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  1. Joined. Even if this does not work for the brace, I donated to a good org.
  2. Does anyone here have any interest in a 16' green fiberglass canoe? Good condition, newish seats, includes 2 paddles and 2 cushions. Purchased new in 1993. I can provide photos if interested. Pickup in Bayville. Canoe has been sold! ty
  3. Lemme work on that & get back to you, but I am guessing under $10
  4. Yoga mats. Available at your local thrift shop for next to nothing. About 24" x 60". I use them all over the place..... safe drawer liners, tool chest liners, work bench topper, non-slide trunk liner etc.
  5. $50 per month storage fee?!? Perhaps it is time to find a new FFL.
  6. I have 3 Savage Mark II .22 LR magazines.. one 10 rd. & two 5 rd. All 3 are black. I found these 3 orphans in a bag & I don't own a Mark II. No packaging but in mint condition. $40 $30 $20 for all 3 picked up in Bayville or LEHT. Shipping on your dime.
  7. A used DPMS is not going to be worth a lot. Selling it yerself?.. Maybe $500. Trading in at a dealer? Maybe $350.
  8. Ooof...that MSRP is right in line with the established revolver makers.
  9. They run around 750-800. Nice guns, but solid stainless steel = heavy.
  10. At my shop, we sell Charter Arms in the $300 range, Taurus's (Tauri?) in the $400 range and the S&W 442/642 starting at $500. Colts and Kimbers are in the 800-1000 range. I always recommend to my customers to save up for another week or so and go with the S&W.... if for no other reason than the superior customer service if the weapon ever needs to go back to the mothership. Unfortunately, you just missed the $50 S&W rebate on J-frames.
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