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  1. NOW its LEGAL!!!!
  2. when is the mass application going on? road trip?
  3. so....a non-resident is a go?
  4. u will need receiver & a barrel. I have a nitride lined barrel, if needed.
  5. I have a mint '69 Polish kit if interested for that price!
  6. kinda hard, all the stuff is in bags and I prefer not to open it all up. looks like the stock, pg & hg are laminate? year is 1969. blued.
  7. no barrel attached/headspaced, but have a nitride lined barrel if needed.
  8. I have a MINT matching AKM Polish parts kit and wondering their value nowadays. Possibly looking to clean out the closet. I kno the prices & availibilty have been up in the air, so whats ur thoughts?
  9. they want full reliance to the State!
  10. WOW....is all I can say about this rifle. You need to stop by GSSC and check this thing out...very tempting!
  11. what optics mount are you guys running on ur AKs to mount an Aimpoint T1/T2. Im thinking of the RS Regulate forward side mount.
  12. nope, I ship my stuff to Jim @ JBI Armory in TX.
  13. Lincoln Park is very friendly, even when i get 6 @ a time and dont use them all. -lol
  14. gun registration coming to NJ with this asshole!
  15. Glad u are whole again & the LEO did their work. (A guy in FNF had his SCAR17 stolen while in transit back to FNH, his plight has fallen on deaf ears.)