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  1. About 10 years ago I had a paintball gun barrel for sale on ebay. They removed the ad, until I disputed it, because they thought it was a firearm part. I'm surprised (not upset) that this has not been removed yet.
  2. I'm not going to comment on whether or not all of my firearms were legal during my NJ residency. But if I did have some guns that had features that were on some sort of list, I sure as hell wasn't stupid enough to bring that gun to a public range.
  3. I picked up a Sig 716 Patrol in FDE for 40% off.
  4. I guess reading is hard for you?
  5. I never stated that the indoor camera only lasting a year outdoors was the manufacturers fault. I also didn't try to hide it. I said that I was going to explain my experience, and I did. Also, you paid $75, during a sale, for one camera. Wired setups typically include four cameras. If you purchase four wifi cameras plus the receiver, you're going to pay almost as much as you would for a quality wired system. Your claim of 10 times the cost is simply false. Stop getting upset just because not everyone supports your purchase. Wild life, even bugs, will trip the camera. You'll get used to it. Also, the motion sensors on cameras aren't going to cover the amount of property you have. The motion sensors are good for about 30ft give or take.
  6. Honestly that's up to you and your application, but I'll explain my experience with wifi cameras. I'll try to be as detailed as possible while not being boring. Please feel free to ask any amplifying questions though. Wifi cameras are convenient only because they're not wired. You don't need to run power and video wires from the camera to the receiver. That's about it. This is also the downfall with wifi cameras. The camera interfaces with the receiver, and the receiver is connected to your wifi (or wired) internet, and then you typically use your phone to control settings or watch video clips (some cameras also allow you to use your computer). The cameras must be a reasonable distance from the receiver, and the receiver a reasonable distance from your router (if using wifi) in order for it to even work remotely well. For example. There was only an exterior wall separating my camera from the receiver, and the receiver was right next to my router. If I was sitting in the same room as the router, it would still take 10+ seconds for me to get a live feed from the camera, and even then the feed was 1 or 2 seconds delayed from what was actually happening. Also consider that due to the storms Guam gets, that exterior wall was cement, which didn't help. I had two indoor Blink cameras in covered areas outdoors. They lasted maybe a year before finally crapping out. The sensor worked well, and the camera often caught movement in the areas the cameras were pointing at. The cameras I had used AA batteries, which often lasted +/- 2 months. I used the Energizer rechargeable batteries which worked well (Side plug, I'd recommend these for household use with the universal charger). Video storage wasn't bad, if I remember correctly Blink would just store the videos on your phone or in the receiver until the memory was full. You could also set it to delete after a certain amount of time, or download the video to your phone if you needed it. You could only access the camera from your phone. After those cameras crapped out, I tried Arlo. Arlo's camera is a little more aesthetically pleasing, and if I remember it provided a slightly better video quality (both were good enough quality in my opinion). Arlo's non-rechargeable model uses 4xC123A batteries, which I was okay with because I "inherited" a crap ton from work. Battery life for this camera was +/- 6 months, which was nice to not have to climb up and change all the time. That being said, the Arlo camera didn't seem to pick up as much as Blink. There were some times that it wouldn't pick up me driving my vehicle off, which was in the center of the shot and would drive directly under the camera. Arlo only stores up to the past 7 days on the device, unless you pay a monthly subscription for extra storage (this does not count videos you download to keep). Arlo could be access from either your phone or a computer, however when you access it from another device, it signs you out of the previous device, which then means you don't get alerts on your phone until you sign back in. Now that I'm stateside, living in NH, I don't feel the need to set up a camera system yet. When I get a house (hopefully in 6ish months), if I feel the need to set up a camera system, I will set up a hardwired camera system.
  7. For anyone considering this, do not put Blink cameras outdoors unless it's the model specifically made for outdoors, even if it's in a covered area. Blink cameras work well in that they normally catch everything that happens. Also, don't expect the batteries to last 2 years...maybe 2 months. on a reasonable clarity setting.
  8. Not bad for something to resell, but I wasn't thrilled with it for personal use. I walked away.
  9. I didn't see that, that's not a bad price for what it is. Might have to pick it up.
  10. There really aren't many great deals this year.
  11. Maybe, but they're definitely legal in NH.
  12. The price difference is pretty substantial. I'll admit, guns are subjective. I'd highly recommend trying to shoot each prior to purchasing. My opinion, the MPX is far better than the Scorpion. I also have a P320, and absolutely love it. I know Sig has gotten some flak recently, but I have had great luck so far.
  13. I shot a Scorpion before, and was not impressed at all. No data on the PTR, but I would highly recommend an MPX over the Scorpion.
  14. Fixed. Happy now, old man?