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  1. I just put a deposit on a new GSD. He should be picked up mid-March!
  2. i'd stay away from Jagermeister GSD.
  3. depends, if it was unexpected, hell no! I froze and my heart dropped when that dog was full stride. I was left speechless and clinching my cheeks waiting for him to bite. If I knew there was a dog there, pistol would be in my hand and ready. otherwise, im dinner (or lunch).
  4. just wore a bit jacket for the 1st time yesterday during training. when u see an 85lb GSD come charging at you, I almost shit myself. when he jumped/bit, he hit the right bicep, so it was a relief. end result = almost had to change my drawers! what an adrenaline rush for both of us!
  5. gotta be the night i stay in So Jersey.
  6. looks like Island Dragway better be looking to get an upgrade!
  7. getting one out of your house is frowned upon. i can secure an office on the main strip in the town.
  8. with all this new political headache coming from Czar Phil, is it worth starting a new FFL? I have found a location and can try to pull it off. any thoughts?
  9. register ur new car under an LLC in Montana = NO sales tax. 100% legit!
  10. nice shootin
  11. if u need something pinned, i only recc Shane45 to do the work. Ive seen way too many hack jobs!
  12. any new updates on spotting scopes??
  13. exactly my thoughts!
  14. I hate the ricer wing. $125k, what a BARGAIN! Im working on buying the Z06.
  15. i have only one dog, u poison him, nobody will save you from what i would do to you....NOBODY! hint......think Hostel & SAW combined.