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  1. It is run as a long gun NICS. NJDL and matching NJFPID card. Must be 21. That's it.
  2. We at Shooters Sporting Center have 2 models of the lites in stock. Call the shop at 609-296-4080 to reserve one.
  3. Hey there. Thanks for all the kind words. Sadly, there is no NJGF discount, but I will work with yousguys with any issues that may pop up. We at Shooters are currently out of M&P 15-22 rifles, but if you give us a call, we can put you on our want list and we will call you when your turn in line comes up. 609-296-4080.
  4. My 2 cents..... Biden can (and will) bluster and talk about this, but he does not have the political power to make anything of it outside of an EO. If he tries to EO gun control, all hell will break loose. AGs from about 30 states will sue to stop it. Who we really need to be afraid of is Murphy 2.0. If he gets re-elected, he will continue his gun control agenda. He has nothing but distain for us and the 2A. If I am not mistaken, he is on record saying he wants NJ to be #1 in the US for gun control. I can easily see Murphy pushing a ban on the AR/AK, a ban on the "other" firearms, and perhaps even an attempt to ban everything semi-auto.
  5. No luck on that one, but if you call the shop, we will put your name on a list and call you when we get them in.
  6. Yes, we do have a wait list. Give us a call and we will add you to it.
  7. This is a public service announcement. I work at Shooters Sporting Center in LEHT NJ. We just put out some Winchester 94 rifles tonight after closing. All of the rifles will be on the racks for sale tomorrow when we open at 8am. All of them are commemorative guns and look to be unfired, with original boxes. These rifles are not really my thing, but this is an interesting lot....so...... 5 rifles. All 94s. All .30-30. All from the late 1960's One is a "Buffalo Bill" commemorative. One is a "Cowboy" commemorative Two are "Lone Star" commemoratives, with consecutive serial numbers. One is "Golden Spike" commemorative. All of the rifles are in the $650-700 range. They are all so very, very pretty. If this is your cup of tea, call me in the morning at 609-296-4080. Ask for David. I will be in the shop at 7:30.
  8. Shooters in LEHT, sells this new, when they can get them, for around $700. The basic 19100 goes for $550 or so.
  9. The gun info can be crossed out and updated. The 4473 is supposed to be flawless, but my shop doesn't really care what the permit looks like. The issue is if they filled in the shops name. If they wrote in the shop and salesman info on the permit, I think you would need to buy a gun from them. I don't think another FFL would want to touch the permit. FYI, they should not have filled in anything until they ran a NICS on you, which they are not supposed to do until they have the gun in their inventory.
  10. I work at Shooters Sporting Center in Little Egg Harbor. Come see me and I will show you some stuff.
  11. dajonga

    Ruger Mini-14

    FYI....Shooters in LEHT has a new Mini 14 on the shelf.
  12. Weird that I cannot get PMs. Maybe my annual membership did not post?..... I still have your contact info and I will text you tomorrow at a reasonable hour.
  13. I have the Ruger American Ranch in both 763x39 and 556 (AR mag) and I love them. They shoot so well. Shooters in LEH had the 556 yesterday for $500.
  14. The Troy A4 OTHER, in either 10.5" and 12.5", are completely legal in NJ. They come in 9mm, 5.56mm, .300 AAC BO and .308.
  15. FYI...Nics had a backlog of almost 4600 checks as of 0800 yesterday. They were still working on submissions from 12/31.
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