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  1. Thanks for all of your suggestions. I am still weighing my options. Hey remixer. Its about a 2 hour drive from where I am to your shop. I sometimes come out that way to watch my buddy drift at the racetrack. Is there a specific day you do the work or could I leave the upper with you for a few hours and have it done or is that not enough time. I have the vg6 break and the hole is already drilled . Just need to go into the barrel a bit.
  2. Can anyone point me to a good gunsmith that can pin and weld my upper so I can shoot this thing? I took a ride out to Bangers today since I got a good recommendation from someone I trust but the owner is not currently taking work due to their shop expansion. Thanks in advance.
  3. well i ordered the optic form laru but there is a 3-8week lead time! I did order the cantilever style for no other reason other than I like the way it looks. I will post a pic when I finally get it.
  4. Thanks I think I am going to order one with the Larue mount http://www.larue.com/trijicon-mro-qd-mount-combo
  5. Anyone have any of the issues others are complaining about with the mro like glare? I really want to order one but the bad reviews on some forums have me worried. Thanks
  6. I hear ya, but if I didn't just "do it" I would have just procrastinated the project.. I think it came out fine.This is how my 15-22 was pinned when I had it.
  7. Ya know what your right I don't want to be on the wrong side of the fence when it comes to these laws. I just got done pinning it. I used a 3.32 drill bit and ran 2 holes through the stock and lower section of the buffer tube after dissembling the stock cheek pads. Tapped two 3.32 roll pins in and done. Next comes the muzzle break It only took about 25 minutes
  8. I am ready to assemble my rifle from the parts I have been collection over tha last 2 years . Tonight I was getting ready to pin the stock but was not sure the best way to do it. I hav the vltor imod and initially was going to remove the cheek pad and drill from the stock into the lower side of the buffer tube and put in roll pins. I was looking online and came across this ( essentially uses a screw instead of pinning) https://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=623365 Since this is technically not a permanent solution meaning it could be removed by unscrewing I dismissed it and went back to the original plan. Now I am thinking about it again and I think I need to be more clear on the law. I know that when talking about a muzzle break it mus be "permanent" but when it comes to the stock it should not be able to collapse. Am I right in saying that the law does not dictate whether a pinned collapsible stock needs to permanent or just not have the ability to telescope. I am still not sure which way to go but I want to see if this option is viable. Thank you
  9. Thanks I really like the range and the other members i have met so far.i would like to check out the pistol leage once it starts up.
  10. Haha i was afraid of that. Im ordering anyways. Shippping is cheap at 4 bucks.
  11. I joined and was in the last intake. I just used my membership for the first time yesterday.
  12. I must have just missed the deal becuase the code does not work today. If anyone knows of another code please let me know.
  13. OK so even though there are alot of STR supporters I am doing this. I am going to order the vltor imod clubfoot. If I don't like it i am shipping it back and getting the STR. Since my build is already mutt enough I figure go with vltor since the buffer tube ,upper rec, and sling plate are vltor. Thanks everyone you definitely made the decision a little easier.
  14. Vlad . What position do you like it at. Since I have to pin it I'm concerned that the vltor is an inch shorter than the str I really don't want to pin it past the second position. Thanks
  15. Thanks for the help keep them coming.I should have done a poll
  16. Vltor imod clubfoot or magpul str for this build? I'm ordering tomorrow I cant decide between the two. Even the standard imod is considered. Thanks!
  17. Ya I just watched a video on 2 point transitions. I may have to try one again. You bring up good points!
  18. I agree but most of us aren't going to be patrolling anywhere with our ars which is where I see the 2 point most useful. I see the 1 point more useful in tactical or defensive situation. You would probably be holding you rifle while on the move while on alert. I know you should train with what you would plan to use in a real world scenario. I just think that especially for the purpose of a class a 1 point is better suited. This is just my opinion and I am no expert by any means
  19. Just a question do you have to take the sling off of your body to transition? I don't know an efficient way to do it. How do you guys do it?
  20. I meant switch from one side to the other not from 2 to 1 point
  21. Just keep in mind 2 point slings are not easy to transition to your week side when shooting form cover which you may do in class.I like the ms3 and the convertibility from 1 to 2 point. Tactical link makes a nice but expensive sling.
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