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  1. I don't think that DWX is approved for production division. It would be stuck in limited as the rules are now. I have one sitting at Monmouth Arms now, should pick it up tomorrow.
  2. Arrive early. Let the match director know you are new. They will pull you aside for a quick safety check. I plan on going back myself in the spring. Knockdown is a real blast! Bring lots of ammo!
  3. Card fits perfectly in the medium. Had to trim about an eighth inch of the court order to get it to fit after folding. Large would work without any trimming. https://www.galls.com/strong-duty-side-open-double-i-d-case
  4. Submitted 11/8 References returned 11/8 and 11/11 Receved approval email today, 11/17
  5. Call from Anna received at 6:12pm. Permit signed and ready for pick up. Old Bridge Dropped off 8/22 Prints 8/23 Sent to court 9/6 On judges desk 9/12 Permit ready 10/28
  6. If there is no statute forbidding it, it is allowed. If I remember correctly, it used to be stated , no relatives on the FID/purchase permit form but was removed quite a while ago.
  7. That's interesting. I went to staten islsnd as well. They told me 24-48 hours... Seems everybody just makes shit up as they go. I submitted my packet on 8/19, printed on 8/22, received email from OBPD telling me my application was sent to the court on 9/6.
  8. That is an older revision. Go directly to the NJSP website for ALL forms. https://nj.gov/njsp/firearms/forms.shtml
  9. Well, you seem to like the Sig. Take a look at and see if you can rent the Sig P365X an P365XL.
  10. I don't think the local pd or the county can cash the money order. It is made out to the Treasure, State of NJ. It has to be cashed by the state. Now, I don't know who sends it to the state, county or local pd. Also, I don't see why anyone is concerned with when the money order is cashed. It is an application fee. The are cashing it whether you are approved or denied.
  11. Not mine. This is from Ocean County. I pulled this fro the Firearms NJ Facebook group. Gotta love a judge that makes up his her own rules....look at commandment 11...
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