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  1. It looks like down bottom you're quoting a something relating to the NFA, which is a federal law. Federal and state are two separate jurisdictions. One can be guilty of both creating an "assault weapon" in NJ, while also violating the NFA and creating an SBR, in the same act. Also, if you don't think that pushing out a couple takedown pins and swapping uppers is "readily assembled", then I think we're interpreting that phrase differently. Last but certainly not least, taking advice from the NJSP regarding firearm laws is an awful idea.
  2. Which means that if you had an AR, and a "firearm", that's a no-go because you could easily put the firearm upper on the AR lower and have an SBR. That being said, I think a huge part of this is "intent". Now intent is something that's pretty hard to prove legally, but I think that you've got a pretty good defense if everything else that you do is legal.
  3. vjf915

    Sig pro cut!

    The idea is cool, but it's a bit overpriced for what you get. $400 msrp?? You can send your P320 slide off to get milled for the optic of your choice, and coated in a color of your choice, for less than $200.
  4. Although I see your point, I don't think it is applicable here. A NV resident is not required to abide by NJ laws while they are in NV.
  5. Is the handguard not meant to be held when firing? Adding the VFG and then saying it's designed to be fired with two hands is a cheaper excuse than the braces are. You're still shouldering the brace, who cares whether you grab the VFG or the handguard? Also, is it possible to transfer something as a "firearm" in NJ? I mean at this point all you guys have to go on is someone on Reddit saying they know someone in the NJSP. Doesn't sound incredibly legitimate so far. Just want to add that I'm all for this. If NJ gets to enjoy the same freedoms as the rest of the country, then that's great. I'm simply playing devil's advocate to try and question all angles, Yes, it could have any of the evil features normally associated with rifles in NJ. That means the magazine limit still applies. ETA: Sorry, I missed that you said "stock". You would be able to have an adjustable brace though.
  6. Am I missing something here? (Most of) the rest of the country has been doing this for a couple years now.
  7. Maks, I may have read it incorrectly, but that's how I read this portion of your introduction: Mainly the portion in red. Taking a second look at the optics you referenced, my $400 price point was inaccurate, as those optics are in the $1,000 to $2,000 range. I remembered Aimpoint, and thought I saw EOTech. That being said, I still believe my point holds true. I'm not going to buy a KAC, BCM, DD, LMT, etc. rifle and throw a Holosun optic on it. Conversely, I'm not going to take a PSA rifle and throw an ACOG on it. I'll normally keep quality relatively consistent across the board. This includes everything from the optics, to the light, to the sling. I also prefer quality over quantity. I would much rather have one or two quality rifles with quality accessories than 7 cheap builds. To each, his own. Again, I still completely agree that most shooters would benefit much more from training than from the latest and greatest gucci gear. But I also believe that a happy medium can normally be found within a reasonable budget, allowing both reliable and proven gear, as well as training and practice.
  8. While I completely agree that your average gun owner would highly benefit from more training and less gear (myself included), I'm pretty surprised that you're justifying a rifle that retails for more than $2,000, yet criticizing optics that cost ~$400.
  9. vjf915

    SBR Update

    I don't have any stamps (yet), but I'm pretty sure that it's Three Stamp Thursday.
  10. vjf915

    SBR Update

    Gotta participate in Two Stamp Tuesday somehow.
  11. No pics of the trashed aluminum block?
  12. This is the same type of logic as trying to scare away an intruder with the sound of racking a shotgun. You can control someone pretty damn well with a bright ass light pointed at their face, and then they also can't see you. To the OP, does this need to be holster compatible? Is there a possibility that it will need to be holster compatible in the future? Although they're becoming more popular, light bearing holsters are still hard to find in certain combinations. If the possibility exists, take that into consideration.
  13. I owned an FNS-9, which is quite similar to the 509. It was a good handgun, but I just didn't mesh well with it. Ended up getting a P320 compact and I absolutely love it. I'm not trying to sway you from the 509, as I believe it to be a good gun...just supporting your desire to try it before you buy it. Are there no ranges near you that rent the 509?
  14. Constitutional carry is the tits.
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