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  1. bc it isnt a Shockwave?? i kno, ur a berg bitch.
  2. is this legal, as an add on for the TAC14? https://suarezinternational.com/tac-14-stakeout-pdw-kit/
  3. with the new Governor coming, should I drop the coin and buy another SCAR 17S or save it and buy an Elcan for the one I have. I have doubles of most of my rifles, and thinking about making this set complete. If a NON grandfathered clause comes into play, I'd be pissed. Any thoughts?
  4. Rest in Peace Mipafox! Condolences to the family, our thoughts & prayers are with you. (you will be missed, here & on the pafoa forums.)
  5. General Tso's Chicken combo platter & fried wontons.
  6. ...searching on GB, i should have one shortly!
  7. when is the mass application going on? road trip?
  8. kinda hard, all the stuff is in bags and I prefer not to open it all up. looks like the stock, pg & hg are laminate? year is 1969. blued.
  9. no barrel attached/headspaced, but have a nitride lined barrel if needed.
  10. I have a MINT matching AKM Polish parts kit and wondering their value nowadays. Possibly looking to clean out the closet. I kno the prices & availibilty have been up in the air, so whats ur thoughts?
  11. WOW....is all I can say about this rifle. You need to stop by GSSC and check this thing out...very tempting!
  12. what optics mount are you guys running on ur AKs to mount an Aimpoint T1/T2. Im thinking of the RS Regulate forward side mount.
  13. nope, I ship my stuff to Jim @ JBI Armory in TX.
  14. Lincoln Park is very friendly, even when i get 6 @ a time and dont use them all. -lol
  15. gun registration coming to NJ with this asshole!
  16. Glad u are whole again & the LEO did their work. (A guy in FNF had his SCAR17 stolen while in transit back to FNH, his plight has fallen on deaf ears.)
  17. unless u dont have a completely fenced in yard, then ur treated like a 2nd class citizen. i had my heart set on a $3K working East German Shepard, but decided on a rescue instead. here is Remy aka Remington!
  18. All tho I love the location, I think its crazy to be sooo close to GFH, especially w/ their crazy huge expansion. Hands down, the personnel @ GFH are the best. And dont forget, Anthony is a class act! RTSP is a further drive, but fits perfectly in the Morris/Sussex area. Been there twice to shoot and afew times to window shop. The place is clean and staff is always a pleasure to deal with.
  19. can I ask.....WHO is doing the mill work? ps: looks like im buying a 2nd G19 Gen4. just need to find one.
  20. My G19 Gen4 was my 1st pistol and I dont think I'll ever get rid of it. Im thinking of a tricked out G19, should I mill the one I have, do I find another slide or even a 2nd G19? What would you guys do? I dont have an issue chopping up and other pistol, just this one.
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