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  1. im out. forgot I have our QBR today & tomorrow, so im stuck w the guys from work for the night.
  2. which one do i get to shoot? -lol im unarmed since i'll b coming from work.
  3. I kno he just recently took 2-3 weeks off and posted it all over. Not sure if it was vaca or catch up.
  4. Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x24 & offset mount. Used for one range day and decided to fund a bolt gun project instead. Located in north NJ, but travel to south often.
  5. I'd take this over the shorty AR!
  6. do u have pics of the pin job on the brake?
  7. since when? j/k....Bry@n is def a reliable source, no b/s there!
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