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  1. 973.204.0133  call me this afternoon

    1. Bully


      i sent a text with pics

  2. I would consider $1500. I hate the front forearm on the basic model. prefer the enhanced version. not sure if i can change that. im looking at a SCAR15 this weekend at the Split rock show. the guy is holding one for me @ $2100 new. then got to get it nj compliant. we got a house in PA to keep it.

  3. no longer looking for the G23. i bought a Gen4 G19, waiting my 30 days for my Sig P229 Elite Dark, then up in the air for my 3rd gun. Ive been dealing with Tony @ TJs.

  4. thanks for your input. i will make a decison after buying my 1st handgun.

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