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  1. As others have stated, $50 won't get you much more than a cheap drone that doesn't really fly all too well. You didn't mention if you wanted something for LOS (line of sight) or FPV (First Person View) flying. FPV would most definitely be more expensive. If your kid is serious about getting into FPV drones, you may want to start out with a simulator first. Something like DRL(DroneRacingLeague) or VelociDrone. Once they can comfortably fly in the simulator, then look into purchasing a starter whoop kit like some of the ones ESB mentioned above.
  2. If you're willing to drive into PA, Tanner's has some good deals every now and then.
  3. I never used Savvy. Just used a V1C for BT connectivity. The only good thing is that once you learn JBV1, you can try out YAV1 if you want as the main configuration items are the same. The most critical are the sweeps. Everything else is convenience.
  4. There is a ton of information on rdrforums.org. Vortex Radar on Youtube also has some tutorials. The nice thing about JBV1 is that it's updated much more frequently than Yav1. I used Yav1 for a while and like JBV1 much better. There is a thread on rdrforums that has recommended sweep settings for different locations. Last time I checked, believe they had about 5 for NJ. If you plan on traveling, you can pull up all the recommended settings for each state and just save them as different profiles and upload them for each state you're driving through.
  5. If you haven't used JBV1, I highly recommend it. Been using it with my V1 gen 1 ever since it came out. It is also integrated with Waze now so you will get Waze alerts. It does take some time to learn, but once you do and set up custom sweeps, it is much less chatty and quiets things down tremendously.
  6. Get a gun safe with a S&G combo lock. Those locks also use a key to lock the wheel from turning so you would have to have the key and know the combination. Plus the combo entry is not like a typical padlock and involves more turns between numbers.
  7. I would recommend you go to SnipersHide forums and read up on the optics forum on any optic you are interested in. Vortex PST, Burris XTRII, and Sig Tango scopes are all in your price range if you shop around. All are FFP with good glass. If your budget is $750, do yourself a favor and don't look through any high end scopes. Once you do, you won't want anything else. Sent from my SM-T700 using Tapatalk
  8. I silver soldered a VG6 onto a BA barrel and luckily, the GB can still be slid off easily, but I do understand your concern. Good luck with the build. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  9. Did you look at the SLR adjustable gas block? I went with that one for a 6.5CM AR build recently. It's highly regarded on the SnipersHide and arfcom forums. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  10. Got both my checks and 2 vouchers today. I shipped 2 512 sights back and based on the PDF posted, they included the $15 shipping cost in the check.
  11. They just updated the www.fostersettlement.com site with this: The class action litigation has been resolved and the case concluded by the court. Class member claims were required to have been filed by May 23, 2017. Payments are being processed and will begin to be mailed on or about September 13, 2017. For any class member who filed a claim on time, but failed to return the sight, please be advised that as of September 15, 2017, the claims administrator will not accept any sights returned by class members who previously had filed timely claims.
  12. Loctite doesn't work on metal-to-plastic. It's only for metal-to-metal. If you need metal-to-plastic, you can use a drop of CA glue (crazy glue) That's what is used on my RC helicopters and cars if it's really needed. Otherwise, the friction from the plastic on the screw should be enough to hold it. Sent from my SM-T700 using Tapatalk
  13. I use a Wheeler torque driver at home and have a Borka for the range. Sent from my SM-T700 using Tapatalk
  14. Nothing yet. Should be soon though as it's getting close to the 30 days from 8/7. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  15. Just picked up a Hornady LNL AP from Cabelas. Went through Active Junky for 10% back, had a $20 off $150 coupon, and signed up for a Cabelas card for another $25 off. Ended paying $352.99 shipped. Should get $35 back from Active Junky in a couple months. You can definitely pick up some good deals if you shop around. Also picked up an Ultra mount with a quick change plate. Definitely something to consider if you want to raise the press up higher and be able to swap out other presses or tools quickly. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
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