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  1. forget about the firearms.....FL will get a 10% income tax and a 40% business tax if this Commie gets in!
  2. who still has the Spike Tactical NJGF lowers? My TWO are still in the wrapper!
  3. it burned me up that i had to miss this! got stuck installing a new front entry & storm door bc the contractor never showed......TWICE!
  4. so, is this binary trigger NJ legal? the AK platform is on pre-sale now.
  5. Caraj is on point. Bankruptcy is a dirty game but can be lucrative if played properly.
  6. u cant access ur stuff bc the tow yard wants to pick out the goodies BEFORE you get to it, then claim they are NOT responsible for lost items.
  7. I still have (2) Spike lowers from the NJGF run. should I save them or dump 'em?
  8. -the waiting list sucks, but we are limited to 1k members only. =NO crowds!
  9. looks like I will be ordering one soon! whats the head count for Sunday? Im considering it. i wanna play w the PSL!
  10. he has an attention/watch command & a bite command. just bc he's barking doesnt mean he needs to bite you, unless he's told. but if he's given the attention/watch command and sees u assault me, he will bite u without hestitation.
  11. so, if a shitbag is trying to break into my car, can I send the dog to say hello?
  12. this dog does not let go. we get physical with him when on the sleeve/suit, so he knows to get a deep bite and then its locked. you can fling him around and he still wont let go. been training him since 9 wks old to be a protection dog once grown.
  13. im a member @ New Holland Rifle & Pistol Club. let me know when u wanna shoot there. the place is quiet and no range nazi's.
  14. how late are u guys gonna be there? im 1hr away and cant leave work until 530pm.
  15. u need one of these! (my dogs bite work has gotten insane!)
  16. maybe some trail cams at the begining of ur driveway? If it was me, I run a long ass cat6 cable to the end of my driveway and film cars.
  17. I would definately set them up. Especially if u know what time it usually happens. Do u have security cameras? If not, I would def reccomend them for the future, just shut them off before u give the ass whoopin! since its still baseball season.........BATTER UP!
  18. shit goes down in NYC area, sum1 should blow up the bridges/tunnels and keeping those f*ckers (NYers) on the island. dont need anymore liberals bullsh*t in NJ. hopefully, they can float off into the atlantic forever.
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