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  1. marabkin

    WTS some guns

    Hi, I have a Savage Model 25 in .223 only 100 rounds since new. LMK if you're interested. Mark
  2. marabkin

    Out with the old... in with the older

    Looks Great! Mark
  3. marabkin

    $99 Mosin's @ Buds..Free Shipping

    I'm in for one "hex". Thanks Mark
  4. marabkin

    Need an advice

    Got my Model 41. I'll try it out this weekend.
  5. marabkin

    Need an advice

    Thanks to all for your advice. I did some comparative shooting and decided on Model 41. Found a used one in very good condition and left a deposit. Waiting for my Pistol Permit to come through ;-) It's should be any day now. I'll post a picture as soon as I get my 41. Thanks again. Mark
  6. marabkin

    Need an advice

    Thanks, I'll be looking at s&w m. 41 and a browning buckmark. Any opinions on Sig (Hammerli) Trailside? I'm in Bridgewater and a member of the SCFGPA (shooting range). Mark
  7. marabkin

    Need an advice

    Hi All, I'm looking for a new or used target pistol in .22 lr caliber. Any suggestions for a budget of $500 - $600 ? Thanks Mark.

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