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  1. Registrations is now open. http://shootnscoreit.com/dashboard/
  2. Oh.......I get it, it's like "The land of make believe" LOL
  3. Sorry, I was watching Will & Grace reruns. We'll be there! Start praying!!!
  4. Is this a timed event? I don't want to wait all night for the "BIG BOYS" to shoot 10 rounds It's kinda hard to split a firearm between three guys
  5. I'm no team leader but I'll represent the girls from BH, one member from our team is already an overkill!
  6. I though the whole point was to have team vs team, if people are just grouped together randomly. What's the point? And can you fill in the blanks? I have no idea what you were trying say.
  7. I have no problem SPANKING your team by myself if my teammates can't make it, like taking candies from babies....
  8. Mine have the word "Tactical" engraved on the slide. Can't get more battle ready than that
  9. My "Home Defense Gun" would be whatever is closest. Who has time to run back to the bedroom when the Ninjas attack.
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