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  1. 10 hours ago, High Exposure said:

    Sending a slide only to get work done is relatively easy. I recommend Maple Leaf Tactical or DC Precision for slide work. They are very affordable and have quick turn around time.

    thanks for all the reccs.  Appreciate it. :good:

  2. AI AICS AX Dark Earth Short Action chassis with 13" hand guard and 20 MOA top rail. ...only FIRED 40rds.....Set-up w like new 22" 6.5CM Remington 700 SPS (#85551) barreled action. Has new TriggerTech trigger, new Area 419 brake, cerakoted DE AI 20MOA scope mount & AO thumbrest. Decided to stick to semi-auto, so this needs to go. Looking to sell as a package before breaking up. Asking $3K. Located in No Jersey (but in so jersey often). Buyer must have FOID and a matching NJ DL. Willing to meet at any No Jersey FFL for transfer, BUYER must pay fees.  --NO TRADES-- may consider splitting up as a last resort. Shoot me a message for pics. 

    AI AICS 65CM.jpg

  3. 45 minutes ago, Bomber said:

    Thats not an option for everybody. 

    Furthermore, marxists are on the move and have plans in motion to do to the rest of the country state by state what they've done to California, New Jersey, etc. 

    Georgia for example elected two hardcore commies to the senate after stealing the state for Biden.

    bc the RINOs allowed it to happen!  

  4. On 7/12/2020 at 8:35 AM, PK90 said:

    Okay. Barrett 82A1 "in the house". Now gotta wait til temps dip below 100 to shoot it. Probably not until October.




    why the 20" barrel over the 29"?   im considering an M107A1 and prefer the shorty. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Krdshrk said:

    From what I understand, there's different business partners now.  They transitioned from GSSC to WeShoot back in May.  However, I would contact them - they've been a longtime supporter of NJGF.  They may still have NJGF Forum Member discounts.  They're one of 3 different retailers that are getting the NJGF PSA Lowers.

    agreed.  Im sure they will work w long time customers.  

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  6. he just got his permit that morning and went to buy is FIRST gun that night.   he was absolutely clueless when walking in.  he listened to the sales guy and then got surprised when he got home.  unfort, I was in so jersey and he didnt want to wait until i got back up north.

  7. My shooting buddy just bought a new pistol from Bullet Hole,  brings it home to find out there's only 1 mag in it after he was told it comes with THREE.  Calls them up and came back in to get the other 2. Not sure if they a OEM Glock mags.  They person behind the counter tells him they pull mags from new pistols all the time.  What kinda shit is that?  He's pissed now and wont buy anything from them going forward.  Too bad he's a new shooter w alot of $$ to spend.  WTF! 

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