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  1. I have a stainless Mini-14, great gun, fun to shoot. Not too happy with the Choate flash hider I had installed on it by Ray's though... They installed the damned thing slightly canted and broke a drill bit off in the second hole they were drilling for the roll pins... I need to buy a new site and find a gunsmith I can trust to cut the old one off and install it correctly. Only issue I have with the Mini-14 is taking it down to clean, I'll stick with an AR or AK; much, much easier to clean...
  2. Of course the "recommend" you register them... So when your girl/wife's dirt bag lawyer talks her into popping a BS TRO on you they can check the list you so conveniently provided them to make sure they have everything you own...
  3. I read this piece two days ago via a link from the NJCSD forums. Of all places this was run in the Washington Post or the Washington Compost as Mark Levin calls it. Given their political bend it was refreshing to see it there. Perhaps some of the drones that read that rag may have been educated a little...
  4. Six charged outside North Bergen bar after scuffle with cops, police say
  5. I think there are only two problems with NJ gun laws... 2C:39 and 2C:58. Anything short of a complete rewrite is unacceptable. That said; don't hold your breath...
  6. Technically the features game should not apply to non-clones of banned guns. i.e. The Kel-Tec RFB is a completely different design from any other gun on the list, it could never qualify as "substantially identical" even with a flash hider and a bayonet lug as the law was originally drafted because the law originally provided for the AG to add guns to the list annually... The substantially identical standard was intended to compare similar designs to one another. In fact the weapon I have been talking about for years that is going to hang someone is the Ruger KB Mini-14. This gun was originally considered a legal weapon when the assault weapon ban was written, it was not included in the ban and owners were told they did not need to register them, only the Ruger K-Mini-14/5F and Mini-14/5RF which were the side folders were banned. The bastardization of the language from the 1994 Federal ban creating this features hodgepodge and "banned as types" BS has done absolutely nothing to clarify the law as everyone seems to make up their own rules as to what guns the features list applies to... (BTW vladtepes, your list is wrong, the F models were the only Mini-14s listed which were the folders) Ruger KB Mini-14 Ruger K-Mini-14/5F
  7. I've gone through this before but... This information came from here August 19, 1996 Attorney General's Guidelines Regarding the "Substantially Identical" Provision inthe State's Assault Firearms Laws The problem with AK clones stems from what I previously laied out here: http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/topic/19939-the-new-attorney-generals-interpretation-of-2c39-1w-assault-firearm-means-avtomat-kalashnikov-type-semiautomatic-firearms/page__view__findpost__p__264264 and further complicated with the 1996 Monmouth county v. Robert D. Merrill decision I laied out here: http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/topic/21619-mac-90-jersey-legal/page__view__findpost__p__287981 The state is trying to reassert the "banned as a type" standard without revisiting the fact that it was flawed in the original statement which introduced it...
  8. Only a matter of time before one of our nimrods submits something like this in the NJ legislature... My bet is Loretta Weinberg; she'll love this idea... For those not familiar with this babbling, incoherent ideology here is a fun video for you:
  9. I would imagine at some point the disparity between the climate in the majority of states that respect people's second amendment rights and those that do not like New Jersey is going to cause a problem. There are people that grew up in states like South Carolina, West Virginia, Texas, etc. with guns in the main stream that can not even digest what NJ's laws are about. They actually think the laws are designed to fight crime not to deter the free exercise of one’s civil rights. I think the situation is going to come to a head and soon where you are going to see some preemption on the state ability to create laws more restrictive than the federal laws and laws that will create federal standards by which each state will be compelled to abide. You simply can not have a fundamental right of a free citizen treated with such drastically inverse regulations between the states. Imagine if NJ banned crotch-rockets or two seat sports cars or cars with more than 6 cylinders from the public roads because x number of people were killed by them each year. Then proceeded to routinely criminally prosecute people that happened to drive those types of vehicles into the state of NJ because they were prohibited dangerous vehicles ruining their lives, careers and futures. Exactly how long would that last before the rest of the states dragged them back to reality via some sort of Federal legislation... The better part of %80 of the states get the meaning of the second amendment and that percentage seems to be growing every year...
  10. It is amazing when you read the comments of those not burdened with New Jersey's gun laws. It is almost incomprehensible for them to understand what is wrong... Must be nice to live in a free state.
  11. I'm beginning to think NJ is going to be the last state where people will be completely unable to actually obtain a carry permit... Right to Carry in Illinois Looks More Promising Than Ever I never thought Illinois would fall before NJ...
  12. Another dirtbag with a carry permit? What is this state coming to anyway... <== Sarcasm!
  13. I worked with several assclowns of this mentality at the Ford plant in Edison, "who needs more than 10rounds, what are you going to hunt with an "M16" (talking about an AR), AK47s are only used for drive bys and to kill cops, yadda, yadda, yadds..." I told the one guy I suggest he re-read the second amendment because it doesn’t say anything about hunting. Like most people I don't hunt, I couldn't bring myself to shoot an animal that wasn't a threat to me, I punch holes in paper to be sure I am prepared for the day when it may become necessary to punch holes in people to save my own life. I continued, If you ignore or support them when they come for mine I will be with them when they come for yours... He thought long and hard about it for a minute and said he "never thought about it that way..." These are the type of people that cannot see the forest through the trees and they are dangerously ignorant of things outside of their own bubble...
  14. Not only that but a 15 year old kid can buy a car for cash and drive it all day long without insurance, registration or even a state issued license as long as they are on private property and not on public or quasi-public roads and property... A friend of mine as a kid lived on a rather large ranch, his mom never had a driver’s license but the father bought her a Jeep Grand Cherokee to drive around the ranch. Truck was never registered or insured and he and his brothers used to drive the truck all over the ranch before they got their licenses.
  15. Sounds like a zero intelligence policy to me… A toy is a toy you nimrods… You could hurt more people with a sharp pencil, should they ban them as well. Bet the libtards don’t have a problem showing those seven year olds how to put condoms on cucumbers though…
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