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  1. i was thinking about taking a class for long range shooting.
  2. Matt was a handful of knowledge. Spent quite some time talking about PRS, equipment & dogs. My dog is competing in PSA this Sept. Who has the pink unicorn stickers on all their sh*t? He helped me sight in a new optic w/ Matt.
  3. oh yes, the gear budget is SICK outside the rifles! =binos/spotting scope, rf, tripod, bags, reloading. (got a headache already) I think the 1 guy Matt started shooting w his RPR then upgraded to 2 MPA chassis builds. After seeing the MPA, im having 2nd thoughts on the AI chassis set-up.
  4. it was not a PRS match, just 2 PRS shooters throwin lead for practice. =they had some serious gear!
  5. damn.....what a sweet stick! I saw afew of these chassis' @ CJRPC this past Friday. you dont paint all your PRS stuff purple, do ya? if so, you were mentioned.
  6. https://loadoutroom.com/117513/red-dot-sights-on-pistols-some-pros-and-cons-2/
  7. what prevents out of state buying? im glad the Democrat fees will hit the "poor" people the hardest! nothing like keeping guns out of the inner cities, way to go dummies!
  8. how about an oval shaped or round ball like ammo? im sure accuracy would go up due to lack of tumble? anyway.....I just saw this and want one now!
  9. whats the deal with Semi-auto AR type rifles in NY with the ban? r we only limited to bolt action?
  10. I kno Mike, but his ARs are out of my buddies price range. he needs to stay under $1500. (MM fits the bill)
  11. gotta auction off a body part with today's ridiculous prices.
  12. I will need to make a pit stop in Keyport soon!
  13. put them in a safe/locker and hide them in ur house and STFU. tell her u placed them @ gunsitters or something.
  14. a friend of mine who is a new shooter, is thinking about this rifle, can you buy direct from MM? Sadly, I am not a fan of the dealer in my area, I get screwed somehow everytime I go there.
  15. hey guys, im out, will try to make the next one. another full day & cant make it out of work early tonight & since my drive will is 1.5 hrs.
  16. I have a rifle there for waiting for some smith work count? I may have to get some clarification from Tony.
  17. I am going to try to make it. Need to rent a pistol, since im @ the so jersey house and my good stuff up north.
  18. good luck w the Macaw! I think my guns would come 2nd to my dogs, etc (esp since I have NO kids).
  19. doesnt NY have a AWB? i dont have a bolt gun, just a SCAR 20S for distance. Im already a member @ NHRPC.
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