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  1. Thats correct all semi auto rifles will be banned, and dont kid yourself this will be passed into law and they wont stop there expect ammo bans and much more NJ will put NY and CA to shame
  2. Avi

    IMI Barak

    I see them on gunbroker from time to time for about $500
  3. i just tried and i get this error message "You have already purchased this item and it cannot be purchased again. A renewal invoice for your existing purchase was generated which has since expired. Please contact an administrator for assistance"
  4. i want to upgrade to premier so i list in the classified section i dont see anywhere to do that on the site can someone help me
  5. piano's are very complex you def need a pro.
  6. I have a Steinway piano which needs to be tuned, does anyone have a recommendation of someone really good best if he specializes in Steinway but doesnt have to be as long as hes good
  7. Thanks guys for better or worse I have my heart set on the kmr I think I'll just sell my upper and buy a new complete upper with the kmr hopefully I want take to much of a hit
  8. problem is i have an expensive battle comp pinned def dont want to destroy it once i shave down the front sight there still wont be room for the barrel nut to slide off?
  9. I want to upgrade my ar with the bcm kmr hand guard. my upper bcm 16" mid length has the standard A2 front sight post which i want to do away with. I was going to get a low profile gas block but i was thinking to just cut off the site post and keep the lower portion of it to be used as the gas block what do you think of that idea.
  10. I wonder if you reach out to the trump campaign maybe they could spare one of their campaign people to help out
  11. I support Mr Rullo 100% he has a great facebook presents. my only concern is does he have a winning ground game? A message for all NJ (not just gun people) to hear can he mobilize throughout the state etc.. facebook aside i never see his name out there. when I see NJ gubernatorial candidates mentioned his name isnt even brought up. Hes gotta really start getting loud with a great team behind him. Learn from Trump from the day he announced he was out there 100% with everything he had. Maybe its still to early to give out all your cards but i think he should start getting out there more, and get his name in the news cycle. Just my perspective of an outsider looking in
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