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  1. make sure u checkout the old fort and then Senior Frogs for drinks.
  2. currently: 2016 Huyndai Sonata SE (commuter car) favorite: 2006 Corvette Z06 next: 2015-18 Corvette Z06 or worst case '17-18 Grand Sport.
  3. I drive from north NJ down to Bayville (TJs Sporting Arms) for my guns, approx 1.5hrs ea way. Tony is great to deal with and dont mind the drive. Could not have a nicer FFL anywhere!
  4. unfort, its 3x the price of the Shockwave. any new updates?
  5. I work with the surgery kits for spinal surgeries for a top medical device company. Meaning if ur having back surgery, ur most likely using our products. We handle all ur implants, rods, screws, drill bits, etc.
  6. WOW....I cant imagine what you have gone thru since I run a loaner dept for Spinal. I see these pieces on a daily basis.
  7. teasing us with whats lurking in ur garage! its not what we see on a daily basis.
  8. damn.....I'll take the McLaren! (ps: breakin the balls of a car guy is NOT nice!)
  9. when u think about it........so true!
  10. BLACK....thats the only way to buy a fast car. It disappears quickly in the night. what IF u have enuff guns already?
  11. which property do you choose? NJ or FL? -lol
  12. M7 or A8? next ?.....when do i get a ride? M7. when do I get my ride? (im sure I can donate a couple gallons of petro) hopefully, that would be the ONLY time i'd spend in a pass seat, -lol. so far i have only driven the base A8 C7 and loved it.
  13. maybe Vista Outdoors is being punished for the snowflake name change!
  14. M7 or A8? next ?.....when do i get a ride?
  15. I need the wider quarters in the rear since I will be adding some addt'l HP to the car. My only option would be the GS due to the Z06 body. It would cost approx $10k to add the Z06/GS kit on it, so I'd prefer to buy it from the start.
  16. how else do u expect to pay $75k for the car........cash??
  17. I made alot of $$$ street racing my old Ford Mustang! Im really a Ford guy, but the new C7 Z06 or even a GS is cherry! (i think the vette is in a class all by itself.) ps: im shopping for a C7, not a C6.
  18. i have more than i need. mostly all unfired safe queens.
  19. Been itching for a newer 2015-17 C7 Z06 Corvette, but the price is still up there. How many of you would sell some of your firearms to offset the purchase price of the car? Im fighting the demons now and it sucks. Seems like a $20+k cash down payment is not enuff to make a reasonable monthly payment. SMH!
  20. They were Sigs, not Glocks. -lol. -I also agree with your statements.
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