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  1. H M Murdock, I've been going to S.S. since they have opened and I have worked there for about 14 years, mostinly as an RO, and I can't say that I have seen hundreds of guns sweeps. I think you should reconsired your statement. PEACE, Scig
  2. scig

    RIP 'DLF'

    My condolences. Ask and you will receive what knowledge and support we can offer you. PEACE Scig
  3. Lunk, Great reviews, excellent writing. Have not seen you in a long time----stop in and say hello. I work Tue., Thur., and Sat. Don't come on Sat we'll have no time to talk. Scig
  4. Pink card only allows employee to work behind the counter in a store and handle firearms. It also allows that person, who has a pink card, have the ability to deliver a firearm that is not his or hers to the gun owner at a particular legal place.You can not legaly carry in the store unless you are an owner or part owner.You also can not carry if you are a Range Master, unless you are an owner or part owner. Scig
  5. Duppie, As usual you hit the nail right on the head in a sane logical manner. You are able to do this because you have been on both sides of the fence. People that have not been in business or have managed a business just don't seem to understand what you know.Running a business is tough because you have to depend on your employees to do what you want them to do. It doesn't always happen, no matter how well you train them, and it takes time to weed the non responsive out. If most of these complainers managed a retail store for a week or two they would be more understanding to the intricacies of running a business and would want complaints to come to them before being published on line. Scig
  6. brucin, No one can give you a good answer because every town is different. Best bet is to go to your police dept. and politely ask them. scig
  7. THe problem with having stickers on your vihicle------You are letting people know you have guns in your home and you are an easy mark for a break in, esprcially if you don't park in a garage. PEACE, Scig
  8. Howard, You only have to show your FIC when you buy ammo to take out. Scig
  9. Duppie, I'm around every week but I do not post unless it is important. Scig
  10. Shore Shot also has mags at $29 and $32 for Glocks. The price will depend on the particular manufacturer. The ammo there is high because they are paying top dollar to have ammo for people to shoot. Try and buy ammo on line and see what you have to pay. Scig
  11. Wink, We at s.s. are pleased to have you as a member. Being a member, I'm sure you understand that that you are not restricted to the amount of time you use the rang as non members are. I am sure that now that you realize how busy it gets on weekends you will come in the off hours and not have to worry about waiting for a longtime to shoot.Because it is so busy on weekends it is almost impossible to put members first when they walk in when non members may have been waiting for a half hour or more to shoot.That's why it's first come first serve on weekends. The gentleman that was on his phone was not making personal calls. He could have been calling his Dad , the owner, to ask a specific work question or contacting a worker to come in early because we were so busy. Let me ask you a question, if you were on a phone while working would you want someone asking you questions? Would you give short answers? I'm sure that when many customers come into s.s. and look around and see how busy we are, as we were today, they are understanding about not getting perfect service.I'm not sure when you were there but I was there working behind the register from 10 am to 4 pm and it was non stop all day and I never had one customer complain. I's nice to know that some people are understanding. PEACE AND CREATE YOURSELF GREAT SHOOTING DAYS, Scig ( Phil )
  12. Hey guys nobody has memtioned the Chippewa Rhino. It's an ugly revolver but because of the way it is constructed there is hardly any recoil when shooting it with 357's and almost no recoil with 38's. The barrel is on the bottom of the chambered round which brings it in line with your wrist therefore much less recoil. Very well constructed but the look is very different. If you can get over the ugly look you will be happy with it's shooting ability with it's excellent adjustable sights. Scig sights.
  13. Lunker, Where have you been? Haven't seen you in awhile. Hope all is well. Scig ( Phil )
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