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  1. are u seriously getting over 30 mpg on the hiway? im looking at buying a truck soon and am undecided on the V6 or the diesel.
  2. love this truck! if u sell it, PM me 1st please.
  3. its never been a problem for me. mostly all my guns need compliance work.
  4. Capitalism at its best! Garden State Shooting Center does all my compliance work.......just sayin!
  5. just used Gaynor Trans in Monctlair for a Ford Expedition. Work was top notch & warranty. give them a call.
  6. Looking for an AK smith in NJ to chop a barrel and pull back the front sight base to the gas block. Any suggestion on work? THIS is what Im looking for with a competent smith.
  7. i would chop the ears on the bayo lug, i'd add metal to the bottom and grind off it u leave nj. as far as the brake goes, I would pin another same style brake and keep the original untouched. this way it can go back to stock w no issues.
  8. i would recc the Krebs safety anyway $50, plus receiver $75, barrel $110, trigger guard $40.
  9. any new stuff @ FNH? like a black 20S? or sumthing.
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