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  1. My badge says it expires 4/15/2012. The 3/15 deadline mentioned + 30 days.
  2. Curious as to how police "encountered" this round. Did they see it in action or just read about it somewhere? BTW, both of my Assembly reps are on this list.
  3. Where does it say that the case has to be locked? Mine is always fastened. It is seldom locked.
  4. Right around the corner. Welcome to the forum!
  5. Calendar says "all events cancelled", but there will be the usual Sunday Steel at CJ New Years Day. Source: "alerts" on CJ website.
  6. A trained professional called it "an extreme case of violence". I thought the same thing without that training.
  7. I wrote my congressman, in this case Chris Smith, urging him to support H.R. 822. He voted "yes". I sent a follow up letter thanking him for his support. I think the follow up is just as important as the request. Congress is flooded with requests. Thank yous are rare and most appreciated. No matter how your congressman voted let them know how you feel about it.
  8. That short trigger shaves 1/8" off the regular trigger. It was enough to dig a small crease into my finger so after about 30 rounds my finger would slip in that crease and put me off target. I still have the short one. If you want to try it on yours, PM me your address and I will mail it to you.
  9. Happens with me, too. IE9, Win 7. In a video get a double echo in voice also. There will be two tabs at the right of the address bar with an "X" on them. X the one at the far right and it's OK then.
  10. Me, too. Same issue as [email protected] Got really uncomfortable. I had to put the gun down for a few minutes. I changed it back to full size. Much better.
  11. What is the "Staten Island Bridges Plan" mentioned in that rate schedule?
  12. I had a case of ammo go missing with UPS. I think they stole it. They claimed inadequate packaging. Shipper made good on it two weeks later.
  13. The governor signed that three weeks ago. Anyone who paid the NY sw license fee before it went free is entitled to a refund.
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