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  1. I’ve got a permit to use also. Might get a Ruger Match Champion with one. im wanting to find an Urban Grey CZ Shadow2 with ten round mags but I’m striking out.
  2. Didn’t read all eight pages but have a recent experience with the FARS system. I just did the new online process in Hawthorne. They’ve always been reasonably quick with my pistol permits but This was less than ten days from when I clicked submit to when I picked them up! Pretty good in my opinion. Also, maybe it’s town-dependent but I didn’t pay until I picked up my permits.
  3. Thanks for the info. Who did you order yours through? I’m also in Passaic county
  4. Hey all, been on the fence about getting a shadow 2 and have decided to go for it. Is there a model number that would come with 15 round (or I guess more likely 10 rd) magazines? If not, do I just forfeit the mags at my FFL and buy the appropriate mags aftermarket? I guess another option would be to see if the FFL would directly send the 17 round mags to my mom in NC. Hmmmmm
  5. Active junky is a cash back website. You must sign up then complete your order by clicking through the store link while signed in on active junky website. Sign up at the link below and you and I will each get an extra $10 (plus the 5% you get from active junky). https://www.activejunky.com/invite/1546209
  6. My town (Hawthorne) offers it and I participated two years ago. It was fun and a great glimpse into what our officers actually deal with daily. There some fun nights as well - building searches, driving cop car and conducting a simulated traffic stop and of course range day!!
  7. Congrats! My mom lives a bit outside Charlotte (Catawba) and I love going to visit, beautiful area!
  8. Bought 21 boxes last weekend Thanks for the heads up
  9. "Sláinte" Jameson Black Barrel Reserve is good. Tried a bottle a few weeks ago.
  10. njitmetal

    1911a1 mags

    OEM sprinfields (often on sale at Midway) are good. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/1762174459/springfield-armory-magazine-1911-government-commander-45-acp
  11. I hope to be there. If so, I'll have an 870 and a CZ redhead Deluxe both in 12 Ga
  12. That was quick. Hopefully they can fill my order for a case
  13. How many rounds do you guys typically blast through each?
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