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  1. I need to build a "pistol" one of these days...
  2. Honestly, if you can afford an M82a1, you can probably afford a bigger safe. I stand behind my original opinion. Think of it this way, you're going to lose more in what you have invested in this gun than it would cost to buy a bigger safe.
  3. Considering the fact that you'd take such a hit on the gun, that it's put together from very good quality parts, and that it's your only AR...I'm pretty surprised nobody has recommended that you just keep the rifle. The value will likely not decrease below what it's currently at. I personally think that you're better off keeping the rifle, unless you absolutely never see yourself ever using an AR for anything....in which case I'd say you're making a mistake. ETA: This is coming from someone who was once in your shoes. I used to buy guns I thought I wanted, and then sell guns for other guns that I thought I wanted. Pretty much every gun owner can make use of a reliable AR. Keep it.
  4. I would not under any circumstances cut the spring. Even if the spring didn't go around the block, loading it to 10 rounds with the block installed would be no harder than loading it to full capacity without the block installed. Some magazines have a little plate that goes on the bottom of the spring. You may be able to argue that epoxying the block to that metal plate should be sufficient, since the magazine was designed to function with that metal plate. Then you would still be able to disassemble and clean your mags. And honestly, I think the chances of your mags being checked is slim to none. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, or a NJ resident anymore.
  5. I have never thought about that, but I find the probability that I'll hit both switches simultaneously pretty low. I'm just gonna stick with mine, there's plenty other stuff I need....
  6. I have a TLR-6 on my Shield, which is my primary carry gun, and I absolutely love it. I didn't know that they sold TLR-6's without the laser. Mine is set to only use the light though, as I am not a fan of lasers.
  7. Nobody here said that you needed to identify the intruder's eye color, you're twisting people's words. You need to identify if they are an immediate threat to you, and you simply cannot do that based off of someone's silhouette. A prosecutor will most definitely target the fact that you could only see his outline, and not determine whether or not he had a weapon in his hand, was facing towards or away from you, so on and so forth. Someone can most certainly break into your house, through all these strategic deterrents, and still not necessarily be an immediate threat to you....especially in NJ. If I remember correctly, you have night lights placed throughout your house and there is enough ambient light to see someone. Well that means that they can see you just as well as you can see them. Your only advantage is knowing the layout of your house. Why not have the advantage of being able to blind and disorient them? Now imagine that the intruder has a light. Even a dim light, we'll say 50 lumens, is more than enough to blind and disorient you at night. Now you can't protect your family. Don't mistake my intention of pointing these things out to you. I have absolutely no sympathy for this hypothetical intruder. If you shot someone that broke into your house, I'd pat you on the back. But that doesn't protect you from the criminal and civil prosecutions that will be sure to follow.
  8. Not to argue the small details but....a unicorn is simply a horse with a spiraled horn on its head. A pegasus is a winged horse. You're looking for a "pegasus unicorn" or a "winged unicorn". That being said, I have a P320 compact that I will be reunited with in a little less than 2 weeks. I simply cannot wait. My P320 is probably my favorite striker fired pistol I have ever shot. Some would call it a mythical beast with both a horn and wings.
  9. Allowed different opinions, yes. But using a weapon for home or self defense without being able to actually identify if the person you're shooting is a threat or not is reckless, and has the potential to give the community a bad reputation. There's no reason to get upset about a community not wanting a bad name because someone decided to do something reckless. There's a huge difference between eating our own, and holding each other accountable. For those that think seeing the silhouette of a person is enough identification to shoot them, please answer this. Why don't you drive in the dark without your headlights on? There's enough ambient light from the moon and street lights that you can see the silhouette of other cars, right?
  10. If you read what I said, and interpreted that as stating that the police would protect you, then it's quite obvious that you also lack reading comprehension skills. Maybe the cherry picking is what led to you think that's what the sentence meant. Hint: Read the sentence that you decided to leave out. And you seem to be under the impression that one's willingness to push through your deterrents is justification to shoot them. It's not. But do whatever you want. Just don't be surprised when you're charged with and convicted of a crime. ETA: I'm not talking about some drunk that accidentally breaks into your house. I'm talking about a burglar that intentionally enters, but does not actually pose a threat to your safety.
  11. Are the bang boxes really worth it?
  12. I don't know why you're having a hard time understanding that in the state of NJ you can't legally shoot someone for simply breaking into your house. If they're not an immediate threat to you, you can't legally use deadly force against them. Believe it or not, the police are actually quite good at their jobs. It will normally be pretty apparent whether they were a threat to you or not. There are COUNTLESS prosecutors that would gladly stand against you on an issue like this. To assume that you're going to be safe shooting anyone that happens to make it past your deterrents is incredibly ignorant.
  13. I also recently got a TLR-7 for my P320 Compact, with both an IWB and OWB light bearing holsters from Stealth Gear. I also hate strobe features. A 500 lumen light will more than disorient someone in the dark, strobe is not needed.
  14. I don't understand what the fuss is all about. I find them to be a little tight in the crotch, but are otherwise comfortable
  15. The new "stretchy" pants are some of the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. I have a pair of Dockers, and a pair of the 5.11 Defender Flex. The 5.11's are my favorite, but they're expensive so I only have one pair and don't wear them often. My wife has a pair from Eddie Bauer that feel quite nice, but they're also expensive if they're not on sale.