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  1. thanks for all the reccs. Appreciate it.
  2. its difficult to find a cut up G27 slide, as im looking for more than just an optic cut.
  3. Does anyone do slide machining and stippling work in this tri-state area? Im looking to redo my G27 since it just sits around. Trying to avoid shipping pistol. Thanks.
  4. AI AICS AX Dark Earth Short Action chassis with 13" hand guard and 20 MOA top rail. ...only FIRED 40rds.....Set-up w like new 22" 6.5CM Remington 700 SPS (#85551) barreled action. Has new TriggerTech trigger, new Area 419 brake, cerakoted DE AI 20MOA scope mount & AO thumbrest. Decided to stick to semi-auto, so this needs to go. Looking to sell as a package before breaking up. Asking $3K. Located in No Jersey (but in so jersey often). Buyer must have FOID and a matching NJ DL. Willing to meet at any No Jersey FFL for transfer, BUYER must pay fees. --NO TRADES-- may consider splitting up as a last resort. Shoot me a message for pics.
  5. what part of FL did u move too? I will have a better answer after 6/23 on if/when I leave.
  6. Thinking about selling my BNIB SCAR 20S in 762x51. NJ compliant. Never fired, has unattainable SureFire FH762SV-SCAR brake & also take off OEM brake. Prefer greenish upper vs tan. Sitting in safe since new. asking $4,200.
  7. Like the title says, any AK smiths around to build a few parts kits? not interested in hacks.
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