mm or 40 s&w. I like the lcp alot but i dont know if i want to get it since i have never fired one before and not sure how it feels when firing. dont wanna get it and hate it and have to sell it and apply for permits all over again i have 1 permit remaining.
  9. if you get good steel targets that are milled perfectly flat there is slim to no chance the bullet will come back at you. i sometimes stand 15-20 feet from them and have never ever had a ricochet. when shooting a 9mm, 22, 380, 40 s&w the bullet just gets compacted flat and falls to the ground. you hang them on plant hangers so they move on impact so even a ricocheting bullet will hit and fall to the ground instead of back at you
  10. Not sure if this belongs here but it has to do with making your own range! I bought steel targets to make my own range at the property i hunt and it is a blast. I HIGHLY recommend Arntzen Targets. Great customer service, small time steel target maker, shipment gets to your door in 3 days no matter what...bets of all GREAT prices. here is their site: http://www.arntzentargets.com/
  11. outstanding service..great prices...great guys there...just like every gun shop should be...people should take lessons from him
  12. it is a trip but i make a day out of it. I normally meet my Aunt and Uncle (who are member's there too) at there house before we got. They live 15 mins from the place. Most of my family lives in Collingswood, NJ so i get to go shoot and visit my family at the same time..that is the reason i make the trip. I have over 200 acres 5 mins from my house to shoot there when ever i please so i do not travel all that way just to shoot. i shoot there 2 times a month with my family. If i go 8 times in a year the membership pays for it self and i def go more then 8 times. Sometimes i shoot there 2 times a week for am month..all depending on my schedule. I also bring my own NRA targets i order in bulk online. 90% of the time i do not pay a cent when i go in there since i bring my own ammo and targets. only time i will buy there is when i am out of ammo and am feeling lazy about going to PA to get more...or when i am out of targets. their gun prices with the discount are competitive to other shops, ammo prices as well.. if you are not a member and shoot there more thne 8 times a year..jsut buy the membership The best part about it is 1 guest shoot free (no lane fee) and you can bring that guest as many times as you want. not like other clubs that there are limits on the number of times that guest can come.
  13. from what it looks like it will be harder then hell to get approved...just because the gun is a good buy at the time doesnt seem like an excuse to get it approved
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