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  1. Love this thread. Not to compare but we're about to dig in to my wifes famous baked in beer corned beef! Yum
  2. What Murphy can do for places out of his reach is promote "common sense " educational media to include the typical misleading data and free no guns allowed signs. I wouldn't put it passed that pos to even persuade the public to be wary of businesses that do allow.
  3. I keep seeing a 3 person reference required. Is that new to the ccw process or is/was that the a normal thing for a fpid/pp now? I only recall 2 references needed.
  4. Congrats former comrades! Looking forward see how NJ handles this!
  5. It's ironic, for me anyway, one of the reasons leaving NJ was the oppressive anti 2A agenda there yet I very much enjoyed the variety of shooting at CR. I've yet to find a range that can compete with CR that isn't 3 hrs away. However I do handicap myself because I prefer outdoor shooting and to befair there are a few good indoor ones near me but it's not the same as a day at CR, relaxing outside taking my time at whatever range I was at and the traditional days ending plinking away at the 22 plates. Enjoy CR, its a real gem.
  6. I don't care how broad or narrow the scotus ruling may be, these proposals- retreads or not- are a pro active aggressive anti 2A stance, a shot across the bow so to say considering the timing of the forthcoming ruling. Instead of waiting for a ruling NJ decides to announce these hearings and purposely aggravate the 2A community.
  7. Any doubts now if NJ will go quietly into the night or go out kicking and screaming should the pending scotus case go favorably?
  8. ^^^can't stop laughing at the beaver ! Good one....
  9. Canada is turning out to be our proverbial coal mine canary between the taking of citizens finances and by default everything they own and of course the ploy of incremental gun control. Pretty clear to a lot of us but unfortunately too many just don't realize this real time tyranny in the making on our own doorstep.
  10. Just curious....do you recall the distance(s) the armor was tested at?
  11. A simple civilian qualify like that makes sense. Aim, shoot, hit your intended target. But simple and good sense are hard to come by when the govt is involved....all speculation at this point of course. Time will tell.
  12. All this leo OWB training for civilian IWB carry. Weird.and possibly dangerous. JMHO.
  13. True. But it is enough to sift thru the fiscal cracks to "support" the pet projects of a mayor's wife or some select community leaders. But $40 billion to Ukraine?! Wtf.
  14. Thanx guys. Some for sale by me at a good price guess I'll grab it.
  15. Anyone here have range time with this in 9? Reviews seem mostly OK and looks the least costly plinking option these days. What do you think?
  16. Great option, although mine is mostly ammo but do have a few overflow 22 rifles in it. Got it cheap on CL plus a can of spray paint gtg.
  17. Florida= Stella? Ha! Gotta be Bucsh, unfortunately. Almost every beer that walks out of the gas station mini marts is a form of cheap Busch or Bud lite. You know those fancy Stella TV commercials- that is not FL lol. Well, maybe in some yuppy watering hole in Tampa....
  18. I've done some crossing guard duty in the past, do I qualify?
  19. Don't forget the flags! I forget the designated flag colors for no gas, only regular......
  20. If you don't have to cover it just paint it the wall color. It's ghetto but it's a rental and you don't have to live with it lol. Wham bam done you can always do something in the future and besides it may not look that bad If you do box it out beware of the low corner on the elbow, could clip a head at that height.
  21. Someone I know wants to trade their's for one of my guns. I know they're not a robust go to war gun and also know about the multimag options. Thinking it might be a nice stow in the truck gun being able to pair with a handgun and reach out a bit more with 9mm. But how about your hands on experience- reliability, accuracy etc?
  22. Dropping off vs p/u is easy, no waiting. Just go slow, follow signs and don't get parking signs mixed up for the terminal signs. Also be aware that there sometimes are long lines going to pickup at other terminals so don't get stuck on those. Also if you somehow miss C the road has a loop around the terminals to go at it again.
  23. What he^^^ said. Pour water down the warm barrel and run a dry mop, it'll dry out then clean/oil at home. Not sure of Barricades ingredients but generally speaking oils don't dissolve and flush the salts like water.
  24. Former Bergenite here. For passive plate plinking Cherry Ridge has (or had, been 2 yrs since been there) the Pistol range with plates at 35 (?) Yds, rifle at 100 yds and the rimfire range is all plates. But no action fire at CR.
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