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  1. Avi

    90 approval Law

    i know they dont follow the rules but My question is by carrying after the 90 days can one be penalized
  2. The law states if 90 days passed and you were not told you were denied its an automatic approval does this mean one can start carrying even though he doesnt have permit in hand? Once the application is deemed complete by the chief police officer or the superintendent, if it is not approved or denied by the chief police officer or the superintendent within 90 days of filing, it shall be deemed to have been approved; provided, however, the chief police officer or the superintendent may, for good cause shown and upon written notification to the applicant, extend by up to an additional 30 days the time period for which the application may be approved or denied. The written notification sent to the applicant shall provide a detailed explanation of the reasons for the extension. An applicant also may agree in writing to an additional extension of time past the 120 day statutory time frame. A chief police officer or the superintendent may delegate to subordinate officers or employees of the law enforcement agency the responsibilities established pursuant to this section
  3. wow thats quick i thought i would need a whole day
  4. how many hours from beginning to end?
  5. Can you tell us about the class at GFH how many hours what did the class entail & cost
  6. theres no requirement for a basic pistol course
  7. I read alot of brief,so not sure why everyone is playing victim and the first assumption your making is how can we get a permit, thomas makes it clear just as we have a right to have a gun in the home we have the same right out in public, we dont need a carry permit in our home hence we dont need one in public to my retarded brain it seems pretty clear cut
  8. Up for sale is 6 25 round boxes of target loads low brass Remington and winchester 147 rounds total (1 boxes missing 4 shells) 9 rounds Nobel sport LE 2 3/4 12 pellet 00Buck High Brass 11 rounds Remington 1oz slug high brass Asking $185 for the whole lot I live in Lakewood 08701 i do travel to Totowa exit 153 at least once per week FIRST I'LL TAKE IT IN THE COMMENTS GETS IT, PLEASE FOLLOWUP WITH A PM
  9. Thats correct all semi auto rifles will be banned, and dont kid yourself this will be passed into law and they wont stop there expect ammo bans and much more NJ will put NY and CA to shame
  10. Avi

    IMI Barak

    I see them on gunbroker from time to time for about $500
  11. i just tried and i get this error message "You have already purchased this item and it cannot be purchased again. A renewal invoice for your existing purchase was generated which has since expired. Please contact an administrator for assistance"
  12. i want to upgrade to premier so i list in the classified section i dont see anywhere to do that on the site can someone help me
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