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  1. Just want to add one more thing about sistering joists. Take a good look for wiring, can be a major pia, it's common to have wiring running along side and perpendicular thru the joists.
  2. Take a look how the roof rafters align with the floor joists. Maybe you can just install some vertical 2x4's nailed to the rafters and joists for more support. Essentially combining the strength of both framing members.
  3. Several rifles and handguns thru them, no worrys.
  4. They (NJ or current congress) will just legislate the meaning of infringement. They like to re-write the natural laws of biology and physics so I won't put it past the Dems.
  5. Exactly, if someone is stealing your ID they sure s hell aren't going to deal with the popo while doing it. The employment verification is total nonsense and overly intrusive but that's the wholepoint of the process anyway, to harass and dissuade. I've always been self employed or retired so I dont deal with that bs.
  6. Do you understand the concept of incrementalism? The boiling frog, chipping away, death by a thousand cuts? You want to hear their talk about confiscation? https://observer.com/2013/05/senators-caught-on-tape-confiscate-confiscate-confiscate/ Wake up Greeny, they have an agenda and thats to dis-arm us.
  7. You poor brainwashed simpleton. That is EXCACTLY what the 2A is for, to give The People a chance to rise against tyrany. Why do you think they keep trying to disarm us? At least we know what side of the fence your falling off of.
  8. Look at the bright side, they're making it easier to leave this state. My exit is in the works, got plenty of blood pressure meds until then, I will land on my feet elsewhere and very comfortably too. Fuck this state.
  9. That would be this one. https://c.ymcdn.com/sites/www.anjrpc.org/resource/resmgr/ds-email/gun_control_list_03-22-13.pdf Hey Forum noobs, take a look into our future.They have it all figured out.
  10. I would never do it but two of my bros did. And just as logic would dictate (jokes aside) they came within a few % points (different testing co's) of the same history. But the interesting part was we were supposedly about 1/2 German but no, less than 10% lol. Turns out we have about 35% British/Scottish ancestors that no one has ever mentioned of before.
  11. I'd say that's pretty darn good for a pcc, that's about what my cx4 does at 50 but it's most likely better than the shooter. What kind of drop are you seeing at 100 yds?
  12. This reminds me, did you get a chance or remember to ask the Ruger folk at Shotshow about expanding the mag swap ability? Hopefully one for the Beretta 92.
  13. I lost my a fob key to my sons 2011 Frontier, got one on eBay I think, had a local locksmith take care of it but he did say I was lucky as it's becoming more dealer specific. Just for the heck of it try swapping batterys between the two fobs, can't hurt.
  14. And apparently neither does my voodoo doll.
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