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  1. Not this design, no. ZEV has made design changes to the receivers since the acquisition.
  2. The last of the Mega Arms MATEN receiver sets are looking for new homes and to help in the process, we've marked them down substantially. We have both ambi and standard models in stock still and pricing is good while supplies last. Stack your NJGF 5% off coupon to enjoy further savings! Standard model - $399.95 Ambi model - $449.95
  3. Yep, did that, reindexed, etc. They'll get it fixed at some point.
  4. Technical difficulties. Ticket is in to resolve. The service is ready to go on our end, it's just being shy and doesn't want to show up in the catalog. For now, direct link: http://midwestpx.com/magainze-remanufacturing-service.html
  5. And yes, if you bought your magazines from our dealers, we'll service those too. If you have any questions about whether or not the mags in your possession were made by us, please email [email protected] with pictures of your mags. When sending photos, please include a picture of the whole magazine as well as a picture of the underside of the baseplate, and the sides of the baseplate.
  6. If no one uses it because the law was overturned in court or otherwise, more power to us as whole. We're all gun owners and we're all in this together.
  7. Now that we have chewed our way through all of the dealer magazines, we will be opening orders for retail magazines next week. At this time, we will be working on Gen 2 30rd, Gen 3 20rd, and Gen 3 30rd host body magazines. We have plans to work on others but considering these three models account for the overwhelming majority of magazines sold, we prioritized getting the process ironed out for these first while we check to see if it works with the other platforms as well as source more baseplates.
  8. Good news: the process works/is working and we're improving it as we work through dealer inventory. I think we've figured out how to avoid breaking the mag body too. Less-good news: We need more baseplates. Thankfully, Magpul does plan on releasing just baseplates for the M3 PMAGs (both AR15 and .308) as well as AK baseplates. They'll be sand colored but we'll Rit Dye them black in bulk. We will NOT be doing any other colors at this time as we are streamlining the process as much as possible to control costs. And now for cost. Base cost to work on an AR15 PMAG is going to be $8/mag which is about a third of the cost of buying a new mag. AKs and .308s will cost a little more than AR15 mags due to material cost differences. Ranger plates will be an available upgrade for all mags. We'll start accepting orders once baseplates are available.
  9. Yep, we'd be working strictly on mags we made, either sold directly by us or one of our dealers.
  10. We've been working on a cost-effective and efficient process to jailbreak our limited-capacity magazines and it looks like we've got it mostly-figured out. We're confident enough in the process to start working on inventory from our dealers. We're going to use those mags to refine the process and assuming we don't encounter any showstoppers, we'll be offering a service to all who are interested in having their magazines altered further. As of now, our process destroys at least one part of the magazine, sometimes two, and on the odd occasion during testing, the entire magazine. Additionally, our process is currently limited to the following host magazines: 30rd M2, 20rd M3, 30rd M3. At this time, we do NOT have a clear path to altering AK47 or .308 PMAGs without resorting to the use of Ranger Plates (which will drive costs higher). Speaking of cost, we are targeting the cost per magazine to be substantially less than buying new. Please be patient with us as we work through the process as we've never had to do something like this before on such a scale. I know the clock is ticking on the 180 day grace period and our first large batches of inventory coming back from dealers shows up early next week.
  11. I've got a 10.5 SBR in .458 and I've gotta say, the bolt is a far better suppressor host. The AR is fun for blasting with 300s and 500s though.
  12. Yeah, a Bravo. I love that chassis even more than my W3 and X-ray. The value is unbelievable.
  13. My SBR bolt in .458 SOCOM. I feed this one 600gr subs exclusively. Without the can, it's comically rear-heavy but with the can on, it balances very well. I don't usually do aesthetic stuff but I just had to mark this one with an image of Mjolnir.
  14. Try Cheyenne Mountain Outfitters. They asked us to make them 15d mags for XD/XDm guns as they're doing them in-house currently.
  15. And standing on another student.
  16. I'd also add Scott Jedlinski aka Jedi of Modern Samurai Project and Bill Blowers of Tap Rack Tactical to that list. Both are well-regarded instructors who have no qualms slaying sacred cows.
  17. We do make a 15rd mag but it uses three roll pins to affix the baseplate to the body. The host magazine is an M2 PMAG. We started building them as a result of requests from the NJGF community: Store link: http://midwestpx.com/magazines/limited-capacity-pmags/15-round/15-round-cut-down-midwest-px-gen2-moe-magpul-pmag-black.html What they look like in the gun:
  18. Don't rub salt in the wound, man! I've missed so many classes this year due to scheduling conflicts and was really hoping I could make it to FoP this year but family needs had to come first. I meant to ask you to give Romp shit on my behalf for literally driving an entire cloverleaf because an exit was missed on the way to Alliance
  19. No, it is not. The forward set sear (FSS) kit and flat face trigger are non-adjustable. Personally, I'm pretty happy with 1/4" of pre-travel. The trigger is smooth enough that with a constant velocity trigger press, the minimal pre-travel is a non-issue (at least for me).
  20. I've spent the last four months really working on my pistol skills, shooting 1500-2000 rounds of 9mm a month through my daily carry M&P which has the Apex FSS with flat trigger. For me, it's the best trigger yet in a striker fired gun but that's my opinion. It's not quite a 1911 trigger but it's the closest approximation to it that I've felt to date with the Overwatch TAC in a Gen4 G17 being second. While I won't credit the trigger upgrade solely with the improvement in my shooting, it certainly makes it easier to shoot well. My setup breaks at 3.8lbs (averaged over 10 pulls), has about 1/4" of pre-travel and another 1/8" of movement until the trigger breaks with minimal overtravel.
  21. Coupon code is LOWERS15 http://midwestpx.com/ar15-lower/receivers.html
  22. The repeatability surprised me in the gap between systems. I knew MLOK was better in that regard but I didn't know it was quite that much better.
  23. 1/8" thick leather would make me awfully nervous especially if you throw in the very real possibility of a scuffle where new and unconventional angles of pressure can be introduced. The leather backer of my MTAC was 1/4" thick and still failed after a couple years of use. I currently carry a full size M&P with X300U AIWB in a VG2 every day. The midwest is no stranger to high temperatures and humidity (July is basically a daily race to triple digits between the two) so my guns get sweat and grime on them yet not a hint of corrosion. The M&P specifically has been in this role for just under two years now. The VG2 does fail to protect the front sight though and that's a legitimate concern. I do check mine pretty regularly however if it was off, I'd probably notice since in the nicer months (like now), it gets shot every day on my lunch break. I've been a formal student for over 5 years. Class makeups are generally 1/2-2/3 armed citizens and the remainder being active MIL or LE however all share that mindset of wanting to learn to fight with a gun. Even when we break for meals, I've noticed students universally putting guns in kydex IWB holsters (with the exception of sworn LE who open carry but again, in kydex). Maybe some are using leather holsters and I just haven't observed them because it isn't something I've really been on the look out for or asked about regularly but that's what I can recollect. You keep citing that you've been carrying a gun for over 40 years. Just because you've been doing it a certain way without issue doesn't mean it's THE way. Especially when you consider that gear and tactics are fluid and ever-changing and evolving. People used to think small-of-back carry was a good idea too but we know now that it's not a very good option.
  24. I'm personally familiar with it as well though I caught it before it resulted in an AD and immediately retired the holster in the circular filing cabinet.
  25. If you think a kydex holster has to push the gun away from you, I highly recommend you take a look at some of the more modern offerings like the RCS VG2/VG3 or Eidolon. Kydex being relatively inflexible results in less material being used so the holster is thinner than a leather one. Additionally, Kydex doesn't deform the way leather can and does. Mitigating and preventing any intrusion into the trigger guard when carrying a gun is a positive. Kydex's popularity isn't because it's cheap. A good Kydex holster will cost a fair bit though not quite as much as leather. If leather was the clearly better option, we'd see more of it in professional use but I literally cannot tell you the last time I saw a serious shooter wearing a leather holster in class.
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