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  1. unreal. the left will find any way to fight and get their way. unfort, then RINOs just roll over. maybe another civil war will put shit to bed!
  2. check out the new FN SCAR 20S in 6.5CM. ask about WHEN the conversion barrel assemblies will be avail for the current 20S in 762x51. Also, check out the new optics/reticles from Vortex, esp 1-10x & any updates to the 4.5x27?
  3. Lookin to possibly move my M44 and maybe afew 91/30s. Been out of the Mosin scene for quite a while and noticed a huge increase in pricing. I dont have the specs on the M44 at the moment, but whats the average going rate for a matching M44 nowadays? I see a bunch on GB around $400 plus. Can this be the new norm?
  4. male = male, female = female! u can identify whatever the f*ck you want, but your DNA never changes, even on hormones. So again, your either MALE or FEMALE! (if neither, ur confused)
  5. LNIB Mitchell's Mauser 98 Model M48 - Collector Grade. Bought from dealer on GB & kept in safe since picking it up from FFL, never fired it. Looking to move afew rifles I do not shoot. Asking $500 obo. (may consider trades for T1 or T2+cash)
  6. just replaced the battery on my '16 Sonata. Woke up and the bitch wouldnt turn over. I guess the cold had something to do with it. What ever happened to the $79/$99 Sears DieHard? This last battery just cost me $159....WTF?
  7. i just tried again and listed almost the same. guess its fixed now.
  8. Just logged into GB and realized all my history & watchlist is empty. Tried to search for SCAR in Semi Auto rifle section and NOTHING came up. Anyone have a clue to whats going on over there? The semi page is only 1 page long.
  9. Sheepdog Warrior would be nice, but will Commie Cuomo & NY allow semi auto ARs in their state or just bolt guns for us NJ folks?
  10. I kno the left lane def goes to 740, but i heard they were trying to make room for almost 800.
  11. im a member @ NHRPC (in PA) which goes out to almost 800 if any1 interested in going.
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