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  1. i would recc the Krebs safety anyway $50, plus receiver $75, barrel $110, trigger guard $40.
  2. any new stuff @ FNH? like a black 20S? or sumthing.
  3. no beards? WTF......sounds like UPS!
  4. looks like I should be a radar /laser detector & a jammer with all the miles I drive.
  5. an M1 Garand is still on my short list!
  6. I am free friday before xmas, after xmas and maybe a day in between. I will also take off the 2nd week in Jan'19 RPR.....buy it, shoot the sh*t out of it, sell it. then u can buy what u really what after u learn how to shoot.
  7. I belong to NHRPC, goes out to almost 800yds. LMK if u ever want to visit.
  8. nope, he's someone with short arms and deep pockets!
  9. and then add NHRPC to boot!
  10. I guess this is why I belong to CJRPC & NHRPC!
  11. Im easy.......ALL I want is SBRs & full auto!
  12. sure, after I pick it up. im a member @ CJRPC & NHRPC in PA.
  13. and now the optic selection is making my head spin!
  14. blow the dust off your wallet! i wish i had TWO.
  15. shoot me a PM when those Rem V3 Tac13 is avail for NJ.
  16. bc ur part of the "protected" class! -such bullshit!
  17. CageFighter

    new SCAR 20S

    Anyone here pick one up? Mine was just shipped and undergoing the NJ castration. Reviews are pretty good on accuracy, so I can wait to see for myself.
  18. so.....are they NJ legal? if so, take my $$$, so when do they ship?
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