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  1. Backpacks are a bit different, as they hang the weight from your back in a horrible way. Hiking packs are much better at distributing the weight, a lot of times incorporating the hips. My understanding is that you can do something similar with a chest rig and battle belt.
  2. How comfortable is it? Because 26lbs can be either comfortable or very uncomfortable to carry.
  3. Some good deals at AR500 for their packages. Most of the current ones are worth it if you buy the plates alone. I know body armor can have a stigma with some people, but there are some decent deals here if you're looking to getting into it. https://www.ar500armor.com/promotions-sales.html
  4. No, they are not any different level of "dead". But as stated before, there are many different levels of intent. Leaving a pan on the stove, that results in a fire, shows FAR less malicious intent that pushing someone during an argument. One would reasonably assume that when you put a pan on the stove and go to take a piss, you have zero intention of anyone getting harmed. One would also reasonably assume that if you push someone in an argument, hard enough that they fall to the ground, you have at least SOME malicious intent.
  5. https://www.donaldtrumpcollectables.store/collections/mugs-magnets-books-more/products/trump-crossing-the-swamp-10x15-litho-print-of-original-painting
  6. Not a single person should destroy or turn in their >10rd magazines. Everyone has family or friends outside of NJ (or can bury destroy them). Don't willingly give up your own property because of these asshats.
  7. Mine are sitting in the bottom of a box since I switched to 30 rounders
  8. Let's start figuring out who voted yes or abstained from voting for this bullshit, and start calling in anonymous red flags on their body guards. See how they like having body guards that aren't armed.
  9. You bring up a lot of good points, and I think it's just a form of Male Insanity Syndrome....but with guns lol. For the uninformed: male insanity syndrome The belief that there is a more compatible or desirable woman than one's present girlfriend. It's been a while since I've shot this rifle. I'll have to get some range time behind it before making any rash decisions.
  10. Yea I've already been researching some things. It looks like I'll save about a pound with a different stock, handguard, and optic. I also might just do a "pistol" build, that should be light enough.
  11. Just recently "finished". I've had the lower for quite some time, and it's gone through several different iterations, but I think I'm done for now. Spikes Tactical lower Daniel Defense LPK w/ ALG ACT Daniel Defense DDM4V5 lightweight upper Magpul STR stock (not neutered) Aimpoint PRO Magpul 30rd PMAG Streamlight ProTac HL-X It's quite heavy, so I think my next 16" AR will concentrate a little more on weight savings. I have considered replacing the lower with a DD lower, just to satisfy my OCD. Oh and it's located in NH, so all those goodies are legal
  12. My opinion will be unpopular among the others in this thread, but I'd have to disagree with some of them. You do get what you pay for with these rifles. I'm not telling you that you should spend $2k out the door on your first rifle, but you'd probably be best staying away from the incredibly cheap brands. S&W and Stag are reputable brands, and will provide you with a rifle reliable enough to plink with and learn the platform. If you're interested in having something for home defense or something similar, there are plenty of brands that are still affordable but of higher quality. Materials do vary based off of who the manufacturer is. There's also different surface treatments, as well as varying levels of quality control from different companies. Look up some videos of poor assembly quality coming out of some cheaper companies. Enjoy your new rifle, and start saving now for all the others that you buy
  13. Are you having it delivered to your house, or to a P.O. box?
  14. If the need arises to use your firearm, open carry normally allows quicker access, depending on what you are wearing. However I think that the biggest advantage is deterrence. Ideally, you're not the only one carrying. Bad guy walks in to hold up the bank, sees two or three armed citizens, decides to turn around and look for trouble somewhere else. That being said, I will always pick concealed carry. Not only are you benefited from the element of surprise, but it also allows you to make the judgement call of using it or not. If open carrying and someone decides to attack you first to take you out of the equation, they have forced your hand. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm not going to shoot someone if I feel they will calmly walk away with my wallet, watch, etc....but if I feel like they're about to get violent, or my wife is at risk, all bets are off.