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  1. Except for the part where I have to fork over a ton of money in order to exercise a right. It's pathetic it has to get to this. I guess I don't have any other choice.
  2. Haha, sorry. I didn't mean it that way. I meant that the pictures looked very dated(colors, clothes people were wearing) for that time.
  3. Here's my long trip through the process of trying to apply for a permit and FID. Had my application filled and handed in along with references, fingerprinted twice(once at PD and once at Morpho), and told by the detective at my PD that he would be contacting me soon. This was all between late-July and Sept. Late Sept, I got married and went on my honeymoon for 2 weeks so after I returned I contacted the detective since I didn't yet receive a reply. The detective told me that he never received responses from my references(despite one of them personally bringing it to the PD, lives 2 blocks away). I politely ask if he could resend the letters and if I can personally bring them in. He tells me that he would send them out but that he "preferred" they be mailed. References get their letters. I tell them to fill them out and seal them in an envelope, that I would personally bring them to him so they don't end up "missing". I go to the PD late October and personally hand the sealed envelopes to the detective and he tells me that I would hear from him soon. So fast foward to two days ago, I receive a letter from the Dept of Public Safety which states that I was being denied because of a "criminal record" from a 1998 arrest. Rewind back to 1998. I (15 at the time) was with my brother(13 at the time) riding around our bikes in the next town. We pull into a empty field behind an old building and there was a what-looked abandoned car trailer parked in the tall grass & weeds. Us being young(and dumb I guess) decided to check out what was inside since it looked abandoned. It was an old race-car trailer with a bunch of really old photos and race-related equipment looking to be dated from the late-80s or something. Next thing you know, here comes a cop car and arrests us. Turns out they track down the owner and we're in trouble. We ended up having to go to court and I think(it's been a while and I was too young to remember the details) they charged us with tresspassing & theft. The theft was a bogus charge as the owner came out with this ridiculous list of "missing" items. The Judge new these claims were bogus as we were on a set of bikes and it was impossible that we took that stuff. One of the items I will always remember was a chainsaw. LoL. We were on BMXs. How could we possibly? Anyway, to shorten it up...we settle and the Judge gives us a year of probation and a huge fine. We were supposed to have these records Expunged at the age of 18 according to our Judge. Fast foward back to present day. Why is this even coming up as an issue when applying for a firearm permit & FID? It wasn't armed robbery or anything. We were kids in the wrong place at the wrong time. I now have 30 days to appeal the decision. And there is NO WAY in hell I am not going to put my tail between my legs and cower away like a dog. This state seems to get more and more aggrivating. Can anyone here offer any advice on what I should do?
  4. Actually had my fingerprinting(morphotrak) done on the 18th of August. Since I get married on the 18th of this month and will be in Italy for 2 1/2 weeks for my honeymoon, I expect them to have my FID the day AFTER I return. No reason to take any longer than that.
  5. Obama's Solution: $100,000,000 for Border Fence = Ways around/under/over it. :hand: My Solution: $100,000,000 for several AH-64 Boeing Apaches with fuel = No running. No hiding. Just instant justice. Problem solved. :clap:
  6. Where did you go to a Cabela's? Isn't the closest one in PA? I checked there site but only list a "Announced" location in EAST RUTHERFORD. The reason i'm asking is because I keep hearing about how great this place is, but i've never actually been to one. And I'm too damn lazy to drive into PA.
  7. Who cares about the fine. :hand: I want to know if, like any other citizen, he had points accrued on his license/insurance.
  8. My appointment was about 2 weeks also for Morphotrak. Finally had prints done yesterday & called my PD. Detective told me that now I just have to wait for my backround check. 30 days and counting...tick...tick...tick...
  9. Very nice. I plan on getting a P226R soon too. Question. I've noticed that, like your pic, many others that's ive seen show the take down lever being discolored. Why is that? Has a slight copper look to it unlike the rest of the gun.
  10. But I think, when driving a vehicle, they are meant for emergency situations. Like if your bulbs are out or you got rear ended and your lights are broken.
  11. According to what I remember my Driver's Manual said back in high school it is. Unless the law has changed since then(90s). Also, I think you are supposed to use them only if your signal(s) that is out.
  12. Can someone tell me what the benifits of being an NRA member are? Sorry, but I'm a newbie.
  13. Nope LoL, of course not. I sometimes forget which state I live in.
  14. How about using a supressor? Those legal here in NJ?
  15. LoL, that's what I was thinking too.
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