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  1. IM Shane45 on here, he's from GSSC. -does awesome work! I've trusted him with all my SCARs.
  2. wife should have falled down and claimed she was struck by the vehicle (as well as ur parked car) while outside of her car.
  3. can u cut a 29" to 28.5?
  4. can we vehicle carry with a non-resident perit? If so, then u can open carry once u step out. we have a house in the poconos and want to make sure im can travel w my firearm!
  5. nice work Anthony! thanks again for ALL you do!
  6. i have a G19_Gen4 if interested.
  7. i feel ur pain. my commute is 2hrs 1 way (119mi) and then the same home without traffic. I am compelled to stay in so jersey 2 nights a week (we have a 2nd house). sucks for marraiage and my car, esp if i wanna do anything up north during the week.
  8. it goes beyond guns about me moving. I am tired working for "the man" and then getting raped by the gov't. I dont have kids, but pay $9k in taxes. NJ sucks! -Im no longer greedy.......time to find a cheaper place to live.
  9. PA has fallen to the f*ckin Libs! -time to move to the Carolinas or TX!
  10. so......who's looking for an FDE SCAR 17S?
  11. and MILLED is what I have stayed away from.
  12. swap a billet lower receiver and you can. NJ is going towards 10rd mags, FN makes 10rd mags......so, ur good! who needs Magpul mags anyway.
  13. 973.204.0133  call me this afternoon

    1. Bully


      i sent a text with pics

  14. gotta love it when your sitting on FOUR scars! but may consider moving on my BNIB FDE 17 w/ G-trigger for $4K! (to buy a bolt rifle!) 2x16S & 2x17S!