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  1. doesnt NY have a AWB? i dont have a bolt gun, just a SCAR 20S for distance. Im already a member @ NHRPC.
  2. expensive is all relative.
  3. correct, they didnt want to give me ANYTHING! I had to force them to give me something.
  4. i complained to the manager and he made me feel like he was doing me favor to shut me the f*ck up! fortunately, neighbor works with the owner at his corporate job (not the range) and my neighbors son works there. I was told the range is for the kids to run. I cant wait to give him an earful about my wonderful experience, -lol.
  5. here's my complaints......transfers fees are rediculous & u need to fight with them to get any paperwork stating you handed over your firearms to them for a transfer. No receipt, no COE, no nothing. I will no longer be using them for ANY transfer. I've shot there once, it is a nice range. had to teach sister in law to shoot before her 1st permit expired. i will be writing them off as a retail store for the bullshit. If I ever used the range, i will bring ALL my stuff, pay range time and not give them a penny more.
  6. bc it was a transfer to my brothers wife & we did not have time to drive to Tony! time frame was too short to get it done. =lessons learned! i never asked for the rates, since I assumed it wouldnt be much more for the addt'l firearms after the initial transfer. i was soooooo wrong!
  7. they originally charged me $65 times FOUR! the cashier rang up $294 (w/tax)! ....until I lost my sh*t, then settled around $130. Now I understand why their range is always dead on nights & weekends! Sad part is, Im literally 5min away and will never drop a dime there! THIS is why I prefer to only deal with one or two FFLs. too many assholes around me in north NJ. even tho I drive 90 mins to GSSC in Brick, he's has been the BEST in the business, and worth the 3 hrs trip! =Never been treated like a 2nd class citizen, especially as a newbie!
  8. IM curious before I put an FFL on blast. What are you guys paying to transfer (4) firearms, all at the same time? 1 pistol, 2 AR lowers & 1 shottie. I will post my experience in north NJ from y-day afterwards.
  9. If you get a demo, i hope u get the H59 or T3. tell them to send u the 3-18 version along side the 5-25!
  10. what do u think of the Leupold Mk5 HD scope? I was thinking about putting one on the 20S.
  11. RayRay...u were there? How the f*ck did I miss u? I was disappointed w turnout, should have been MANY more!
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