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  1. They just might. I live about 3 minutes away and I got power last night. Haven't had time to check on the range. Probably lots of fallen trees on the property. It'll be a busy work day this month...
  2. Gun is SPF one more time, this time to Robot_Hell - he PMed me before anyone else, just didn't put a public post on the thread. All other PMs responded to, all interested parties duly noted - especially Adam & BlueLineFish, given our previous pleasant transactions. Thank you all for your interest.
  3. sale fell through through no fault on the potential buyer's end - gun is back up for sale - I will also include a RH IWB tuckable holster for full size autos from Ace Case.
  4. after some friendly haggling we finally settled on a price which included shipping to an FFL - everything went super smooth - great guy to deal with!
  5. That's another thing I heard too. It would really be just for plinking - not competitions or anything. maybe I'll just buy more 9mm instead of the conversion ...
  6. I've been thinking about getting a .22lr conversion for my Jericho 941 - has anyone had any experience with the EAA Conversions? I can't find much online about them... Also... is it worth it? after plopping down about $250 for the conversion - do you really end up saving so much on ammo ... depends on how much you shoot, I guess... Any ideas/opinions/suggestions?
  7. My apologies to all interested parties - it was a busy week at work - no time to update this - MAKAROV IS SPF TO A GENTLEMAN IN WISCONSIN THROUGH THR. to answer the last poster, it is a fun gun to break out now and then and it eats any kind of 9x18 Makarov ammo you feed it - I tried Brown Bear FMJs, Silver Bear JHPs, Fiocci FMJs - all went through without a hiccup. I'd keep it, but at this point in my collection, I'd rather have night sights on my Jericho 941 than have this lie around in the safe. I'll cough up some extra dough in the future for an authentic Russian one to have as a show piece.
  8. ohhh, I figured it was something like that. This guy supposedly has a 24 hours turn around on sight installations. He mostly does XDs, but he was mentioned on the 941Forum as someone who has installed night sights on Jerichos & Baby Eagles (ugh, I hate that name) http://www.shop.xd-hs2000.com/Sight-Installation-with-a-24hr-Turn-Around-sightinstall24hr.htm
  9. if you drove there, why didn't you just drive back with the pistol and instead had to get shipped to an FFL in NJ? The guy I found online only needs the slide and will do it for $20 including return shipping, so figure $30 - $40 for the whole installation.
  10. hmmmm - I've heard some iffy things about the Rahway Heritage Guild Gunsmithing services - but I'll give them a call and see... thanks!
  11. Hey guys! Can anyone recommend a gunsmith in central NJ that could install night sights (I can buy them from him or online) on my Jericho 941? I found a guy online, but I'd rather deal with someone local. Thanks!
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