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  1. moose thanks for the videos. Its was really fun shooting with everyone tony
  2. will and ron are going to see if can be repaired this week. if it cant be repaired, i will send it to glock. i just dont think that my stupidity is covered under the factory warranty though
  3. thanks i have another glock that i can shoot. i just need to put better sights on her (maybe some different reloads)and she should be itching to go. If the 35 cant be salvaged, I may be forced to switch to open. I know that ron is hoping that i stay in production division though
  4. just logged on. i didnt think that there would be this many posts about the "incident". To everybody that offered to let me borrow their equipment so i can keep shooting. To everybody that help me make the gun safe. To everybody that asked about my well being....Thanks
  5. the only issue with shooting with one eye is that you can not acquire a target that is on your left as fast and as accurately as somebody who has both of there eyes open. In a self defense situation probably wont matter (not a self defense guru so dont hold me to that statement), but in just about every shooting disapline (uspsa, idpa, nra action, steel, 3 gun etc) it is a major disadvatage. Try placing a small piece of scotch tape over your left eye on your shooting glasses. It will blur your vision in that eye so you can see to your left but the double vision goes away. tony
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