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  1. CageFighter

    50BMG ?

    hey wangsly, where do u shoot ur barrett? seems like range choices are limited.
  2. CageFighter

    50BMG ?

    why the 20" barrel over the 29"? im considering an M107A1 and prefer the shorty.
  3. welcome to Reloaderz on 23 in Wayne. range is nice, the storefront sucks and they dont give a f*ck!
  4. agreed. Im sure they will work w long time customers.
  5. he just got his permit that morning and went to buy is FIRST gun that night. he was absolutely clueless when walking in. he listened to the sales guy and then got surprised when he got home. unfort, I was in so jersey and he didnt want to wait until i got back up north.
  6. My shooting buddy just bought a new pistol from Bullet Hole, brings it home to find out there's only 1 mag in it after he was told it comes with THREE. Calls them up and came back in to get the other 2. Not sure if they a OEM Glock mags. They person behind the counter tells him they pull mags from new pistols all the time. What kinda shit is that? He's pissed now and wont buy anything from them going forward. Too bad he's a new shooter w alot of $$ to spend. WTF!
  7. what about the rest of the 8 passengers? besides his qaughter, the rest are unspoken.
  8. unreal. the left will find any way to fight and get their way. unfort, then RINOs just roll over. maybe another civil war will put shit to bed!
  9. check out the new FN SCAR 20S in 6.5CM. ask about WHEN the conversion barrel assemblies will be avail for the current 20S in 762x51. Also, check out the new optics/reticles from Vortex, esp 1-10x & any updates to the 4.5x27?
  10. Lookin to possibly move my M44 and maybe afew 91/30s. Been out of the Mosin scene for quite a while and noticed a huge increase in pricing. I dont have the specs on the M44 at the moment, but whats the average going rate for a matching M44 nowadays? I see a bunch on GB around $400 plus. Can this be the new norm?
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