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  1. any updated pics of new construction?
  2. Mayweather/McGregor seems like the biggest scam pulled in boxing history. Looks like the ref was paid off by TMT. Saved his a$$ soo many times. I am glad that Mayweather came out on top, even tho i hate this wife beater! Overall, it was a bull$hit circus. -waiting for the real showdown.....Team G3!
  3. had to do a google search on who is DCS, -lol.
  4. who chopped the barrel? I have an SLR107FR that I may want hacked to 16.1" barrel (kinda a Krebs clone)
  5. Any thoughts on the Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Compact? http://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/mp-22-compact-cerakote-flat-dark-earth-threaded-barrel
  6. bc wife doesnt want to go to PA, plus I think getting a CCW permit outta Philthy maybe tuff w/ all their BS.
  7. both this may be an option. what website did u buy from?
  8. im closer to DE, she is closer to Ben Franklin bridge (Philly).
  9. welcome! (but I would have stayed in FL)
  10. Im looking for a personal laptop for my wife and not interested in spending over $5-600. Prefer a 13-14" screen. No gaming will be done. I am currently using a Dell E7450 for work and love it. Primary use would be internet surfing and my wife needs to run a program to work from home. Im far from an IT guy, so I looking to the techies for advise. Is there anything you guys recc? Thanks in advance.
  11. i work on Commerce Blvd in Swedesboro (x10 on 295), wifes new office on Eves Dr, Marlton, NJ 08053. I prefer to drive further.
  12. Im a member of CJRPC & NHRPC. CJ is 1.5hrs away & NH is 2.5hrs away. =45min would be a dream!
  13. Hey guys, since I work in Swedesboro and live in north NJ, my wife got approval to move to her Marlton office in So Jersey for Jan '18. Looking to rent in the Cherry Hill area, but do not want to move to an ANTI-gun town where I'll be harrassed for my permits, etc. Ideally, I wish I can move to PA, but wife resistant to it. Any suggestions on gun friendly towns? I dont want her to be more than 30 minutes. (thanks in advance)
  14. I have (2) Russian parts kit & (1) Polish kit waiting to get put together. The Polish was supposed to be my Krebs clone.
  15. we cant have a "12", otherwise i would have ordered one two weeks ago. WTF!
  16. just an FYI, Im a member @ New Holland RPC incase anyone wants to stretch it out to 735yds. Its not 1K, but its close. here comes trouble....if they kno u like we do, ur in for a fight, -lol gd luck!
  17. I would think some of the rednecks on here would eat him instead of burying him.
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