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  1. I owned an FNS-9, which is quite similar to the 509. It was a good handgun, but I just didn't mesh well with it. Ended up getting a P320 compact and I absolutely love it. I'm not trying to sway you from the 509, as I believe it to be a good gun...just supporting your desire to try it before you buy it. Are there no ranges near you that rent the 509?
  2. vjf915

    Constitutional carry

    Constitutional carry is the tits.
  3. vjf915

    Walking Dead...things that annoy me

    They're still releasing new episodes of this crap?
  4. vjf915

    A Safe Full of Tools...

    If you are buying guns that will have a purpose, not for collection, then the first place to start would be defining the purpose. Do you want a rifle you can hunt with? Something for target practice? Home defense? Defensive rifle courses? Action pistol competitions? This is similar to what you first described, but will help you narrow down what you want much more. A bolt action rifle that you use for hunting will be much different than one you use for PRS competitions. An AR-15 that you want to shoot sub-MOA at 500yds will be much different than one you'll take to an urban combat rifle course. Defining the role will much more accurately determine what you want versus the type of gun. ETA: I thought the title of your thread meant you put @Ray Ray in your safe.
  5. I don't, but I went through training with a guy who makes and sells knives. Very talented, and a great guy. https://www.eleecustomknives.com/
  6. vjf915

    SAS Trooper Takes on Terrorists

    It must be hard to run with balls that big. He must not use Gilette razors Side note. I heard another report that he was "shopping" when the attack occurred. There was also an armed civilian that was helping escort people out. I'll try to find those pictures. ETA: Inaya Kassam.
  7. vjf915

    M&P Shield 2.0 question. Slide stop or release?

    Both myself and a buddy have the 1st gen Shield. Both have very hard to operate slide releases. Side note: Pinky extensions for the 7rd mag can be found on Amazon for about $7, and make a world of difference. I also have a TLR-6 on mine (#everygungetsalight), and I absolutely love that too.
  8. vjf915

    Importing Firearms

    I "imported" some firearms about a year ago while active duty. Very easy. Simply fill out an ATF form and send it in, get it about 90 days later and that's all you need. If you can think of anyone, that may be an option.
  9. vjf915

    Importing Firearms

    You wouldn't happen to be active duty military, or know someone that's active duty would you?
  10. My wife knows about all of my firearms purchases. I don't ask permission, however we typically have some type of conversation prior to a purchase to discuss how it will impact us financially to make sure it's not going to negatively affect us. I'd be pretty pissed if she spent $1,400 on something, even if it was something she really enjoyed, and tried to hide it from me. Honestly unless you and your spouse have some sort of "you spend less than x amount a month/year on firearms and accessories, then I don't care or want to hear about it" agreement, and you're hiding these expensive purchases from them, then you're undercutting the meaning of why you got married in the first place. Accessories are a slightly different story. If they're less than $200 and fit within the budget that we have outlined, then I'll purchase them without talking to her prior, but I still don't hide it.
  11. Are pistols not required to weigh less than 50oz now?
  12. vjf915

    Arlo or Blink wireless cameras

    This really depends on what the intended use for these cameras is. If you're talking about being above or next to an entry door to watch who comes in and goes out, sure. Watching your gun safe, sure. Inside the garage watching your vehicles, sure. If you want motion further than 15ft or so to trigger them reliably, these will not work well enough.
  13. Again, depends on your definition of a "revolution". But not only do you need that, you need people to care enough to show up.
  14. That's the problem. When it's chipped away a little at a time, people are much less likely to actually do anything about it. If NJ banned guns tomorrow, it would be hell. They reduced mag limits to 5rds, probably nothing. As for your question, if by "storm" you mean guns blazing, then no I don't think that's appropriate. If by "storm" you mean some form of aggressive and well attended protest, then that sounds appropriate. That being said, I'm not going to pretend to know the solution, there are plenty of people that are much smarter than I, and do this for a living.
  15. News flash, they already have been.

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