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  1. gotta go to PA. Im a member at NHRPC and it goes out to 735yds incase u wanna try it out.
  2. its $350, define expensive.
  3. bc it isnt a Shockwave?? i kno, ur a berg bitch.
  4. is this legal, as an add on for the TAC14? https://suarezinternational.com/tac-14-stakeout-pdw-kit/
  5. with the new Governor coming, should I drop the coin and buy another SCAR 17S or save it and buy an Elcan for the one I have. I have doubles of most of my rifles, and thinking about making this set complete. If a NON grandfathered clause comes into play, I'd be pissed. Any thoughts?
  6. Rest in Peace Mipafox! Condolences to the family, our thoughts & prayers are with you. (you will be missed, here & on the pafoa forums.)
  7. General Tso's Chicken combo platter & fried wontons.
  8. u mean ShockWave & Tac14 shootout.
  9. get on Steve / Monmouth Arms' mailing list. He should have more in shortly.

  10. ...searching on GB, i should have one shortly!
  11. NOW its LEGAL!!!!
  12. when is the mass application going on? road trip?
  13. so....a non-resident is a go?
  14. u will need receiver & a barrel. I have a nitride lined barrel, if needed.