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  1. updated, black AR or upper still available.
  2. Yeah I was just reading that sub forum and updated my OP, Thanks. The idea of simply adding a VFG and poof its legal and can have evil features is a hard one to wrap my head around. Still not exactly sure what a 16"+bbl and brace AR is if it does not have a VFG. Well, I guess that pretty much eliminates the desire to swap and go from pistol->rifle->pistol or pistol->other >pistol but I'm assuming pistol->other >pistol would still be legal as long as its always in the other configuration in NJ.
  3. Look into reolink, I have multiple and they are really simple, reliable, and easy to use. They have indoor and outdoor cameras, battery or corded, I prefer the outdoor, I have one mounted under my porch roof that covers the front door and the front walk, and you can't see it until you are on the porch. I access the camera mainly by the Android app and can view the live and history from anywhere but can also pull them up on PC. I put an sd card in mine and have it setup like a dash cam so it loops through and deletes the oldest data to make room for new files. With heavy use I still get 3+ weeks of history. Mine is setup to record on motion. You can set the motion zones that trigger recording to block out cars passing on the street for instance. I would recommend putting it outdoor and getting one with some nightvision or it will be relatively useless for a lot of important time. Cameras need a lot of light for a good picture and simply turning on a porch light is not going to be enough at night. In addition ir lighting and nightvision is not gonna work well through glass.
  4. Question 1, I want to discuss the NJ legality(assuming everyone would agree its federally legal and still considered a rifle) of putting a pistol brace on an AR rifle. Assume a 16" bbl (pinned brake obv.). Curious mostly about fixed braces, specifically the tailhook mod 1(https://gearheadworks.com/product/tailhook-mod-1-4/). Built on a stripped lower, so it would initially transfer as other. NJ law says that a rifle is designed to be shouldered, and in my mind that makes a brace questionable. However, If I intend/build a rifle to be shouldered and fired with two hands what do we end up with? *UPDATED: I did some more reading on the forum as I havent been super up to date with the laws and it seems this question might be answered by the recent "Other Firearm" discussions and may belong in that sub forum. I guess with the recent AR pistol craze a lot of people are experimenting with the classifications. *UPDATED:After some reading Q1 seems legal if I just add a vertical foregrip and I can go with a smaller bbl. Seems If I go with 16"+ bbl and VFG its still an Other Firearm *UPDATED:So a new spin on Q1: what would a 16"bbl AR and brace be without a VFG? Question 2, I want to discuss the federal legality of swapping uppers on that lower and ill give a situation. If illegal, pinpoint at what point it becomes illegal. Assume a state where AR pistols are legal (Not NJ). First build an AR pistol, lets say a 12" bbl upper with same brace and lower from Q1. Swap only the upper to 16" bbl to build an AR rifle, (then potentially bring the rifle back to NJ if Q1 is legal). Go back to state where AR pistols are legal and swap back to 12" bbl to build a pistol again. This should be federally legal as I read it. Rifle first, rifle forever, pistol first, you can switch back and forth. (https://www.atf.gov/file/55526/download) *UPDATED:A new spin on Q2: Now I'm curious what's the legality of swapping uppers on a "Other Firearm" either to a pistol classification or a rifle classification.
  5. I agree with this A good high carbon steel blade or high carbon SS (expensive) will hold an edge a lot longer than your typical Stainless pocket knife blade. Definitely not all blades are created equal and blade metallurgy is a topic you could spend a lifetime on. Either way, Cardboard is really tough on edges and if your cutting a lot you really want a throw away blade. Hence the recommendation of razor blades and the popularity of box cutters. also cheaper in the short and long run anyway. IMO if your gonna get into knives you should be sharpening them yourself anyway. And they do need regular sharpening after use like any good sharp edged tool. There is a learning curve but it's not too hard and its rewarding. And then I guess if you wanted to you could even just keep sharpening the $12 blade; although, I think that would get old real fast.
  6. I would argue it. Thats what issued weapons are for. No permits or laws to deal with. And If we are talking about rifles I don't know any officers that are allowed to use privately purchased rifles on duty. I think most departments in NJ don't even issue or use rifles for patrol officers. So we are only talking about their puchases in a civilian capacity.
  7. I know i'm late to this but goddamn that priorities list is retarded. I always assume local governments play the homie hook-up game, but to see it in writing is just WTF. Who the F would think that was right to come up with a formal policy of putting the average citizen last and giving the homie hook-up to employees?
  8. In a perfect world everyone would get a ticket who commited a violation on camera. However in reality If you know people, especially in NJ, you can still get away with it. If you are a cop or a lawer or just a good friend of the prosecutor you are likely to have the charges dropped when you go see them on the court date. Either way there are very few traffic cameras in NJ and my original point was that especially in NJ, who you are and who you know makes a big difference in what you can get away with.
  9. the cameras don't play favorites themselves but people behind the scenes still do.
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