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  1. I looked ALL OVER. down south, east & west. no luck! basically earliest appt was Sept 1st, so I decided to go with the closer place, but 2 days later on Sept 3rd.
  2. I work 6 days a week, lucky me. -gotta pay for the toys somehow.
  3. Just dropped off my FID & PP application this morning AFTER (4) trips to the PD. Got the paperwork to schedule appt for prints via MorphoTrak and its more than a (2) WEEK wait! Earliest appt was Fri Sept 3rd. =Ouch, that hurt!!
  4. nope, i decided against it. seems it would do more harm than good.
  5. after reading all the posts, i decided to go thru my FID & PPs on my own and keep my lawyer on stand-by. i came to realize it may be more bad than good. I will be at the PD bright & early tomorrow.
  6. I am handing in my paperwork this week, nobody there last week. He will just be the middleman btwn me & the pd, etc. If an issue arises, he can deal w/ it. Unfort, I work 6days a week, 55+ hrs. At work, I have no access to emails, lots of blocked internet sites & its tough to get personal calls, etc. Plus, I dont want to wait over 30 days, -lol.
  7. BushMaster ACR parts are now IN STOCK on their website. I am ordering the fixed stock for a future ACR "enhanced" purchase. Not a fan of the collapsable stock, even though its not permitted here.
  8. i have a family member w/ same name (just different middle name) who has had his run ins w/ the law. same town, same prior address, etc. i dont want any confusions or mix ups, there is approx 20yr age differ. i am sure it wont happen, but mistakes occur. i just wanna be cautious. maybe im going overboard (i agree), but it gives me piece of mind.
  9. i may have to look into this.
  10. absolutely. dont forget to add some training costs for all that. Once my FID comes in, i gotta find someone to teach me to shoot.
  11. hmmmm, ...NONE! (LR shooting exp) im new to the scene, thats why im on this site. I'd buy it bc it looks cool and not many have it.
  12. Anyone on this site have one? if so, please post the pros n cons. where can you shoot it? I have put this on my wish list, just not sure how realistic it is to own one.
  13. Damn! I was going down this weekend. Too bad he's gone. :x
  14. I dont feel that I "needed" one, just playing it safe. Worst case scenerio, I get my ID & permits and the attorney was just "babysitting" as a security blanket. I think my legal fee will be tiny compared to what I plan to spend on new toyz. Hopefully, I can see 5-figure inventory in the future!!
  15. this is what i wanna try to avoid. since im new to all this, i got nervous.
  16. just wanted to make sure the process went smoothly & on time. the price wasnt bad, so i said screw it.
  17. YES...FID & 3 PP. I just wanted to be safe, then sorry.
  18. I am going to hand in my application next Tues bc the detectives were not in Thurs. My town only allows appl on Tues or Thursdays. Went this week and nobody there to help. After reading posts on here and others, I decided to lawyer up for the review process. Any thoughts? Who took the pro-active approach to make sure everything goes smoothly?
  19. Hi Guys! Newbie from Passaic Cty. Going to apply for my FID & 3 PP Tues. Went this week but detectives werent in. (can only apply Tues & Thurs) Since I dont know if my town is "gun-friendly", I"ve decided to lawyer up for the initail process. Dont want to be denied over BS/games and trying to avoid any headaches. any thoughts? -A
  20. Can we get em in NJ? i want the "enhanced" version w/ the fixed stock from the "basic" model. then I can add a Troy Ind muzzlebrake. Is the feasible?? HELP! I got $$ burning a hole in my pocket.
  21. what about the BMstr ACR? can't we just put a fixed stock on the "enhanced version & add a muzzle brake. i would take a fixed stock from a "basic" version and then swap it.
  22. Anyone know where I can get an AR15 receiver engraved in NJ? Thinking about an 80% build and want to add caliber, s/n, safe/fire, etc.
  23. can you put the fixed stock from the "basic" model on the "enhanced" model? does it fit?
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