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  1. Every situation is different as mentioned above. However, if I am sitting in an establishment...carrying...and someone starts to open fire on random people I would like to think I would be able to keep my composure enough to protect those around me. Isn't that why we have licenses to carry? Problem is...would I now be a criminal as well because I capped the original bad guy? I would venture to say at that point it does not matter. I can either live as a criminal/hero or become worm food. At least I went out with a fight. If we are in NJ at the time, I may throw my drink at the guy or give him the finger. This type of situation sucks all the way around. Innocent families are hurt, lives are lost...heck, even the shooter's family is probably trying to figure out what happend. I never get why people go on these shooting sprees to kill others who can't protect themselves, then commit suicide. They only hurt everyone else and take the easy road.
  2. It will be interesting to see how things go when the culture of fighting back against the police comes up here from Mexico. When US drug smugglers and dealers realize that our cops are grossly under armed for confrontations that is when all the citizens will be crying and wishing we had acted sooner to get things under control. I read a couple days ago that there was and average of 4 shootings per week in camden...I will give those police all the help they need.
  3. Camden is not that bad... My wife works at cooper and I often drive in to drop things off and sometime pick her up. I like to think of it as going on a third world vacation. The gun issue is pretty funny with Camden. I live in collingswood which is only a couple miles away. In the summertime when we leave the windows open we hear gun shots every couple of nights. I am not sure if they are playing with guns down by the cooper river or if they are fights, but they are definitely there and using them. Last I checked I do not remember any shooting ranges anywhere in the area either. Decreasing the cops in the area is the worst thing anyone could have done.
  4. Had trouble with your e-mail. I'll try again.


    [email protected]

  5. Maybe it was a botched terrorist strike...
  6. Hey Mike,

    Sent you an e-mail with my address so you can send over pics of that Mossberg.

    It is [email protected]



  7. I have a very nice 12 gauge Mossberg "Police Model" I would like to trade. Send me your e-mail address and I'll send some pics. It has an 18 1/2 inch barrel and black soft case

    Mike Carey

    [email protected]

  8. Glenn, Where do these train rides go out of? How much for tickets? My son will go crazy over this, the wife will like the fall leaves... Inquiring minds want to know.
  9. LOL...I feel your pain. Thomas and friends is like crack for children. There are only about 200 different characters and multiple structures so you never have to worry about running out of things to buy.
  10. That is really, really, cool!! I just send the links and info to my Dad...I hope he doesn't crap his pants from being too excited when he opens them.
  11. No I didn't get it. I work for medical device contract manufacturing companies and this was so far below the quality I am used to it's not funny. If it was made with better quality then I would give it a try. Note...the guy who was selling it told me that it is legal because you do not modify the internal trigger mechanisms as that is banned under NJ law. He was stating it kinda like a loop hole device.
  12. So how do you really feel Ray? LOL.
  13. This worked a little different in the fact that you could maintain 3 points of contact and the gun acted just like a full-auto as opposed to bump firing from the hip. http://www.fastfire.biz/super-tac.htm
  14. Yesterday at the VFGS I saw a device called the TAC Trigger. Basically it was a little metal piece that you attach to your trigger guard of any semi-auto that will help you "bump trigger" your gun to shoot faster. They were on sale for $50 but after I saw it I opted not to go for it. It looked pretty flimsy and made of a poor casting. Does anyone have any experience with this on their AR? My initial thought was I'd hate to put something on the gun that might be unreliable or actually jam the trigger if it broke.
  15. I went, today. Worked out a good trade on a tactical shotgun and the PIC system was down. Got tired of waiting and just went home... A few of those gun dealers lost their butts today because of that glitch. I did manage to bring home some new grips and cleaning supplies.
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