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  1. i was thinking about taking a class for long range shooting.
  2. Matt was a handful of knowledge. Spent quite some time talking about PRS, equipment & dogs. My dog is competing in PSA this Sept. Who has the pink unicorn stickers on all their sh*t? He helped me sight in a new optic w/ Matt.
  3. willing to part with just the rifle?
  4. oh yes, the gear budget is SICK outside the rifles! =binos/spotting scope, rf, tripod, bags, reloading. (got a headache already) I think the 1 guy Matt started shooting w his RPR then upgraded to 2 MPA chassis builds. After seeing the MPA, im having 2nd thoughts on the AI chassis set-up.
  5. it was not a PRS match, just 2 PRS shooters throwin lead for practice. =they had some serious gear!
  6. damn.....what a sweet stick! I saw afew of these chassis' @ CJRPC this past Friday. you dont paint all your PRS stuff purple, do ya? if so, you were mentioned.
  7. NO LONGER FOR SALE. - Bushnell Legend T-Series spotting scope, 15-45x60. Features ED Prime glass, RainGuard HD, FFP mil hash reticle & all factory accessories (nylon case, lens caps, strap & cleaning cloth). Also, included Triad Bushnell Tactical Spotting Scope cover & Zomei tripod. Set up never left the house, decided to go different route, no trades.
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