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  1. I have a lightly used Sig 1911c stainless and rosewood grips I am looking to part with.
  2. When people talk about family and inclusion, few people can measure up to Anthony Colandro and Jimmy at GFH. I had made a request to make a wish happen for a very close friend of my twins that has a disease, which there is no cure. It only offers a diminishing quality of life and suffering. Because of her limitations, she spends a lot of time gaming and always wanted to know what it was like to shoot a real firearm. Well, GFH was the Genie that made that wish happen. I can't thank GFH enough for giving genuine joy to a young woman whose day is mostly enduring pain and hardships. Tom who was her instructor could not have been any better. He is another angel the represents GFH Family of Guardian Angels. You have NO IDEA how much joy you have given this family. My daughter in the background was simply amazed at how everything played out. Heaven / Valhalla - smiles upon your good deeds my brother(s).
  3. I'm sure we will hear shortly from Scott Bach and the ANJRPC what a great job they did. If they weren't such superheros, it would be much worse. They suck. The NRA...again, if they were involved behind the scenes, then they are equally inept and have not earned our money nor support. I'm tired of being told we have people working for us in Trenton. Really?
  4. Do you work for JCPL?


  5. Raz-0...great input. Thank you. I haven't had a chance to use my chrony on my 40 - S2K. But Raz's input got me to thinking. One of the reasons I like a 40 is the subsonic component on shooting inside a residential room using 165/180's. (I used to keep a 1911 handy, but I like having those extra rounds so I made the switch). I used my S2K for part of an outdoor Urban Carbine class to see how it would function. I was very surprised at how quite it was. Reason...even with the extra 12 inches of barrel, it must have remained subsonic. (stroking chin...veeeery interesting). Regardless if 40 is on the way out, it still makes for a nice backpack carbine to take down game and have the interchangeability using the larger mags in a G27 / G23. Glad I have one in Sig as well. When in doubt...get both.
  6. People have been using pistol rounds in rifles since the mid-1800's when you had revolver calibers in lever action rifles.
  7. I agree HE. God knows...every and anything has had a government study so I figured there might be some info. I have some trigger time on MP5's and they were fun to shoot. But, I'd much rather have a short barrel in 223 for a duty weapon. That said, manning a standing static post for a 12 hour shift, or riding in a vehicle, I'd want a MP sized primary weapon.
  8. Question to HE and Shane - Are there any appreciable differences between the two when used out of a 16" carbine? Aside from the added velocity (as we know, some bullets perform better at higher velocities). For control purposes, say under 50 yards. I would hope you're not engaging a BG in a school corridor / open shopping mall area.You might wind up bouncing rounds off the deck (or shooting ceiling tiles) like that incident in Minnesota a number of years back when someone was using a AR in a pistol caliber. FWIW - During the 40 craze, I bought a couple and have purchased the 9 conversion barrels. All of which have performed flawlessly. I also picked up a pair of Sub2K's to take either Sig or Glock mags. I am wrestling on going the 9mm route for my 3 daughters. They will each have a G19 / G26 at some point with a NJ Compliant S2K. My 6'5" son does fine with his G23 and the conversion kit. Coming from someone who was issued a 1911 just as the 92's were being introduced, it has been a roller coaster ride. But bullet technology has made me a believer. I'll still take a 45ACP over a 9mm 115 FMJ's doing boarding in tight steel enclosures.Slow and fat makes for a less exciting ricochet experience. YMMV.
  9. Thanks Shane. I don't visit here often any more, but saw you posted about this and figured it was worth the visit. Now to read the report. Stay safe,
  10. Carl did my trigger on my M1A Scout. Turn around time was just a few days. Real gentleman.
  11. Obviously feeling sorry for the guilt his family and friends will endure for many years to come. But my thoughts and prayers to all folks that operate RTSP. They will be having a tough time over the near future as well.
  12. A solid leather jacket would defeat bird shot.
  13. I remember him. I am actually in the third photo wearing black walking like Sasquatch by him. Nice guy from what I remember.
  14. 69 gr OTM. While I do love my shotgun. In my house I'd rather be able to pick my shots vs blasting at them. In my shed in the yard, bear country I keep a 20 gauge with slugs handy.
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