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  1. CageFighter

    Anybody want to work at Picatinny?

    no beards? WTF......sounds like UPS!
  2. Thinking about selling my BNIB SCAR 17S in FDE. Bought it to set up as a long range rig but deciding to go a different route. You can have it stock or w/ G-trigger installed. Compliance work is top notch and done by Shane @ GSSC! These guns are going for a premium on GB, if you can get them. Asking $3250 or best offer. PS: optic, front grip & weapon light in pic are not included.
  3. CageFighter

    WTB 1911

    i have a Sig TacOps, .45ACP
  4. CageFighter

    Traffic ticket- Failure to signal

    looks like I should be a radar /laser detector & a jammer with all the miles I drive.
  5. im curious what the truth is about what really happened.
  6. CageFighter

    Spouses & Guns...

    hide it all & plead the 5th!
  7. CageFighter

    WTS: CZ 805 Bren S1 Carbine

    is that the Steiner 1-4x optic?
  8. im sure we can come to an agreement!
  9. CageFighter

    ZASTAVA PAP M92 / Krinkov clone

    double fist it for Christmas??
  10. nobody needs a shottie for Christmas?
  11. CageFighter

    Finally Got me a M1 Garand

    an M1 Garand is still on my short list!
  12. I am free friday before xmas, after xmas and maybe a day in between. I will also take off the 2nd week in Jan'19 RPR.....buy it, shoot the sh*t out of it, sell it. then u can buy what u really what after u learn how to shoot.
  13. I belong to NHRPC, goes out to almost 800yds. LMK if u ever want to visit.

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